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Travel to Cuba Falls Victim to John Bolton’s Wrath

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/travel-cuba-falls-victim-john-boltons-wrath


What the careers of Bolton and his heinous henchman Elliott Abrams illustrate is this: if you commit war crimes, you might earn a presidential appointment; but if you blow the whistle on war crimes, you might earn a life sentence in solitary.

US citizens are being forbidden to visit Cuba for one reaon: too many have already seen for themselves that Cuba, while clearly suffering under the US’s vindictive and ongoing embargo, is not the Marxist hell hole full of angry and vengeful campesinos that they’ve been led to expect. Facts can’t be allowed to get in the way of a good story.


truth. the expectation for Obama was that America would export it’s irresistible culture and, in doing so, sway Cubans to support our delightful form of political economy.

Cubans, however, are not so stupid as us. Instead, Americans got to learn just how marvelous Cubans are as people and just how resilient they are and how much life they are able to live in spite of the more than half century noose around their necks.


Bolton’s policy edict is pure Goebbels…close borders and restrict travel.

Hypocritical for Trump to be concurrently faux honoring those who participated in D-Day in 1944 fighting the very fascism that Trump and the GOP are foisting on the world…tantamount to saying that those fighters were injured or died in vain while those still living are suckers who had better luck than the fallen.


Bolton’s behavior is oh so politically correct… I’m sure he’s smug in his self-satisfaction of toeing the conservative line…

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So, how can we all still find a way to travel to Cuba and give Bolton a big middle finger?


Americans can revive the old routes through Canada and Mexico.

And support the ‘Friendship’ caravan organized annually by Pastors for Peace.


Hi pcprincess:
Hmm, I wonder if people can just fly to the Bahamas, or another island nation and THEN take a sail or a flight to Cuba. How weirdly stupid this is , because people will just leave for Cuba from another nation. I wonder if Mexico flies into Cuba? I guess more American vacation companies will lose even more money. These would be emperors are screwing their own nation. Can we call the American 3 wanna be emperors terrorists yet?


Cuba and it’s people have been resilient beyond belief, doing incredible things for it’s citizens with almost no money or resources (thanks to US policy). They have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and have made great advances in sustainable agriculture. With the impending world turmoil, we, and most of the world, could learn a thing or two from the Cuban govt and it’s people.


I’m curious, how did US citizens avoid US officials when returning with their passports stamped for entry to Cuba in the past?

“John Bolton insists he wants to spread democracy abroad,”

Is Capitalism democracy? Is Socialism democracy?

If its not direct, its not democracy.


Times like this it is good to be European. :stuck_out_tongue:


Utter stupidity.

Mean spirited and vicious stupidity.


Oh not to worry, i am sure the empire has plans for you too.
The traitors in Sweden’s government is about to effectively hand over their national sovereignty to private corporations with the transition to a cashless society and the traitors in Norway’s government have been quietly privatizing everything for decades. Similar things are happening in most of Europe in addition to the alarming rise of far right politics.
Denmark is still the happiest place on earth and the only European country i am aware of that is not being dismantled by its politicians, but they are slated to disappear entirely when the sea levels rise.


As I understand it, Cuban immigration doesn’t stamp American passports, particularly on request. Best to confirm this before going, however.


Iḿ sorry, did you mean ‘to toe the genocidal, colonial, junkyard dog, neo-feudal line’?

Thanks for that, good to know.

Yeah something like that. You could probably also add in something about white and supremecy too.

I love Medea Benjamin.

She is an authentic Peace Monger, a woman of Class, Ethics and Character.

John Bolton on the other hand is an insane Warmonger who should be Neutered for sake of saving American lives that he is constantly trying to send to War.

Thank You Media and a Heart Felt Thanks to your brave and Audacious organization Code Pink.


Strange wording “Peace Monger” but yes Medea is a very strong and focused woman as are all of CODE PINK activists. They bravely demonstrate actions against imperial empire.