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Treasonous Trump Rejects Bringing US Jobs Home to Get Himself Reelected

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/19/treasonous-trump-rejects-bringing-us-jobs-home-get-himself-reelected


Trump’s words are as meaningless as my dog’s scat. No, I take that back. More meaningless. I can at least tell whether or not my dog is feeling well from her last performance. As for Trump’s, I don’t have to even look down. The man is _________.


Tell it like it is Thom - “treasonous” in word and deed! - and openly racist, bigoted, corrupt, contemptuous of science and the Natural World - salted-earth destructive! and servant of the 1% without apology or any concern for the 99%! Did I see/hear a clip last eve of the orange chancre calling DACA residents recipients “animals”?

Let’s not pretend the treasonous, malignant, mental POS is anything but!


Nafta - Clinton signed it into law on December 8, 1993.

I’m sure just a minor “oversight” by the author?


Yes Clinton signed it it was written by the Republicans under Bush…Clinton sold out the Democrats and working people…tell the whole story…Bill Clinton can go to hell, to me he was a Republican.


How can we believe Bolton? How long ago did he leave this administration. I could not stand the man and still can’t but believe him?

Hope you are not setting yourself up to be “fake news”. Long time listener of your show since 2004 and have learned so much from you. Thank you for all you do.


Much the same happened here in Canada. Brian Mulroneys Progressive Conservatives first entered into a Free trade deal with the USA. They then began negotiations to expand it to Mexico and add other goodies for the Corporations.

In opposition Jean Chretien and his Liberals claimed that expanding the deal to Mexico and adding all of those Corporate Goodies would lead to massive job losses. He claimed that if elected he would tear the agreement up .

He won the next election and then signed the deal claiming it good for Canada.


Another good one from Thom in 30-some lines.
Least words make a best removal from office case.
Sadly I suspect and fear the worst this year
or until DJT#45 gives up and goes away.
The sooner the better.


If Trump “gives up and goes away” we get Ayatollah Pence and a theocracy…no improvement, possibly a more damaging.

At this point beating Trump in the election is the best of many bad options.


If this is in fact treasonous, then DT should, at the very least, not be allowed to run for a second term.


“…proposed that America should spend roughly $2 trillion to bring manufacturing back to the United States from China.”

Wait, What!!! Are you effing crazy? With all of the money and tax breaks lavished on corporate America lately, HELL NO!
Here’s a better plan, demand corporations bring the jobs back, or they lose their corporate charter status, and will be taxed 110% for anything sold in the US, no matter where their headquarters are. If they refuse, a new American company will spring up to fill the void for the needed products.


Sure, fearmongering about China is a popular election strategy, one that has worked embarrassingly well for Democrats in the past, but have you considered redistributing the stolen wealth of this country’s billionaires and creating a society without artificial scarcity?


Like Thom said Nixon, Reagan, and Bush negotiated the deal for years with Canada and Mexico and Bush left it for Clinton to sign so a Democrat would be involved with a deal that sent our jobs across the border.
Republicans and greedy American businesses then pushed Clinton to open up China for manufacturing as well.


Treason is now a requirement to hold the highest office in the USA. Get with the program and be a good citizen. USA!


Jobs were never coming back once they left which began massively during Clinton’s reign. Clinton prattled on and on when he signed NAFTA that is was all for the benefit of the workers in the USA. Good old Bill could give Trump a run when it came to lying. And if the jobs do ever come back, they will be paying minimum wage. USA citizens have to be the biggest suckers to believe anything that comes out of politicians mouths, and that goes for both parties who are wholly owned by and serve ONLY their corporate masters.


@CommonDreams Please write many articles about how neoliberalism has already agreed to offshore and outsource the remaining jobs, and all our next President has to do is nothing, How its on auto-pilot now.

If you don’t do your best to be on the peoples side,- which means getting the word out which youre not helping to do as you should now, so we can fix this somehow, you’ll be in no small part responsible for the aftermath.

Which will be a rejection of a democracy we have never had. By pretending none of this exists youre helping the biggest con job ever to be enacted.

It certainly does create a moral quandary and it would have been great if he would have just testified but like even Bolton himself said it would not have made a difference to the senate and at least this way whether Bolton is telling the truth or not, having a damaging book come out during the election will actually be more beneficial to removing trump from office than had Bolton testified.

From what it looks like Bolton was one of the people trying to keep trump from doing illegal stuff and that that is the main reason why he was removed from office. He may be a war monger but at least he did things by the book.

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I’ll bite: The man is a sociopathic pathological lying criminal conman pile of odious steaming shit that can babble incoherently non stop.

Professional jobs are next. GATS is NAFTA for the rest of the jobs.