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Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches


Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches

Robert Parry

If the human species extinguishes itself in a flash of thermonuclear craziness and the surviving cockroaches later develop the intellect to assess why humans committed this mass suicide, the cockroach historians may conclude that it was our failure to hold the neoconservatives accountable in the first two decades of the Twenty-first Century that led to our demise.


We Americans are either the most corrupt people (after the Israelis) or the most stupid. Take your pick.


How much media did Trump receive relative to Sanders? How much media time was allotted to pro-peace advocates in relation to pro-war pundits in the run-up to the war against Iraq, etc.?

I disagree with this assertion since, as usual, it takes what is done by those WITH power and blames those without it for presumably "allowing it." As I've frequently related before, the same argument can be used to ask why the Black community allows the racist criminal justice system to disproportionately incarcerate its members. It might similarly ask why the poor "consent" to being poor; or why women "allowed themselves to be the chattel of men" for centuries.

Funny that Parry still buys the Official Narrative that 19 hijackers brought down the World Trade Center, etc.

And while he gets it, that Putin is NOT the aggressor in the Ukraine debacle, and makes some significant noise about Media Lockstep narratives, he falls into several of his own.

Like this:

"The cockroach historians might be amazed that at such a critical moment of existential danger, the human species – at least in the most advanced nations of the West – offered no significant critique of the forces leading mankind to its doom. It was as if the human species was unable to learn even the most obvious lessons needed for its own survival."

Is Greece "allowing" itself to be dictated to by Europe's Central Banks?

Whenever power is disproportionately held (or distributed), it's unfair to argue that the side without it is responsible for the actions taken by those endowed with power. And by power I mean:

  1. Control of the Narrative via ownership of mass media
  2. Control of Academe through the carrots and sticks used to silence "problematic" professors and academic scholars
  3. Control of the Money system (without which, no one can pay rent/mortgage, eat, or pay for utilities among other things)
  4. Control of the vast legions of Armed Guards--ranging from Police to Homeland Security to Highway Patrol to FBI, with LOTS of other armed goons betwixt.
  5. Massive influence over cultural norms through the ownership of Hollywood and its films

Unfortunately, FAR TOO MANY patriarchal churches (and synagogues) support the pro-war, "with us or against us" narratives. This pollutes the spiritual fountain from which should flow the beliefs that fortify consciences in ways that would make WAR impossible.

Parry also missed the Page and Gilens Study which documents the FACT that public wishes have had almost ZERO impact on actual policies put into law and practice.

He also seems clueless as to the fact that about 200 families own more than half the world's wealth and what poverty means to so many millions. As Chief Justice Brandeis long ago argued, a society can EITHER have extreme concentrations of wealth OR Democracy.

In addition, Parry's speculative argument leaves out the centuries of conflict between royal families/elites/kings/dictators and The People... that battle has NEVER been won and remains endlessly underway. So long as the Old Powers hold onto their controls, the Will, Wishes, and Intentions of The People remain thwarted.

The elites may be the roaches... but there are lots of butterflies and bees not being spoken for in Parry's farcical (metaphorical) argument.


Speak for yourself.

Only a fool would attempt to lump a massively diverse population pool of over 300 million people into ONE SINGULAR generalization.


The vast majority of people inside the USA have very limited grasp of the history and people outlined in Parry's writing (or in Patrick Cockburn's article today on the engineered destabilization of the greater Middle East / North Africa).

Millions and millions of people here have NO IDEA that Clinton is directly allied with the people who brought on the Iraq war under Bush.

Millions and millions of people here truly are COMPLETELY CLUELESS about the long-term strategic plans that are now leading to WAR WITH RUSSIA. People are not even aware that the US is moving toward war with Russia.

And we're going to have an "election"! Let the will of the people be heard!


Shame on you, Parry!

Instead of explaining how trauma induces mind control, or what type of heavy propaganda is at work 24/7 to manufacture consent and what interests that type of programming serves... you revert to the same knee JERK "blame the people" narrative that has very little bearing on actual events!

"Despite the falsehoods of the Iraq War, the U.S. government was still widely believed whenever it came out with a new propaganda theme. Whether it was the sarin gas attack in Syria in 2013 or the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot-down over eastern Ukraine in 2014, U.S. government assertions blaming the Syrian government and the Russian government, respectively, were widely accepted without meaningful skepticism or simple demands for basic evidence."

How do YOU know what people believed?

Are polls honest?

Are alternative opinions heard across the MSM?

The damned Pentagon writes its own checks without ANY accountability.

As Janine Wedel explained in her book, "The Shadow Elite," those affiliated with the neocon web of power "fail upwards."

Or as Tom Engelhardt's stable of writers weekly intone, "The U.S. MIC hasn't won a war in decades," and still the same "failed warriors" remain in positions of authority.

Power is not held accountable in a system that has disabled all systems of redress!

If a Supreme Court (this may alter with the odious Scalia now making his own deals with the devil) can codify bribery into law and give torture a pass, what then becomes of law, itself?

