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Transgender Group ‘Perplexed’ At Why Clinton Won’t Fill Out Questionnaire


Transgender Group ‘Perplexed’ At Why Clinton Won’t Fill Out Questionnaire

Kevin Gosztola

A national group for trans people in the United States is waiting for Hillary Clinton to complete a survey on where she stands on issues. On the other hand, the group is not waiting for Bernie Sanders. He followed through on his commitment to fill out the questionnaire.


It seems to me that if you are a person, Bernie thinks you have RIGHTS. Bernie or bust!


Recall the TV commercials for Mastercharge (now called Mastercard) when the credit card made its debut in the early sixties:

The card holder was shown walking through town followed by an orderly line of hundreds of bankers wearing stetsons, suits and carrying brief cases…the message being that Mastercharge holders had the backing of hundreds of banks.

Clinton has the same number of bankers following her every move in order to make sure she is getting all the bribes she needs to move their agenda forward and to help her make decisions, from bank regulation to LGBT rights for example…

With so many bankers in her decision loop we can’t expect Clinton to make decisions as fast as Bernie makes them.


I don’t know why people trust Hillary at all. If she’s elected, what’s to stop her from blowing off the promises she made to voters who elected her for the same reason she’s unable to answer TUF’s questionnaire: “I don’t have time” (trans. “I’m too busy meeting the needs of my true constituency–the banksters, Wall Street, corporations, etc.”).


Plus, based on the number of LGBT endorsers she has had through the primary season, Clinton figures she can ignore them and they will still vote for her, lhotse.


Right. Clinton “pivoted” to Trump, and she calculates transgender rights won’t win a general election. In other words, going on the record and committing to transgender rights can wait until she is good and ready to make on-the-record commitments.


The Clinton campaign has shown a strong aversion to signing pledges, questionnaires or petitions, basically anything that would leave a documentable trail of where she stands on the issues. It looks months of badgering by the media and Sander’s supporters to even get her to announce her position on trade deals, Keystone and other controversial subjects. As the premier status quo politician that she is, she will always leave herself with enough room to flip on issues, as needed. Of course, a large campaign donation might do the trick or even a lucrative speaking engagement. As mentioned,though, probably a matter of her trying to woo Trump voters at the moment. Appearing too strong on LGBT rights would be counterproductive at this time.


Oh, this is only the beginning of her rightward march now that she is convinced she will be the nominee. We’ve been saying throughout the campaign that she will not honor her promises to groups that she finds are unimportant or that may advocate things that her right leaning constituents disapprove of.
Her voters will be shocked at the rush to the right after the election on issues she solemnly swore against, like the TPP. Like Obama, she will be all lip service on these issues and will actually do what ever works for her ideology, neoliberal on domestic issues and neocon on foreign policies.


The Red Queen has never, and will never commit to any policy or agenda without disclaimers, weaseling, deflections and more rubbish obfuscations, and that includes Trans people! A straight answer will not be forthcoming from her - the difference in moral compass and actual answers between Clinton and Bernie Sanders is stark and telling!
Bernie or Bust!


Yes, Clinton’s edicts and statements are all filtered through the proverbial “Philadelphia lawyer” before we see them.


Why does the transgender community actually think the red queen is on their side. Its called triangulation and history teaches us that HRC will lead from the rear on this issue. How many times do you have to see the same vague behavior before you stop supporting her. Trump would at least say “Hey if they get married, they would probably rent the ballroom at my golf course”. “If its good for me, then I’m for it”. The red queen can’t even seem to muster this crude level of support. Bernie or Bust to the end.


“We believe it’s important—not just for us—but also for our community, our allies, and the people like myself who enthusiastically voted for you in the various primary contests—to have the benefit of responses from both candidates”

Excuse me? You did what? You voted for Hillary in your state’s primary? What the hell? Have you been living under a rock the last decade and a half?

I hate to say that but I guess it serves you well. Maybe you can do your act of contrition by helping Bernie’s campaign out in California.


It is best that she doesn’t fill out the form and trans gender people don’t vote for her. Trans gender people are better and smarter than that. Bill Clinton promised if elected he would end discrimination against gays in the military. After most gay people helped elect him, he not only did nothing, but he kicked them in the teeth by implementing the don’t ask don’t tell policies in the military. The Clinton’s word means nothing. The trans gender people don’t need Hillary’s support. Bernie loves, respects, and supports all good people. If trans gender folks are looking for a friend Bernie Sanders will be there for you.


If you haven’t done so already, please click on the link below to take the Bernie or bust pledge and join the movement of over 106,000 and growing! Basically, the pledge states if Bernie Sanders is not the democratic nominee, you pledge to either write in Bernie’s name or vote for the Green Party in the general election.

It’s highly recommended that all Bernie or bust pledge takers vote instead for Dr. Jill Stein in the Green Party because NONE of the write in votes for Bernie Sanders will count.

If the Green Party receives at least 5% of the vote in the general election, they may receive up to $100 million dollars in government funding to fund their future campaigns.

After taking the pledge, please share the link on your Facebook and Twitter asking others to do the same.

Thank you.