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'Travesty': Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Its Water Supply


'Travesty': Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Its Water Supply

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Corporate giant Nestlé continued its privatization creep on Thursday as it won approval to take over another Canadian community's water supply, claiming it needed the well to ensure "future business growth."


The corporations will privatize everything for the sake of profit.
Every Republican and far too many Democrats will allow them to do it.
They'll explain to us dumb, low educated, slobs that the Capitalist economic system requires privatization to create "free markets" and competition.
That's a load of rubbish. And a big, fat lie.


I have been boycotting Nestle for 25 years -- ever since they pushed the baby formula thing in countries with bad water. They do not care of course -- about me or the babies they killed or stealing water. They have no ethics.


Me too.


There's no excuse for the boom in corporate bottled water sales. It's worse than a simple wasted of money. Discarded plastic water bottles are eternal waste and a worldwide menace. Consumers must demand that their local governments provide drinkable tap water. The tap water in my area is great but people here still buy lots of bottled water! I don't understand the psychology of that! If your local government is broken and won't/can't provide pure drinking water you can buy water for your home in reusable 5 gallon bottles and carry a canteen when you go out. The many home filtering systems may also be a good solution, but I don't know first-hand.


Isn't there some law that makes clear that water only belongs to the people/
government? How is this happening?


And what happens to the townspeople when the wells run dry or become tainted for any number of reasons (agricultural runoff, livestock waste, bacterial bloom, etc.)....Nestle moves on taking their money and supposed jobs with them literally leaving the people and their animals "high and dry." Back in 2008, T. Boone Pickens (multi-millionaire oil magnate) was quoted to say: "Water is the New Oil." I am sure he is not the first but his public reputation would bring attention to his assertions/predictions.

Nestle has a sullied reputation for and extensive track record of its lack of environmental compliance and poor treatment of its employees both in the US and abroad. To another commenter herein, what Nestle did with its formula distribution in countries in Africa (a HUGE tax write-off and cheap PR ruse), was provide TAINTED powdered baby formula in areas with limited and untreated water supplies along with discouraging local mothers from breastfeeding...a double-edged sword.

Here is a link to an article that pretty well summarizes Nestle's way of operating:

On another note, the headline demonstrates just how far corporations have gone in their quest to monopolize any and all resources, services, utilities, etc. How tragic that MONEY is of more value than the lives and well-being of the people and wields more power than the people to have control over their lives, resources, and futures.


Is Middlebrook Water Company a private company? Probably but why in hell did the community privatize it, oh the right wing party of Harper and/or with assistance of likes of our democrats. You would think there would be other regulations when foreign corporations is buying. But nothing makes sense anymore.


You're right! I never buy it except for once a year I plan a wine tour for 55 people who get on a bus and travel for seven hours. I buy plastic water bottles and feel so guilty but so convenient and Oregon has a deposit on them so I recycle. But I know there is a place the size of the Texas in the ocean with plastic. Disgusting and I am part of the problem.


It's becoming clearer every day, that we are, in effect, helpless before certain corporations.
Those certain corporations are, in effect, the government, whether it's Canada or the U.S.
When certain corporations control water, that means that water belongs to THEM, and not US. THEY decide who gets it.


Addendum: What makes Nestle' an even more formidable foe than the American corporation, is the fact that Nestle' is a Swiss corporation.
Judging from Nestle's success in eluding sanction by the Swiss government for its unsafe baby formula (and that was forty-two years ago), those opposed to Nestle' in the U.S. have a very steep climb.


The corporation rumbles onwards in a pathological pursuit of profit


The water here in Vancouver tastes fine, that said it does not compare to the well water on the farm I grew up on. It came from 200 feet down and was so good.

The best water I ever tasted was in Northern Alberta . This right out of a flowing stream in the woods. We did not boil it or treat it in any manner. We did not pay a penny to drink it.

That was many years ago. If I pointed it out on a map today it would be smack dab in the middle of one of those tarsands plants and no longer fit for consumption. If I wanted a drink of water there now I would likely have to buy a plastic bottle of water produced by Nestle.


How is this happening?

$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.$$ Quid pro quo elite corporate oligarchs. Stop asking such questions and get back to work, slave!


Wait till the TPP kicks in Canada...


Think we should all retire -- and fight back?


5 gallon glass bottles are available.



Deposits on plastic water bottles is a great idea. Oregon has lots of forward-thinking laws that should be adopted by the rest of the country. I enjoyed driving through Oregon and having actual human attendants fill up the tank at filling stations.


Doesn't Canada give 'first nation' rights over open land and natural resources? Make a treaty with the local First Nation tribe and picket Nestle, because they are no better than the DAPL. Stand up for your rights!


The citizens of Canada and the United States should agree to kill the Nestle company for their behavior. We should launch an absolute boycott of all their products, every single product.

Kill Nestle!