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Treasury Nominee Will Have to Answer for 'Grinding Families Into Dirt'

Treasury Nominee Will Have to Answer for 'Grinding Families Into Dirt'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin, who President-elect Donald Trump wants to run the U.S. Treasury Department, sits for his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday—one day after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) accused him of "grinding families into the dirt" during his time at the helm of "foreclosure machine" OneWest Bank.

Recipe for cabinet appointee approval:

Get up in front of the committee, spout nonsense, don’t respond to questions, talk off topic, get approved. Repeat daily as necessary.


You could make a Bush crime family diagram with these selections. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/--IWAT4q4mP0/VtZ29EGM08I/AAAAAAAAJUU/WwBwWPWRATQ/s1600/bush%2Bflow%2Bchart.jpg

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Capitalism has no social conscience hence the rise of the Mnuchin ilk.


Hey, just think how expansive Mnuchin’s influence will be in further occupying and building Israeli enclaves (high rise condos for the US billionaires visiting the “homeland”, perhaps). That is providing housing, after all.

Mnuchin = Balaam (Hebrew devil of avarice and greed)


What do regulations have to do with PUTTING FAMILIES OUT ON THE STREET who were lured into mortgage contracts under false pretenses by grasping, greedy, corrupt banksters that knowingly and unabashedly violated every regulation and code of ethics throughout their vile operations nationwide and then refused to renegotiate contracts with homeowners because their only intent in the first place was to foreclose and then “flip” the properties…Mnuchin and GS leading the pack of rat-bastards

When my sister died in 2006, her house passed to me and my brother. It was a good house in a suburb of Detroit. It needed some cleanup and repairs to make it salable, so we set up a plan for cleanup, paint-up, fix-up which wound up taking about two years before we could offer it for sale. When we started the project, the taxes on the house were based on a valuation of about 160K, so we felt any time spent on the project would give us a good return. In those two years, the mortgage crisis hit and we were unable to find even one buyer to look at the house when it was listed, at any price. We started having issues with scrappers stealing the aluminum storm doors off the house, so getting it sold became important since the house was totally vacant and our visits to the house for any reason were only a couple times per week. We finally managed to find someone to make an offer, but it was for less than what it was worth just 3 or 4 years before. We were dealing with a market that was destroyed by these mortgage bankers, and with people who wanted to take any value from the house by taking what they wanted, so we were forced into selling at a giveaway price. All the time we spent getting it salable, paying for taxes and insurance barely covered our expenses in the end.

Now along comes Trump’s nominee that helped cause these problems, what do we forsee for home ownership in the near future? Perhaps another Enron with a total collapse of the middle class?