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“Traitor” Trump “Colludes” With Putin Over Oil

“Traitor” Trump “Colludes” With Putin Over Oil

Andy Rowell

A “Traitor”. “Putin’s Poodle”. “Open Treason”. These are just some of the harsh headlines to greet Trump after yesterday’s summit in Helsinki with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

C: Daily News

An article that only features quotes from: the NY Times; the Washington Post; Chuck Schumer; John Brennan; and John McCain to prove its point, should not be appearing in progressive websites.
What is happening to Commondreams? What is happening to the “left”?


Oil, the blood of the Earth that is poisoning us all and slowly killing our Mother.


For once trump attempts diplomacy with a major adversary and nuclear power. The intelligence agencies and war contractors as well as the entire establishment vilify him from both parties. The defense company lobbyists are very unhappy with any diplomatic efforts that could damage potentially trillion dollar profits. When the biggest defense budget in history was passed where were the calls for treason? The deep state controls the media so the media screams treason. No word of treason when trillions in tax cuts given away, when environmental laws gutted, when immigrants brutalized. Where is Schumer, Pelosi, McCain and gang when the American people are gutted domestically. AWOL:)
Good job Donald!


Shhheeeesssshhh!!! And, heres me all the time thinking this was all abouts more " peace, love and unterstandin ". What? What’s so funny? Why is everyone laughing?
Curses Myrtle, we been fooled, again.

Very true. Thanks for playing and have a warm and blessed day. BTW- Jesus works in very mysterious ways.

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Oil from Canada, Venezuela, the US frackers, the world’s oceans and seas, China, the middle East, all bad. Equally bad, um, those of us who use it.

Problem here, Putin is just one of a hundred million plus people of the largest land mass on the earth. It is stuck on oil.

What POSITIVE things could we do? Help it diversify. Consider going there, my gosh, the earth is not going to just turn around and cool off suddenly. Make friends, not enemies. I think Trump has done ONE country politely.

I don’t think Putin, or The Kochs, or many in the Oil & Gas/Natural Resources Extraction Businesses are interested in leaving it in the ground. And, finding something new to do.
Lions aren’t interested in becoming vegetarians. And, when they’re hungry and eat you, I don’t think they much care if you’re one, or not, either.


What a load of old lefty libtard horse s**t LOL!

The color of oil is red …

Get thee behind me Satan.