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Transparency Fail as FBI Retracts Redactions in Orlando Transcripts



"Transparency" is not what the FBI wants - it's possible it was planned to "fail". The "distractions" intentional.

"Unfortunately, the unreleased portions of the transcript [...] have caused an unnecessary distraction from the hard work that the FBI and our law enforcement partners have been doing to investigate this heinous crime,"

The revelations that the FBU "introduced" the killer to informants raises the specter of incitement and perhaps more in the actions of the depraved murderer. The likelihood the FBI would actually investigate itself is laughable.

"It is now confirmed that in addition to two investigations and two interviews, Florida terror suspect Omar Mateen was also approached by “informants” working for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a period of 10 months."


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It was reported that when this guy bought guns a few weeks ago he also wanted a vest-the owner of the gun shop said he notified the FBI. I have seen no follow up on this information. The guy is interviewed 3 times by the FBI and is now buying assault weapons--and the gun shop owner gives them a heads up?????????


Could you please stop showing the face of this murderer?


The government is trying to hide that this guy was a Muslim, motivated by that irrational extremism Muslims are so prone to, that's what they're hiding!
OR--they're holding the audio transcripts until they're sure they've done a good enough job that no one will be able to prove they're faked, that Mateen"joined" ISIS and made those fanatical remarks only after he and his victims were dead. Because despite the constant provocation of drone strikes, etc., actual Islamic terrorists are disappointingly thin, at least in the US--the FBI has had to fake pretty much all of them.


"You want the truth, you can't handle the truth."