What body of power exists that can hold back the Might Makes Right M.I.C in its blood lust to march into nation after nation without any genuine threat?

War of Aggression, you may recall, represents the ULTIMATE crime against humanity.

The U.S. govt is a blend between warriors possessed of massive caches of weaponry, PR disinformation artists, corporations so corrupt that they are literally killing the biological web that makes sentient life's sustainability possible, and redirecting vast sums of $ to the top of the fiduciary food chain.

What nation has been able to stop all this?

What people can stand up to this level of concentrated corrupt power?

Essentially, the 4th Reich is on the march... and it's claiming assets and resources in many nations while writing treaties that would enshrine its horrific acts INTO law.

Meanwhile, Parry wants to blame U.S. citizens as if WE are the ones who are doing this or supporting it.

Even when there is a knowledge of wrongdoing, say with gen-tech. "food" or with support for Sanders, those that OWN the logistical operations just falsify the records in order to keep on keeping on with THEIR agendas.

I am tired of this game of Blame Projection.

Parry, are you compromised now, too?


Hey, Parry, did someone hit you over the head? You seem to be suffering from a MAJOR memory deficit.

Never heard of Project Mockingbird? Missed the article in Harper's that explained the amount of funding made available to those writers and artists willing to demonize the Soviets (or any other enemy du jour) starting back in l947?

I guess you missed the term "Media-Military Industrial Complex" or the MANY parallels between events inside the USA "Homeland" and those in Germany right after (and during the lead up to) the burning of the Reichstag?

Parry pretends that Propaganda isn't CENTRAL to a nation "at war" or a nation that is being held hostage by its Military Industrial Complex. You know, the one that Eisenhower warned against... due to its growing influence over the halls of media and power.

Parry reminds me of the character in "Ground Hog's Day." It's like he woke up to a brand new day... devoid of history or any of its redundant narratives.

These people were HIRED to repeat these story-lines!!!!!

"If the cockroach historians could burrow deep enough into the radioactive ashes, they might discover that – on an individual level – people such as Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt wasn’t fired after swallowing the WMD lies whole and regurgitating them on the Post’s readership; that New York Times columnist Roger Cohen and dozens of similar opinion-leaders were not unceremoniously replaced; that Hillary Clinton, a neocon in the supposedly “liberal” Democratic Party, was rewarded with the party’s presidential nomination in 2016; and that the likes of Iraq War architect Robert Kagan remained the toast of the American capital with his opinions sought after and valued."

I wonder if Parry was one of those kids who still believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny until what, 8th grade?


"Russian warnings against these operations were dismissed as hysterical and as further proof for the need to engineer another “regime change,” this time in Moscow."

Dismissed by who?

Parry purposely conflates those being deceived with those doing the deceiving.

"The wisdom of throwing a nuclear power into economic, political and social disorder – and risking that the nuclear codes might end up in truly dangerous hands – was barely discussed."

Who controls the corporate media, Parry?

Was it my choice or any lay person's choice what WAS discussed? Or is that too much of the MSM is now a working ARM of the Pentagon and/or the Deep State's Special Forces?

Everything about this essay is intended to assert an equivalence between The People and those on the Corrupt End of Power's Abuses.

I find its entire context false and it's difficult to know if Parry is creating this false conflation for a tactical purpose, of if he really believes his own argument. If the latter is true, he's a rather poor historian ... or suffering from a Memory Black hole.


And only a fool would lump all 3.5 billion males in this world as bloodthirsty warriors.


EVEN if Millions of people are clueless, too many give the mass media's well-groomed stable of lies and the liars who repeat them a pass.

And what then for the MILLIONS who do know? So many gravitated to Mr. Sander's events and if the vote COUNTS were honest, and if all eligible voters' (minus all the shenanigans used to excise them from the voting rolls) votes were counted, he would have won.

But the machine disallowed for any True Representation of The People.

Mass Media's lies told often similarly is designed to disable the Will of the People since it requires INFORMED CONSENT to see a healthy Democracy flourishing.

Then, too, there's the evidence of the Page and Gilens Study.

For the 20th time: It PROVES that what a People know does not translate into the POLICIES passed by "lawmakers" and professional politicians.

So this idea that "if the people" knew... all would be well is a lie. And it's a lie designed to blame the people for not knowing (as if the vast majority is capable of learning for themselves what's tactically true on the ground in any number of foreign war zones or behind the doors where secreted meetings determine things as significant as trade treaties designed to disable significant laws)...

In short, it's a tactic that takes the spotlight off the CRIMINAL ACTORS and generalizes the results to ALL persons.

Probably cooked up at a right wing think tank... since it's a variation of blaming the poor for being poor, turning women exercising their reproductive rights into "baby killing," and so many other inverted Frames.

Some down-to-earth examples for the dull minded:

  1. If I vote for Sanders and know that he really had the most votes, do I blame myself and "The People" for the machinations of those who control the national dialog, the vote counts, and the legal channels of theoretical redress?

