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TransCanada Invokes NAFTA in Bid to Revive Keystone XL from the Dead



I know it was speculated upon why it was Keystone continued to build the pipeline portions in the USA even as the approval to link to Canada not yet received. I stated then that it for this very reason.. They would sue under the NAFTA agreement and still "win".

In essence they could get it built for "free".

This is how the low life investor class works .


Greed is worse than not good; it's bad.


Since Obama is pushing the TPP and TIPP, it's arguable that his "opposition" to the Canadian Tar Sands project was pure theater. A skilled chess player might lose a pawn to take the opponent off his track... in terms of furthering a larger, more aggressive overall strategy.

A fifth grade student, upon learning the details of the TIPP and TPP (particularly the Investor Dispute Claims factor) could see that any seeming stoppage to a pipeline of this nature could quickly and all too easily be overcome by "laws" like those contained in these pro-business ONLY treaties.

Only when there's an international tribunal with BINDING POWERS in place, that can hold corporations like EXXON criminally responsible for its efforts to thwart reasonable responses to global warming (over the past 25 years or so) will the OIL behemoths who run so much of the global political & economic system be called to cease and desist.

The bankers, weapons suppliers AND Fossil Fuel producers "own the place," or presume that they do, Presidents included.


Trans Canada illustrates, perfectly, the depth of depravity described by the infamous Marquise de Sade, who wrote that if man had the ability to set fire to the universe, his only sin would be to not set fire to the universe. These ghouls, hoarding their gold, are the real terrorists, threatening us all. Alas.


The US has never lost a NAFTA law suit but that doesn't mean it will win this one. The US could lose. This aspect of NAFTA undermines national sovereignty and gives too much power to investors. It certainly shows why the TPP should not be approved.


Where are you getting your 'facts' from. You might want to look up what has happened to country of origin labeling as well 'dolphin-safe' tuna labels both of which the US lost in WTO 'court.


This looks a lot like showdown time. All those pipes lying all over the place. Do they have plans to clean up their garbage? Probably not! We will see the pipeline get finished, since money motivates, in the minds of fools, greater than the motivation to save our environment. Showdown time! Keystone is not over yet.


Hi, NAFTA and the WTO aren't the same but they both, like hundreds of other of these bogus 'free trade' scams, use the ISDS mechanism. That said, Canada isn't suing anybody, the corporations doing the suing are global corporations, they sue governments in all directions, they actually sell the possible proceeds of their suits as speculative investments to raise capital for other bullshit.

The US based corporations are the largest users of the ISDS mechanisms.

The system is a ripoff for the real people everywhere and hopefully the more publication of things like this TransCanada corporation action will help force the US Congress to reject the TPP because they, as politicians, know that the folks whose votes they need to stay at the trough don't want the TPP or any other of the corporate trade schemes.


Obama knew this all along. That is why he never approved Keystone.


Looks like the consummate con, by Obama, to me. Like, when Obama said he was ending the war in Afghanistan and then reversed course the Keystone pipeline looks like it could be the same scenario.

You have to give the devil his due, this guy is another Bush...but with the ability to use obfuscation and cunning to achieve the same nefarious ends!


"The U.S. government has faced several Chapter 11 lawsuits but has not lost a case."



Unfortunately, that article is two years old. Here is the latest news:


As a result of this case, the US no longer has Country of Origin labeling laws on meat. Are you worried that the pink slime in your beef patty might come from Paraguay or Uruguay instead of the US? Tough. You now have no way of finding out, thanks to NAFTA.


Corporate rights trump individual rights. Or, the rich are better than the poor.


As far as I can tell this involves the WTO not NAFTA. My statement is about NAFTA. I think my statement is correct that the US has never lost a NAFTA lawsuit. It appears you have no information otherwise.


It is very confusing. What I've learned:
There are different kinds of challenges under WTO and NAFTA. Some are between countries. The Investor -State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) suits are brought by corporations against "states"--meaning municipalities, states, nations. The US has not lost an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) case because the COOL and dolphin labeling rulings were not ISDS cases.


Absolutely! Money is the only thing they worship. So withhold it. Certainly don't buy meat or processed foods. Don't buy goods from companies that are owned by the Koch brothers, etc.


"democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."

My mind got caught on the claim that these "free trade deals kill democracy." The reason this headlining point is utterly irrelevant is that Americans today reject the whole idea of democracy (representative form of government), and to my knowledge, they always have.

With Reagan, the middle class applauded deregulation, which (predictably) gave corporate powers and the richest few extraordinary power over our politics and policies. Bill Clinton not only wiped out basic poverty relief, but stripped the poor of a list of fundamental human and civil rights, and even liberals have been fine with this. In the US, the rich have the most representation in government, and the rest goes to the middle class, while the poor have absolutely no representation today. And this is obviously the way that Americans want to keep it. The poor can vote, but no party, no candidate today, represents them.


For those wanting to express outrage over the TPP, the US Trade Rep is seeking public input until January 13. The focus is on the TPP's impact on labor, etc. Here's the LINK: http:// http://www.regulations.gov/#...RDOC_0001-0366

Btw--there are groups across the country (and in the other signatory countries) taking action about the TPP. Commenting on posts like this one may be therapy and is often informative, but it doesn't really move the cause forward. Here's just one group that's making noise: http://www.flushthetpp.org/


Couldn't have been better. Now, finally Americans have maybe woken up. You would think losing the jobs to NAFTA would have been enough. No it has to be pounded into Americans heads. Now we can get on the road to backing out of these lousy job and environment wrecking trade deals. As the article said, they will be facing a nation of pissed off Americans. All the corporate b.s. is on the way out. Senator Sanders and the American people 2016!!!