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Transcending Ugly Campaign, London Set to Elect First-Ever Muslim Mayor


Transcending Ugly Campaign, London Set to Elect First-Ever Muslim Mayor

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Forty-five-year-old Sadiq Kahn, the Muslim son of an immigrant bus driver, is on course to become London's next mayor, according to voting results.


Let the Paki bashing begin.

Just as violent crimes against minorities has been officially sanctioned by the highest echelons of white power in the United States, it will raise its ugly skinhead in London.

Sharia Law will be mentioned on a regular basis.
Innocent folks with colored skin will die on a regular basis.

Nothing new here to see.
Move along folks.


Warren is after all a politician.
Not going to hold her Hillary comment against her.

The civil rights you speak of are being dialed back every minute.

From Sawant’s accent, I doubt she was born in this country.
So that rules her out.

Dr. Stein needs to up her game a bit.


What a great result!

Congratulations to all those Londoners who voted to secure this result. The Old Lady can still surprise, still show that she can get out and lead the world.

Congratulations to Sadiq Kahn, it is so important that you succeed. You may make people reassess their reaction to the word ‘Muslim’, which may make them ask why it is okay to be slaughtering them to satisfy the US and Israel.


I once worked in a UK foundry where all the other machine operators in the shop floor were Pakistanis (oops, sorry, Muslims; well, they had brown skin and came from Pakistan so they gotta be Muslim, like, you know? ). I was impressed how hard they worked. Funny how they never blew the place up with home-made bombs. They were working for their families and the conditions were killing, literally. I quit; they didn’t and I would not be surprised if some of them later died of lung disease because of the working conditions. If this British Mayor of Pakistani parentage (oops, Muslim) works as hard for the people of London as those I knew so long ago did for their families, he will do a very good job.


For why it’s worth for the nonBritish contingent, “would give two fingers to Islamists” when translated into American English is “would give the middle finger to Islamists.”


How did you manage to pluck that negative story out of this positive one?

Incidentally, ‘paki’ is a very offensive term to use, on par with the n word.


This was a contest between the son of a bus driver who grew up in a council house and the son of a billionaire who grew up in a mansion, and the son of the bus driver won. That in itself bears celebrating.


Thanks for the education on the term.
There is no way I would no know that, now would I ?

The establishment is going to make a poster child out of this guy now that he is in a position of prominent power.
Just watch the next three months.


Very sensible comment!! How many of the "Christian " candidates and leaders in the UK are real Christians??? Remember Tony Blair???
Bernie Sanders is a decent and fair man in terms of Israel and Jews, unlike so many (just about all) of his opponents for POTUS.


I hope this will have a domino effect. Eventually there will be other cities in the Western world with non-Judeo-Christian mayors, governors & heads of state. Britain has lots of Indians as well as Pakistanis & Bangladeshis. There will eventually be Hindu & Sikh mayors & PM’s in Britain.


I guess not. It’s strange as apparently Aussie as an abbreviation of Australian is ok.

That may well be, but surely this is good news about a step towards harmony in diversity rather than being about racial discord.