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TransCanada’s Other Massive Pipeline Plan


TransCanada’s Other Massive Pipeline Plan

Hannah McKinnon

TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has been front and center in a heated continental energy and climate debate for over four years now – and President Obama is sounding more and more like he is poised to make the right decision and reject the pipeline that would carry high carbon, high risk, high cost bitumen through North America’s heartland.


It rather ironic here in Canada, where the Government much like that to the South will break treaties with its First nations people when it expedient, the group of First Nations that never signed those treaties hold the most power over their own futures.

Generally the First Nations peoples, even with the treaties the Government breaks, win in the Supreme Court when it comes to either their inherent rights or those treaty rights.

Again , as I have oft mentioned, this is why Stephen Harper wants to change the “Indian Act” so as to allow private property on reserves . He uses this to suggest it will give the peoples of the First nations more rights as INDIVIDUALS.

Now some days ago a link to a documentary on the Lakota peoples was posted on these boards. I can not not remember the exact quote or who said it but it struck me as being very pertinent.

In that quote some White functionary of Government indicated that in order to break the power of the Native peoples the Government had to appeal to egotism and get to the point where the Native would say “I” and worry only about the “I” over the “We” and the “Us”. The community had to be broken down in favor of the individual and those peoples to see themselves as individuals rather then as part of a COLLECTIVE.

This emphasizing of the Individual over the Community is at the very heart of the sickness in Western Societies. It is how those in power take away OUR power.We as people can see how well that policy worked in the USA where the words “Socialism” and “Communism” rooted in collective social concerns and the community are still denigrated as evils by the media and by so many of its Citizens.


This is the same professor Weaver who advocating building a Bitumen refinery on the West Coast ?

They are calling the proposal “Kitimat Clean” using language very much like the proponents of clean coal.

I doubt you have ever set foot in the area being MINED. It utter devastation.


Eat Ca-ca… you corporate shill.