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Tragedy of Cecil: Leader of Pride, Victim of Trophy Hunt


Tragedy of Cecil: Leader of Pride, Victim of Trophy Hunt

Jeffrey Flocken

Earlier this month, Cecil the Lion – a local celebrity who had reached iconic status amongst visiting tourists and researchers - was lured with food out of the safe confines of a national park in Zimbabwe.

He was then shot with a cross-bow, allegedly by a dentist from Minnesota who paid nearly $50,000 for the hunt. Cecil must have been in intense pain and yet was hunted for another 40 hours.

The hunters ultimately tracked him down and shot him in the head with a gun.


This bastard slowly killed this majestic animal for its head and hide. The carcass was left to rot where it lay. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, he also took a black bear illegally in Wisconsin in 2008. Let’s hope at the very least that his clients abandon him. There is no room for trophy hunting on a dying planet. Rest in peace, Cecil. Condolences to your pride.


Even now, reading this story again for the third or fourth time on line I feel rage mixed with absolute despair.

How can human beings be so short sighted arrogant and inhumane.

Out of this folly, could we at least manage to get the lions left on the endangered species list?


“How can human beings be so short sighted arrogant and inhumane.”

I read this elsewhere:

The hunter said to have lured a beloved lion named Cecil out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, to be shot and killed as a trophy, has been identified by authorities as Walter James Palmer, a Minnesota dentist.

So, at least in principle, you could approach Mr. Palmer and ask him that question. In fact, it’s likely that some people will.


Read this bastards apologetics . He claimed had he known that this lion was friendly to people and loved by the visitors he would not have killed it.

Yeah right.

He than goes on to claim that hunting animals with a crossbow brings him great joy.

This typical of these types of people. Their own so called enjoyment is the center of their universe no matter how many others it affects or more importantly what his prey may feel.

He is getting backlash. I hope his business boycotted and all of his patients move elsewhere.


‘Safari’ comes from the Swahili word for journey.
So many aspects of languages on the planet are being colonized, subjected to control by ‘western civilization’ as unacceptable alterity/otherness of the very real, healthy diversity of nature. This colonizing of languages on a daily basis is a form of narcissistic hegemonic war known as public relations/ media monopoly/politics, in place of informed governance of peoples and lands by the people for the well being of the vibrant web of life.

Those who dedicate fortunes that could contribute to well being rather than demented self aggrandizement by killing are the actions arising from profoundly skewed personalities dissociated from reality.


I presume that his dental practice is toast.

And if price of dental work was really arrived in a fair manner, then why are so many dentists (who are also known for their right wing politics) so stupendously wealthy?


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The shits already hitting the fan for his guides. Not yet for our white guy American dentist. And he’s been busted before for some incident in WI with bears.

I hope what goes around comes around.


Like many others, I was a hunter before I became a conservationist. I should say that I probably became a conservationist because I was a hunter. I witnessed firsthand how sport hunting was decimating species (I confess to having done my share) so I stopped hunting and became a conservationist.

Great naturalists like Audubon and Darwin hunted and collected animals for study in a time where wildlife was plentiful and not as endangered. I doubt that either realized hunting would play a large part in the extinction of so many of the species they killed.

Then there is the primal hunting instinct. And in every hunter there is that urge to see, touch, feel and study wild animals close up and make their incredible beauty yours. That by keeping their pelts or mounted heads you not only prove to all what a great macho hunter you are, but relive the thrill of the hunt in a conversation piece.

By hunting, you prove your skills and courage and affirm reality by actually participating in the bloodsports instead of watching them on TV. In ancient times there was raw admiration from a grateful tribe for bringing meat home as a great hunter.

If not a genetic predatory trait, after millions of years hunting became epigenetic. An instinct inherited by kids with BB guns and many adults who today should know better and stop.

Hunting can be a hard habit to break. But in an overpopulated world where money is deemed more valuable than nature and endangered species like lions and tuna become more valuable because of their increasing rarity, hunters must go cold turkey.

If you need to kill something, maybe you can pay a farmer to let you shoot some juicy chickens, turkeys, pigs or cows in a canned hunt, like Cheney does. Or you can limit yourself to hunting feral pigs and other pests. Then there are always deer populations to balance seeing as how you’ve killed off their natural predators. If you want to experience the thrill of the warrior in us, take up paintball or join the military.

I think that giving up killing wildlife is reaching a kind of enlightenment. Or like having an epiphany and realizing that hunting, particularly trophy hunting, is not sustainable in a polluted, overpopulated planet ruled by stupid, greedy, cowardly rich people. Realizing that trophy hunting damages the gene pool of a species due to the fact that the fittest specimens are sought and killed.

People that hunt disappearing species are in my view, ignorant, irresponsible, conservative morons, never to be mistaken for conservationists.

RIP Cecil.


You can Yelp your protest and there are petitions out there to have him prosecuted.


Thank you for this piece. I know hunters who justify their acts by saying they eat their prey. Well, in a hunter-gatherer society, I can see this as a reason to hunt, but we have left that far behind. Hunting today is primarily based on enjoying the act of killing another living being, and feeling that somehow that validates them as strong and in control.


More than likely this bozo gut shot that Lion- 40 hours of unspeakable pain and cruelty-
I would like to suggest to him that if “sport” is what his macho inner calling is and just for the dramatic affect, that he hook up with someone of his ilk and get in the ring with knives and fight it out- Now that would be authentic and exciting “sport” for A spineless little jerk like this and just maybe he would feel what Cecil felt and just maybe get A taste of what he truly deserves…
I now this sounds extreme to many of you, but I am so disgusted with this cowardly behavior, it brings the devil out in me…


Great post natureboy- It said exactly what I feel about hunting as being once one myself- But I hunted in A time in Alaska when it was hunt or go hungry-I never hunted anything for the sport of it, but always believed in “fair chase”…Shooting animals from airplanes and helicopters and canned hunts or what this jerk did, is NOT “fair chase”…


The FWS did propose endangered (or threatened, maybe) listing in Oct., 2014, but i don’t know where it went from there. here’s hoping!


i don’t know–he may become the right-wing cause celebre.


We are all in danger. We are all being taken down one by one. It is the elite who all think we are expendable. Other lives do not matter to them and sometimes they sit on the sidelines having baited us into attacking each other just for their sport and monetary gain. We are such fools to suffer them.

“There must therefore be a right of proceeding judicially or extra judicially against all persons who transgress the laws; and the societies that should subsist by them, cannot stand, and the ends for the which governments are constituted, together with governments themselves, must be overthrown.”



If this very sick cruel individual slaughters animals to display their heads on his wall, how have these heads got into the U.S. Is Customs and Immigration going to be searching for lion body parts when this person returns home ?


Sickening account…here in DuPage County Illinois taxpayers funded a membership at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation for our community college president, Dr. Robert Brueder. He shot pheasant for sport there. In addition to that, we funded his hunting trip to Africa…personal development you know…where he shot an elephant. Some of us knew this…but when Brueder was given a 760K buyout all heck broke loose. He and the board of trustees are under investigation…what is wrong with these people? What psychological wrong must be righted?


You are too kind. Mr. Palmer should be charged, tried, and if convicted, thrown into an enclosure of hungry lions. Let him experience how it feels to be preyed upon.