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'Trailblazer in the Name of Peace': Anti-War Hero Frances Crowe Dies at 100

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/02/trailblazer-name-peace-anti-war-hero-frances-crowe-dies-100


R.I.P. Frances.


It’s imperative to remember that some folks actually do give a shit, and will do something to scrape it off our collective sidewalk.


The United States had plans to build out 1000 nuclear power reactors, but in the past 35 years zero nuclear power reactors have been built. This is traceable to the anti-nuclear power movement, and that goes back to the Clamshell Alliance’s work at the Seabrook nuclear power plant. Frances Crowe ran our nonviolence training session in western Massachusetts for the 1977 Seabrook occupation. Things have roots.


Frances Crowe an anti-war hero; a wonderful lady and a angel for peace. The sign she is holding says it all.


Peace requires justice. Today we need to realize that wars are for stealing the natural resources of other nations and we cannot remain silent while the future of our youth and all the other species is stolen from them. If our life style depends on war it is because it depends on fossil fuels.

Make these connections and be out in the streets on September 20.

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“A hundred years in the sunshine hasn’t taught me all there is to know.”
Wishbone Ash. “Warrior” from ARGUS
How long does it take for mankind to refrain from warring with one another?
Incidentally, I named my first dog Argus. Dad was Shepard and Airedale, Mom was Shepard and Collie.
Black and tan with some darn kinky hair.

If only there were more people like Frances Crowe.
And the sad fact is that everyone who works for or in the American military and the warmonger-industrial complex are complicit in war crimes and other death and destruction worldwide.
It’s time to start calling out volunteer military members and people who work for Raytheon, Lockheed, and the many other warmonger corporations.
I especially want to emphasize that people who volunteer for the American military aren’t heroes. They’re not “protecting our freedoms.”
We should not “support the troops.” We should ask them to repent of their military service and make amends for it.
Instead, we heroize them and give them subsidies for education, housing, and many other benefits that costs hundreds of millions of dollars.
War is a racket!

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We do need a modern military, but not to this extent, and for some of the negative reasons. Volunteering to be a gungho killer is not honorable service unless we have been invaded here at home. imo

Gandalf. “ we do need a modern military “. Sez you!!!

Sez me, unless all of our enemies disarm.

Indeed! Raytheon and the rest of their ilk, like Boeing etc. get paid per bomb. Those bombs need to be exploded so the corporate corruption can make more.
The corporations have near full control in Amerika and here in Canada, they are not far behind. sigh.

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