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'Traitor': West Virginia Democrat Manchin Under Fire for Pro-Sessions Vote


'Traitor': West Virginia Democrat Manchin Under Fire for Pro-Sessions Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is under fire Thursday for his Wednesday evening vote to confirm Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general.

According to Guardian political reporter Ben Jacobs, Manchin "flash[ed Sessions] a thumbs up on his way in the chamber," before breaking with his party to cast the only Democratic vote in favor of Sessions' confirmation.


Who does he represent anyway? In a state that overwhelmingly voted for Sanders, he was a superdelegate that voted for Clinton. He has approved nearly all Trumps cabinet picks.
This is the best the Democrats can come up with in WV. He needs to be primaried in 2018!


I'll bet not. I think there's a fine chance that before 2018, he will have announced that he's now a Republican. He's voted for all Trump's picks so far except De Vos. The Epi-pen thing could be a reason, but he also may perceive a pro-racist vote as better for his chances than not Once he's a Republican--making it all 5 of "our" reps--I'm hoping a backlash hits and sweeps him away. But I'm not counting on it. The Republicans are continuing to use their majority to set things up so they essentially can't lose, no matter if 90% vote for Democrats or others.


We must remember while we resist Trump that the Democrats are rarely our friends. Pelosi doesn't think Trump has done anything impeachable and that the people (us) don't really think the Dems need to change. She honestly said these things.
They are pushing Perez for DNC chair, he doesn't think they should change either. They are hopeless. We need to resist both parties and create a third party that represents us.
If Republicans are going to blow everything up we can't let Democrats be the one's to fix it. WE need to be the ones.


Imagine you have just stepped into the 21st century with nearly full blossoming of global grassroots awareness of precisely how extensively the dominant system has enslaved, excluded and abused in order to grow itself based on systematic parasitism of entire peoples and biomes. You turn to face what at first looks like a behemoth until you realize that the incomprehensible bellowing of hypocrisy is actually being triggered by the light of truth flashing through the chinks. You hunker down and focus for the long term as it becomes clear that you have just been welcomed into the Twilight Zone.


Don't worry, Dede. The Democrats WON'T be the ones to fix it. They are part of the problem not part of the solution. The problem is going to be whether the "resistance" allows itself to be channeled into a reform movement directed at the Democrats thus upholding the two-party trap (like Cenk Uygur's Justice Democrats) - a dead end as history teaches us - or whether it will stay on the path of independent, non-corporate politics. We shall see.


Manchin is the last of the Blue Dog Democrats. He will probably get hammered by a far right Republican in the 2018 election.


He may well be the republican in 2018. Opposing him in the Democratic primary would still be a worthwhile exercise.


To what history are you referring?


Incomprehensible. So true.


Manchin is a small-d dem in party affiliation only...he is a died-in-the wool Tea Bag Repug who ran as a Dem because that was the only way to win the seat. A cellar-dwelling, garbage-eating rat who fits the profile required by the RCCC. He may spout the rhetoric to fool his constituents but his actions belie his empty words...come 2018, he will be ushered out into the life of an itinerant Amway salesman.


Don't worry. He will be.


To contact the cretin over his Sessions vote:



I did that with the Tillerson trick and then started getting BS updates from his staff, which I quickly remedied.


This is the scum that always floats to the top of the democratic party. It will be a very long time before you see a return of the democratic party. They are filled with these asshats who are ready to be republicans as soon as the get elected. Pretty soon the republicans will have enough state legislatures that they can change the constitution. Better start cleaning house because we are just not voting for this crap again. Go ahead run Hillary again and get that spinning feeling as you blue dogs circle the drain.


a damn dem in name only. he should be pushed out of the party but his colleagues probably won't do it. we need a new third party that represents the 99% of us.


"[A] traitor to his ... party"?

That would be the party of Dixiecrats, spooking of the civil rights movement and "welfare reform"?


Though I totally disagree with Manchin on his vote approving Tillerson, he is after all a corporate Dem. But this vote for Sessions is a total slap in the face to justice and racial equity.


Well I suppose he just had to show our "socalled" president what a good guy he is and how his constituents just love DT. Now he probably thinks that the regulations on coal production will be eased and the corporations can go back to killing miners with unsafe working conditions or black lung.


Dede - Pelosi didn't think the Shrub and his Dick did anything to be impeached either, including the invasions of nations that were not threats. The vast majority of Democrats are part of the deep state anyway. And you're so right when you say, "They are hopeless."