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Treaties, Trade Agreements and Government by the People


Treaties, Trade Agreements and Government by the People

David Morris

For much of our history, trade agreements were considered treaties. According to the Constitution they had to be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. The House does not participate in ratification of treaties (Article II, Section 2).

By the late 19th century Congress realized it was far too cumbersome to require a Congressional vote to change individual tariffs, so they delegated to the President the authority to use tariffs as a flexible tool in the exercise of foreign policy.


Thank you, David Morris for specifying the WE that generally is not counted into the policy calculus of those that traffic in the WE-frame while furthering, defining, pursuing, and establishing the primacy of THEIR (1%/plutocratic/corporatist) interests.

“We the people would like it to be as transparent and democratic as possible. Public opinion consistently favors trade but just as consistently solidly opposes fast track. We oppose the remarkable, indeed unprecedented secrecy in which the trade pact has been drafted and the inability of the average citizen, unlike giant corporations, to play a part in that drafting. We condemn the prohibition against changing the document in any way after submission.”

And bravo for this:

…" long overdue national conversation about the benefits and limitations of trade and the dangers of ceding sovereignty to a new international constitution whose goal is to limit democracy and expand corpocracy."


IATP is one of the indispensable organizations, with a strong commitment to genuine democracy and honoring the wisdom of the common people on the front lines of struggle. Thanks David Morris for this straightforward defense of popular sovereignty!