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Treasury Set for Wall Street Takeover as Mnuchin Poised for Confirmation


Treasury Set for Wall Street Takeover as Mnuchin Poised for Confirmation

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin, who is expected to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Monday, is reportedly looking to fill cabinet positions with Wall Street executives and Republican establishment figures.

Politico reports:


The GOP will pay dearly for this confirmation with the collapse of our economy due to banks, investment companies, and hedge funds amping up their malevolent, parasitic operations to extract the last pound of flesh out of every last human being victimized by their greed and avarice. Mnuchin epitomizes these piranhas and has destroyed tens of thousands of families' lives with his psychopathic pursuit of wealth and self-gratification watching them suffer. And, in lockstep with his emperor, he is a practiced prevaricator who no longer knows what truth, self-respect, and integrity are.

Guess in the minds of the flying monkeys that are the GOP in the Senate, bleeding people dry around the world (with Goldman Sachs and CIT leading the way) is okay with them.

A Shylock to beat Shakespeare's in so many horrific ways.




Gee, and after all these years of the People controlling the Treasury.


Good one. I guess the "people" were in charge when the Democrats were in power!!!:wink:


You could have written this in 2008 about Obama and the Democratic administration and it would have been just as true. Did you know that Citibank chose most of Obama's cabinet? Remember all those Goldmen Sachs guys that ran the bail-out for the actual collapse of the world economy?