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TransCanada Can Change Its Name, Say Opponents, But Keystone XL Will Never See 'The Light of Day'

TransCanada Can Change Its Name, Say Opponents, But Keystone XL Will Never See 'The Light of Day'

Jon Queally, staff writer

After the Canada-based pipeline company on Friday announced it was changing its name and also once again delaying construction plans for the controversial Keystone XL project, opponents said their determination to stop all dirty fossil fuel pipelines will remain regardless of what the corporation calls itself.

While under consideration since earlier this year, TransCanada shareholders on Friday officially voted to drop the word "Canada" from the company's title by renaming it "TC Energy."

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The criminality of the fossil fuels industry is WHY a Green New Deal and young people the world over are stripping the lies and manipulations away. These players arte, in my opinion, unindicted co-conspirators in crimes against humanity and the rights of nature. The latter being another name for the necessity that ecological integrity NOT be sacrificed on the alter of “externalized costs”. The industry is a predatory, gluttonous, insensate, backward, deadly abberation in the 21st century.

Duke University on shale gas and fracking is something the entire world needs to know.
Keiser Report on Fracking

Of course the shift to renewabl;e energy is hard in every way, but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN YESTERDAY!


Up here in Canada I hear spokespeople for the Oil Industry in Alberta all the time on the talk shows. In particular members of the Alberta Government angered that the Province of British Columbia is still not fully onboard supporting more pipelines through the Province.

They always claim “new science and technologies” that are lowering the emissions of the Tarsand when it converted into Oil and then Gasoline. They NEVER speak to the environmental havoc being done to the Forsts of Northeat Alberta. They never mention that sinice this process all started back in the 1960’s less than 1 percent of the lands wrecked are deemed “reclaimed”.

People may not belive in AGW but if one looks at the photos of the tarsands areas or visits it themself the mass destruction of that once pristine forest is reason enough to condemn and end that industry.