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Travel Alert: US Border Agents Want to Know What You've Been Doing on Social Media



We would have a poor society if people were chilled from travelling. I'll bet rich businessmen aren't scrutinized when they travel abroad- i.e. Trump.


I think the next time I have to go through fucking Border Patrol (encountered too many Border Patrol jerks) here in Southern California, I'll let them know to look for Psychedelic Chicken's verbiage scratchings and peckings.

What are your plans for the day sir? Well sir, I haven't a clue, but since we are in eye sight of the beautiful Anza Borrego State Park Welcome Sign (that used to be free of a fucking Border Patrol checkpoint) perhaps I'll just continue in the direction I'm traveling and go hike some trails, and take photos with this nice camera I have sitting in the seat next to me.

Sir, could you please get that dog away from me?



Another incentive not to visit the USA.


lol. I have to admit it did take me a minute to get the biting satire of that comment.


I've probably made myself perfectly clear to the asswipes at NSA, etc. so I'm sure I've already limited my travels.


Somehow, I don't think the above sentence written by Ms. McCauley will motivate many people to submit comments to the DHS - or any other agency regarding proposed government rulemaking on the environment, workplace safety, labor rights, civil liberties or anything else. This will assure that only our right-wing, big-business adversaries submit comments.

Is Ms. McCauley forgetting that the reason we now have a strong FCC policy enforcing net-neutrality is because of many thousands of submitted comments from ordinary people supporting the proposed rulemaking overwhelmed the ones from Verizon's lawyers? It is unfortunately also why all kinds of environmental and labor regulations (including workplace safety ones in my own agency) have been shot down - because the US-left may not know how government works but our right-wing adversaries do, and send torrents of comments to the agencies while we all just sit, evincing our oh-so-cool cynical attitudes. I have been at coal industry technical conferences where the seat of every attendee had a card to be collected and sent in to the EPA opposing the proposed clean power plan. When does the left ever do things like this?

So, please send in comments opposing this proposed DHS rule. Go to the hyper-link in the last sentence.


Yes, Trump who has already banned numerous journalists and newspapers from covering his campaign, and has openly advocated torture, and has had many ties to organized crime (his Trump Tower condo directory reads like an international rogues gallery) is such a champion of freedom and civil liberties!


YOU are the only person on this thread I see fully supporting Trump with your bizarre support of the right wing lunatic Clinton. The Clinton supporters are the ONLY ones here making a Trump presidency almost certain.


Have you seen Terry Gilliam's film, "Brazil" where the entire government bureaucracy is nothing more than an Information Retrieval system; and that it's also designed to seek out terrorists? (Those terrorists consisting of renegades fighting the inhuman tendencies of the imposed system.)

The film's plot follows a typographical glitch that has that society's version of Homeland Security cutting through a cement roof to repel down on ropes and arrest the WRONG MAN (due to the typographical spelling error).

The man is interrogated and KILLED during the process and more bureaucrats show up to get his wife to sign a form which compels her to PAY for her husband's necessary interrogation. And his death comes right before Christmas. Now she's a widow with several children.

The film's protagonist, the scion of a wealthy family but too much of a romantic to be fulfilled by his bureaucratic office niche, begins to see the flaws in the system. Few scenes in modern film history are funnier than that of all of his timed electronic devices--like the toaster and coffee maker--going off at the wrong times resulting in burnt toast and coffee pouring out far from the waiting cup.

When this individual meets his rich mother for lunch at a restaurant that serves meals (all alike) by number, blasts go off because the area is fraught with "terrorist attacks."

Now, consider that this film was made 30 years ago... and its prescience and insight into the growing repressions of Western Society are made all the more amazing.