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Trans-Canada Sue US Government for $15 Billion over Tar Sands Pipeline Cancellation


Trans-Canada Sue US Government for $15 Billion over Tar Sands Pipeline Cancellation

Guy Taylor

In a dramatic example of the powers assumed by the corporate world through trade deals, energy infrastructure corporation TransCanada commenced legal actions yesterday against the US president for cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Keystone XL was designed to carry tar sands oil from Hardisty in Alberta to Steele City in Nebraska, thus increasing outlets for the most carbon-intensive oil currently produced, and reinforcing the dependency that industrialised countries like the US have on fossil fuels.


Thanks Clinton (Bill)!


Politicians need to be very conscious of this when making their minds up whether to support CETA

Politicians are, and have been for a long time, very conscious of "this".

"this": the total elimination of democracy carried out under the guise of economic efficiency and while maintaining familiar democratic rituals, such as voting.

The main job of politicians under our current system is to oversee this dismantling of democracy. Key to this task is to preserve a facade of democracy for as long as possible, while simultaneously cementing the pillars of global corporate autocracy. Trade treaties are one of many components in this sneaky transition. It allows policy makers to implement anti-democratic measures with the pretext that their hands are tied by the terms set by the global treaties. If these treaties did not exist, our politicians would have to invent them: again, the treaties are NOT the reason for the undermining of our democracy, they are the means (one of them) through which the last vestiges of real democracy are being eliminated.

The reasons go deeper; among them is our loss of political consciousness.

There are no quick remedies to this tragedy, although while we still have some sort of voting available to us, we may as well use it to support candidates who clearly articulate a strong critique against these trade pacts. In the US, Bernie Sanders and any Green Party candidate are good examples. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is just like any other Republican.