  2. If I eat Monsanto's crap because I don't KNOW it's inside the package (since Monsanto has used its vast financial muscle to force consumers NOT to know), are the consumers responsible?

My point is that when the rule of law along with the basic rules of fair play are this obviously violated, at one point do the offending parties get to own up? The constant nonsense that insists that ALL are responsible or reverts to the generic "we," or makes ridiculously inaccurate statements about supposed "human nature" are no different than arguments used to white wash the acts of the U.S. military... say when it purposely bombs a hospital but then insists that "mistakes were made."

If someone in my town kills someone, that individual must be held to account... NOT the entire town.

Can you hear me now?


Blah blah blah.


Patriarchy is based on white males (mostly of $ means) setting the agenda, writing history, defining religious theology, determining who wins accolades in media and academe, and owning the banks as well as serving as most heads of corporations. THAT IS A FACT.

I typically say "white males" since Black and Latino males are treated as 2nd rate citizens in the U.S.

Sexism and misogyny run rampant on the Internet. I have gone WAY beyond the call of duty in trying to educate those who are capable of a mind-shift. Of course, dummies like you prefer to argue for their limitations.

When a Black person speaks of racism he is justified in doing so. Similarly, when a woman points out the evidence of sexism (and its widespread ramifications) she is MORE than justified.

You don't want to correct your habit of unexamined privilege, so you take aim at me. And while I don't have an interest in conforming to the herd here or anywhere else, wherever I speak or see my words in print, I ALWAYS get a lot of positive response... and a Neanderthal like you can't change that fact.


It was well understood by the Nazi scientists who specialized in trauma-induced mind control.

Naomi Klein references these types of experiments in the opening chapters of her marvelous book, "The Shock Doctrine."

Cathy O'Brien, who recovered from MK Ultra's program (which made use of those mind-controlled through this methodology) has written 2 books:

"Trance-formation of America" and "Access Denied."

I'm sure there are many other works. Some are no doubt black-ops and retained, accordingly.


That's your best shot, huh?

You seem really enlightened on matters related to the natural world and the impositions made by Big Chemical and Big Industry. Yet when it comes to the matters of SOCIAL CONTROL and mass programming, you salute The Program.

I find this dichotomy troubling.

Your post depicts it.

In the first sentence, you chastise all those people who are clueless:

"Millions and millions of people here truly are COMPLETELY CLUELESS about the long-term strategic plans that are now leading to WAR WITH RUSSIA. People are not even aware that the US is moving toward war with Russia."

But then you demand that the Will of the People be heard? That's either schizophrenic or psy-ops.

"And we're going to have an "election"! Let the will of the people be heard!"

IF you are mocking the people, that means you're on the side of The Executioners who also argue that the people are sheeple who require their shepherds.

As many know (and I hardly make a secret of it), I am fully convinced that this forum is SATURATED with paid message squads. Who pays them? A corporate think tank? A military adjunct? The I.T. equivalent of Booz Allen? I can't say. But the evidence is daily on display.


No, you are projecting. Blah, blah, blah.


Yes Clinton and her neocon followers are indeed little more then cockroaches. Or is that Kochroaches?


What an on-topic response! Sorry, but don't have foot fetish.


Flagged as inappropriate.


BRAVO to Robert Parry for this excellent treatise on world domination by the 1% forces of evil, greed and self-interest - their tools and lap-dogs!

This should be required reading for all who still give a shite. The propaganda and/or pablum and celebrity scandal rubbish the media/press serve-up has made Americans gullible uninformed fools, its a wonder we have not all perished already

The political manipulations so apparent by the Dem cabal of interventionist warmongers especially, and the blind-side R'Con showman idiot should make every conscious person start to scream - but we as a society are so dominated and controlled by capitalist economy, wage and interest/debt slavery, and Fourth Estate betrayal of all they are charged with, few have the insight or strength to fight the power.......to fight their shills and agents and political lackeys!

But we will continue and our numbers are growing. We will be in the streets in Philly to energize the base of opposition. We will join our sisters and brothers in other nations in the streets. We will continue to write truth as Robert Parry has so effectively, and expose the Grand Con that has brought us to The Now.

"We either fight and perhaps die on our feet, or live on our knees!" - Emiliano Zapata, Che Guevara, La Pasionaria, Jose Marti, Liberation Theology, and many other revolutionary leaders throughout history - of which we have so few today.......


Great article. Neoliberal/con and cockroaches. Superb!
G. Bush senior was heard saying "If the American people knew what we are doing they would take us out and hang us". Exactly what we should be doing to these cockroaches feeding off the people. HRC is a serious neocon and this country should be really afraid of her passion for war. What does it take to wake the American people up? Bernie opened the door and showed us the corruption, it's up to us to clean it up. I can't stand Trump but he hates the TPP and is friendly with Putin. Don't think he would start that war but she would in the blink of an eye.
We have to stop her.
Never Hillary