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Trading 'One Form of Child Abuse for Another,' Trump Executive Order Called a Sham, Not a Fix


Trading 'One Form of Child Abuse for Another,' Trump Executive Order Called a Sham, Not a Fix

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the face of mounting domestic and international backlash over his administration's inhumane practice of forcibly ripping families apart at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to detain families together, a policy Amnesty International


Another lie. In ink. May the lawsuits begin. I see that Rep. Lee has called for the U.N. to monitor the situation, good. How about Oxfam, The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and others? There is also some question about all we see are male kids, where are the girls as asked by MSNBC yesterday. This whole thing should be under a very strong microscope.


What else should we expect from a person of low to zero moral integrity and character? What else to expect from a cipher that has really cared for nothing except money, “the deal”, and power over others his entire life?! The lives of the refugees mean nothing to the mental case diseased ginger pig, just as the lives, health and safety of millions of Americans mean nothing to his diseased mind!.

What else should we expect from a low intelligence, uneducated, inexperienced, pathological liar that has never done a decent thing in his entire life?!

This hideous creature gifts the wealthiest billions but will not spare a dime for the families fleeing violence WE, the US have been instrumental in causing, supporting, arming and training the death squads…nations and peoples suffer from our political foreign policy installing and supporting the worst human rights violations and vicious dictators in Latin America…the violent gangs of Honduras, El Salvador and other nations are offshoots or OUR depravity fighting national efforts to bring reform from US corporate and dictator domination!! Remember the School of the Americas?

The society of those nations has been perhaps forever changed dus to US exporting extreme violence and supporting poverty!


"We have to take an honest look at the violence the United States is exporting all over the world. If we don’t do that, nothing is going to change."

"“Despite a shocking human rights abuse record, the School of the Americas continues to operate with US taxpayer money. Closing the SOA would send a strong human rights message to Latin America and the world”


But, but…
If WE don’t teach the goons of our puppet dictators how to commit endless atrocities against their countrymen…



Yes, sadly all true; imperialist amerika has brought untold suffering, a lot just isn’t spoken of as the truth is hidden; on humanity since 1776! The deranged, evil orange rooster, rump is bringing the chickens home to roost! The fall of empire is well underway!


I’ve always been astonished at how these rich and powerful people like Trump and his fellow Republicans can be so afraid and hateful of harmless mothers, fathers and children fleeing violence and devastation in their countries and asking for asylum in ours. The presence of these immigrants and asylum seekers has absolutely no effect on the lives of these elites, yet these immensely powerful people act as if they are personally under attack and in some kind of danger. What hateful, soulless people these are! The fact that a majority of Republicans actually support separating children from their parents is all the proof anyone needs that this party is truly a party of monsters and criminals.


It is imperative to create havoc and lay waste to nations in order to control the people, the land and it’s resources.

While we need to continue to criticize oosa’s imperial policies which span the entire history since it’s beginning, we need to remember that the government does nothing much for ordinary citizens who live here. No money for education, healthcare, childcare or even roads and bridges. Again OUR government is battling to gut Medicare and Social Security. As predicted Paul Ryan has proposed the next budget which will continue to steal funds from the few rights which the citizens of this country have been fighting for since forever.

Provoking fear over refugees is just another horrible distraction to avoid the facts.


Letting in all of the illegals helps keep wages down so there is one reason tens of millions have been allowed in. And Mexico is going to pay for the wall, lmao.


Ah! I remember the good old days when I was going for my Masters Degree in college for teaching. I ended up teaching special needs students, many of whom were from migrant farm worker families. I had several friends in the local area that had orchards, and I offered to help with their harvests each year. Those kids were very happy and climbed up into the trees to grab fruit and toss them down to older brothers and sisters with the muslin bags. They were good Catholic families, good workers and they were very good kids. Whole extended families worked the orchards together.

¡ Donald Trump es racista! If America wants to remain a role model for Democracy, it must stop supporting racist presidents like Trump.


What a s-hole country!


It has now been revealed that this “signing” charade of a “fix” doesn’t include the (claimed, but likely higher) 2300 children already forcibly ripped apart and separated by hundreds of miles from their mothers and/or fathers!

The atrocity and crimes continue full-speed and the depravity of the diseased mind of the ginger pig stands stark for all of conscience to see…

  1. Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of girls from Chibok in Nigeria and “disappears” them.

  2. The Trump Administration kidnaps thousands of girls, boys and toddlers and “disappears” them.

  3. Mothers and Fathers left in despair. Children traumatized, some in psychological shock, abused.

No difference between what Boko Haram and Trump, Session and Good Nazi Nielsen have done.

Impeachment on criminal grounds of kidnapping, forced rendition, statutory rape (in some circumstances) by crossing certain state lines with a minor must proceed immediately. Those reps who do not try to bring a motion for impeachment are complicit in crimes which will likely follow against these kids including: rape, assault, child abuse, and murder.


I would “like” this post over and over if I could.


Thanks, Ed.

If this hasn’t crossed the line on its own, tossing it in with everything else should make impeachment a necessity to prevent further “septic shock” to the good people of America and the World.


There is a dark humor to this situation. I’m pretty certain that the Germans held women and children together as well in internment camps that we have called ‘concentration camps’. Concentrating people into camps is apparently a normal in US history. In a generaized understanding, concentration people into or onto reservations is probably the start of open and complicit ‘camping’ of people. I wonder what our fellow humans, Native Americans think of what is happening, especially considering that Latin American are Native Americans. So is this history repeating itself?