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'Treat Trumpcare Like a Zombie': Activists Mobilize to #KilltheBill For Good


'Treat Trumpcare Like a Zombie': Activists Mobilize to #KilltheBill For Good

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following a long day of civil disobedience that saw hundreds gathered at the Capitol and at senate offices across the country demanding the death of Trumpcare, two Republican senators—Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas—announced Monday night that they would oppose the so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to admit defeat.


"McConnell—urged on by President Donald Trump—vowed to revive "in the coming days" a 2015 measure that would fully repeal Obamacare "with a two-year delay," ostensibly aimed at stabilizing insurance markets and providing time for Republicans to unite around a replacement plan."

Only a bunch of FOOLS would repeal Obamacare "with a two-year delay." Republicans must include Democrats on the revisions to the ACA, or it is doomed and Americans can be left without any coverage at all, all because of the stupid Republicans. But maybe all the Republicans ruunning for reelection in 2018 will be replaced with Democrats, and the Republicans can be brushed aside. McConnell needs to go first, though. He is a jerk.


Eight years of whining, complaining, and votes to do away with the ACA and no planning for replacement. Stupid waste of time effort and monies.


Nice to think that the people's opposition to this bill had something to do with the collapse. I suspect that the insurance lobby was putting the full court press on the republicans, as these brainless twits realized that no Obamacare meant single payer. Single payer is still coming but the moneyed interests are trying to slow this freight train down. Progressive need to go for the jugular and play hardball with republicans and corporate democrats that refuse to support single payer. Time to take these phonies out.


Spread this everywhere: Mr. Mueller, please hurry.


Yes, he's the zombie that needs to have his 'limbs trimmed'!:smirk:


None of them are smart enough or care enough to actually come up with a replacement-- they just wanted to prove they were retarded enough to do away with the ACA!


Be nice if McConnell and Ryan were trapped in this too! :hugs:


It's never been about 'replacement'. It's all about getting rid of anything that the "black, muslim, communist, Nigerian" president enacted. The fact he is also a Democrat is simply a plus for the Right. The R's threw in the 'replacement' part once they saw they could slash taxes for the wealthy in the process.


Whether it is "health care" or the "budget" the pattern is the same. First medicaid and now medicare while giving large tax cuts to the wealthy. Write it in the dark and pass it with GOP votes quickly before the public knows or can respond. Glad Putin helped Trump and also provided the pattern he used to make wealthy oligarchs and ignore the suffering of the sheeple while maintaining large domestic military to ignore the sheeple dying early. Thank you FOX, the Kochs, control of red states and the best lying propaganda money can buy.


Medicare For All Single Payer system is the ONLY thing that will lay this issue to rest permanently. Healthcare should be NOT FOR PROFIT!!!! Anything less (fighting to keep the for-profit ACA system) is a losing cause. That system already denies care to millions of people. And millions more see rising premiums and deductibles and co-pays.
We need universal healthcare, not health insurance.


Well stated. Gotta get there.


Replacing the GOPs with Dems is not enough. The will have to be progressive Democrats.
See: https://justicedemocrats.com/
and: http://www.democracyforamerica.com/


Actually the impetus for reviving the onerous 2015 plan, which was vetoed by Obama originated from the White House.
So there is another guy who will have to go, hopefully soon, but we will have the opportunity of at least undermining his power in 2018/19. It will take hard work though.


I have over the years come to a conclusion, that there is difference between being smart,
and being intelligent. Smart people under capitalism take advantage of others to make a buck, intelligent people know better.


The Republicans took the bill off the table until after the elections in November 2018. In 2019 the Senate and House will have some, probably not a lot, of different members.
Then, Trump, Rubio, Cruz or __________( pick one ) will run to Iowa and New Hampshire to offer another free market ( read huge profits, Wall St. shenanigans, discriminatry practises and bad insurance policies ) solution to their most ardent supporters.The True Believers ( who like gov't subsidies going only to the deserving people ) will jump up and down and shout, " Freedom! and Live Free or Die! ", until most people want to puke.
The " no free lunch " crowd on the right and moderate Democrats ( read private profits will not be touched ) will say, " let us work together to continue to try and do, what 37 countries gave up on decades ago ". We're exceptional, remember?
Yea, that's the ticket!


Replacing "Republicans" with "Democrats," as evolved (devolved?) is just exchanging Oilagarchy sock puppets.
* We the People need to learn to work together for the common good and find leaders who are also in favor of a Constitutional Republic instead of Oilagarchic Fascism and turn this nation back into a democracy, something neither the "R"s nor the "D"s want to see. That would cut into the graft and corruption they thrive on, financed by increasing the losses to We the People and further enriching the 0.001%.
* We can do it, if we get together and try!




Excellent article. Thank you.


I'd suggest that if you want to advocate for Medicare-for-All, you start by either relentlessly attacking the establishment wing of the D-party or coming up with tactics to totally go around them.

Because they're your biggest roadblock. Too spineless, too loyal to big health care donors, too complacent.