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Treasury Secretary's Wife Provokes Outrage With Classist Tirade on Instagram


Treasury Secretary's Wife Provokes Outrage With Classist Tirade on Instagram

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Actress Louise Linton, the wife of President Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, came under fire Tuesday for bragging about her designer clothing, then posting classist remarks in response to criticism she received on the photo-sharing social network Instagram.


Well, maybe I’m poor, but I can still eat cake, is that right Marie, excuse me, Louise?


What class war? War war war And more war.


Louise, take your punk ass attitude and shove it up your rich ass.


I think I’m gonna throw up.:face_vomiting:


Forgive me everybody, but if anyone needed to be “bitch slapped” it’s that woman.


What an ignorant woman. She really believes the things she is saying. Sacrifice, my arse.

It is obvious how Mnuchin holds onto this woman – she has an unlimited bank account. She may have just blabbed him out of his position.

They’ve been married less than TWO months and she’s complaining about “her tax burden.” ahhh


Can someone explain the process to me how people actually become so insane as this. Really, how do people become so disassociated from reality? It truly is perplexing to say nothing of frightening when people believe the ultimate reality is all about designer material possessions. How about reality really being a sustainable ecosystem and less material possessions. This holier than thou insanity of consumption will lead to the extinction of us all.


Nothing makes me laugh more, than to hear these people talk about their sacrifices in “public service”.


Louise Linton is confirmation of the tried and true maxim, “Money may buy you entree into a class, but does not necessarily confer any upon you.”


Wealth in many cases leads to entitlement, and ugliness.

This woman is very ugly.


Would LOVE to hear what Steve-o-rino’s first wife’s response was to this trophy wife. Perhaps, unfortunately, any of her comments are silenced by a pre-nup.


I worked for a time at a really exclusive golf club, with strictly limited familial memberships and no movie stars or professional athletes allowed (Bechtels, Schwabs, were members). At any rate, the staff liked to do wedding receptions and other events because that’s where you could make money. Every event, I couldn’t believe the number of 25-yearish-old young women hanging on guys’ arms twice their age. Staff really got a laugh when the short, pudgy grandson of one of the owners of Infinity Motors showed up at a reception with a young blond in heels who was nearly twice his height. While I can’t say for certain, I suspect she wasn’t with him for good looks and/or a charming demeanor. It really is a different world in those realms.


They have remained isolated from US and been kept in association with “their own kind” from birth on through nannies, private schools, pricey universities and throughout their adult social life well removed from the “trash” of the rest of US.

Their whole life has been lived in a cocoon of wealth, privilege and the inherent ignorance.


Doctor Guillotine, Paging Doctor Guillotine…


How about a Mr T gold chain starter set to go with that outfit? Very hard to find ignorant carnival trash like that without multiple neck tattoo’s anymore. She picked up the insecure pretentious Trump vulgar ostentatious quickly though.


How nice it is to read the deep thinking of a trophy wife! I guess this blows the “populist” image of this administration.


My post just disappeared. CD what gives?


Try again?


Yes, perhaps they should go back to a time when the richsters paid over 90% after their first 75,000. I think they would need a fainting couch!