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Trashing Trumpcare, Kimmel Says GOP Cruelty Forcing Him to "Politicize" Son's Illness


Trashing Trumpcare, Kimmel Says GOP Cruelty Forcing Him to "Politicize" Son's Illness

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel lampooned Sen. Bill Cassidy—co-sponsor of the Republicans' last-ditch Trumpcare plan, saying Tuesday that the Louisiana Republican "just lied right to my face" about promises he made to support affordable healthcare coverage.


I’m glad Kimmel has some common sense.


You’re half right. Democrats take care of the people who give them money too—I’m sure you remember Sen. Max Baucus having single-payer advocates arrested outside his office, or Rep. Nancy Pelosi saying first that single-payer was “off the table,” and then saying that any “public option” was also “off the table.”

ACA/Obama/Heritagecare was intended to keep the fangs of the non-value adding insurance companies in our necks for as long as possible. Democrats will do the right thing only after they’ve exhausted all other options.


Bravo to Kimmel for taking the time and having the integrity - his son’s medical problem had a great effect no doubt…the R’Con soulless creatures clearly have no conscience or common decency…what goes around eventually comes around…

Its clearly time for all people of conscience and wisdom to choose a side and work - fight - for change…“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mohandas Ghandi, the Mahatma


In a culture where liars - well-heeled, connected decepticons, rise to the apex of society, where they rule unaccountably, refusing to address the concerns of the majority (while pretending otherwise), corruption is too light a word. How about debauchery?
Vote independent and clear these slimy weasels out permanently.


Jimmy, so sorry about your son and your predicament. Please--support us in our efforts to educate the general public and eventually pass Improved Medicare For All so no one will ever need to worry about health care costs.


From the above, it looks like he’s done just that. Not a viewer, but he gets my thumbs-up.

Their shot clock is ticking. If they miss the hoop again - ball’s in our court.


Keep voting for despicable D s like Pelosi. War criminal Bush’s impeachment was ‘off the table’… Who gave this bioche the right to decide what is OFF THE TABLE. ? A vote for a D or R perpetuates the swamp.


THANK YOU JIMMY KIMMEL-In a screwed up corporate police state we depend on comedians for some truth.


Behind you all the way, Jimmy Kimmel. Blessings to you, your son, and your family!


"He revealed his infant son’s heart condition and declared that “no parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life.” The most compelling line in the article. And then you have to think of Trumpcare, and the Congressional Budget Office statement about Trumpcare. In their review of Trumpcare they stated that it would increase costs for healthcare by an huge 750 percent. Then they went on to say that Trumpcare would not cover 23 million low income, elderly,or military veterans. Then Republicans had a congressional meeting to discuss Trumpcare with no women present and decided to eliminate all women’s health issues from coverage.

So my first choice would be Bernie’s medicare for all plan, Second choice would be Obamacare. Third choice is the one I would hate to make because Trumpcare is absolutely horrific. It should be called the Unaffordabe Health Care Act. When it was passed in congress there were eight corporate lobbyists for every legislator taking their bribe money. The bottom line is families having to decide on the life or death of their new baby because of the high price of medical treatment will be worse than ever.


You do know that the ACA is a good first step, and that implanting national healthcare will take a lot of time to accomplish, right? It’s not something that can be done just like that overnight, even if Bernie The Big Mouth Moron says so.