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Transformed: Your Sons and Your Daughters Are Beyond Your Command


You need to see a therapist or something- apparently you do not care a whit that kids and others are killed every day by gun violence. Oh- I forgot- you are a troll.Please crawl back into your hole or the nursing home. These kids have more intelligence than you will ever have.


BTW- I dare you to say what you do to the parents of a child who was killed at school or somewhere else by a gun. I do not think you are human.


That is right and so is David Hoag. I guess this piece of crap does not care that little kids were mowed down at Sandy Hook. Probably a shill for the NRA or just a nut.


I guess you “forgot” many served in Viet Nam , and there was a draft. You are now labeling a high school student who was a victim of a school shooting a leftist. I am proud of these kids- they want to defend themselves and have laws that will protect them and society at large. I am proud of their parents. You have a real hang up because of a certain group of people. I am a boomer, and the people I know are people of peace, work or have retired, participate in causes, and yes, pay taxes. Why are you commenting about something that happened about fifty years ago instead of this movement? I know of people from other generations who expect others to shoulder the burdens and taxes. What does this have to do with kids getting killed at schools by guns? People opposed war because they did not want to see people get killed especially in another country rather than defending the US. Also, have you been in the military? There was a draft then- some time after the war ended the draft did also. Stop blaming an entire generation for your problems- I will bet you are a one per center who just does not want to pay taxes. If you are of the 1990s generations , you probably are patting yourself on the back. The global economic justice generation? Don’t make me laugh. Most young people do not even vote. Only one out of five really. I and my friends could not wait to vote. In fact , people were being sent to Viet Nam as those under 21, so they could go to war, and they could not vote! That finally changed . This might shock you also- Dr. King was against the war in Viet Nam. One of our greatest if not the greatest hero- and someone like you would most likely label him a bum. Maybe you should also look up Kent State ( if you can read)- college students protesting the Viet Nam War were killed. Four of them were killed, and not by a deranged high school drop out- by our national guard. Oh, I forgot that made you happy- more boomers did not live long. Personally, I do no know of one person who voted for Rayguns. Your generation brought us Dump because you do not vote.!


Wow! My critique of hippie culture from a position well to the left of the hippie movement (I’m a 61 year old anarcho-sindicalist - look it up if you have to) went way over your head!

It seems that you have not been very engaged in activism for a long time. Ever heard of Seattle, Quebec, DC, Genova, Goiteborg, Porto Allegre, Mumbai, Caracas, and the tens of millions in streets around the world on February 15, 2003?

My point was that I dearly hope that rising political awareness of young people today does not end up like the fad-fake-leftism of the hippie culture, or it seems, some more recent movements too.


Yes, I’m familiar with the cool radically socially-politically conscious lyrics of the top-40 tunes back in those days. And what result did they produce?


Troll? Hardly.
Shill? Hardly.

So, people you agree with are fine, but people you disagree with are not?
That’s going to eliminate almost everyone, you know, because no one is going to agree with you on everything.
I don’t disagree with the substance of any of their remarks. Just saying that their credibility is hurt by pretending to be someone they are not.


Fox News is not at all my cup of tea. But you might check out the information and many other sources on fellowshipoftheminds.com.
As I said before, it really isn’t necessary for people to misrepresent themselves when they have a good cause.
The many clumsy things going on in these crises indicates to me a movement to divide the masses rather than to achieve the unity necessary to move forward in any direction at all.


You are just chock full of general characterizations aren’t ya?


Weird, I’ve known a lot of hippies in my time, and haven’t yet run into that variety.

Not doubting they exist, but then really, they are no longer hippies anyway.

I love how old men sit today and scowl at the youth of that time who DID protest the war, whose generation was torn apart by a war started by serious non-hippie types, and whose generation AND culture influenced a lot of good things.

Oh no, let’s beat up on the hippies shall we?


Hippie culture is all summed up by Yunzer.

Hippies take notes, and then toss them in the trash bin.


Trust me, they are very real. Peace, love, and small government except when they need it.


I’ve read about the conflicts between cannabis growers and locals in that area, and I don’t really have an appreciation of the complexities on both sides of the issue.

As to the culture, embraced by hippies of community, peace, and freedom of expression. There are many many forces that were aligned against that culture, and there are many reasons that culture rose in the first place.

Sitting back and labeling all of those swept up in the currents of that time through the lens of consternation regarding everything wrong with this time, is I think a projection of epic proportions.


I don’t disagree, but some of the hardest right wingers I know are hippie-libertarian types. One of my best friend’s father watches FOX, loves Limbaugh, but is super into organic this-and-that, etc. From the outside, you’d think he was a leftist, but he’s pure right all the way. In his mind, the government is all bad, all the time, and he shouldn’t pay any taxes except for those that apply to the military. He ain’t the only one I know either, sadly.


OK, so I checked it out – it’s a loony tunes site. If you believe what you read there, you are a fool. Otherwise, I think troll is the right term.


Am I the only one seeing the irony of this remark?


You are spreading lies and are vicious and not on this planet. Stop trying to create fake news , and again go back to your caretaker. These kids were victims of a school shooting. Apparently you do not care. About disagreeing
with someone. Hey that is part of life- but spreading vicious lies is unacceptable.


You don’t respect their efforts in the least so just drop that tack of argument.

As for your spreading vicious lies about these students, I say cluck off.

Where did you get this nonsense? Breitbart Fake News, or let me guess…The Sane Progressive.


So, now you’re using your hatred to give your views when this is about people who were victims of a school shooting. Go on- say this to the parents and friends of these kids.


Oh stop it= as a matter of fact I have been engaged in activism for a good part of my life- and live in a union family, and I am a boomer- yes the people you hate. BTW- let’s stop using politics or personal views - this
is about kids in a high school ( and other places who got shot and killed.