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Treating Gun Violence 'As the Epidemic That It Is,' Cory Booker Wins Praise for Sweeping Gun Control Plan

Treating Gun Violence 'As the Epidemic That It Is,' Cory Booker Wins Praise for Sweeping Gun Control Plan

Julia Conley, staff writer

National gun control groups and progressives offered praise on Monday for Sen. Cory Booker's proposal "to end the gun violence epidemic," with some advocates calling the plan the most ambitious of any gun control action plan offered by the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

The New Jersey Democrat detailed his plan in a Medium post, saying that meaningful gun control reform is a matter of making justice "a reality for all."

“The proposal also includes a national gun licensing program, under which all gun purchasers would be requires to undergo a federal background check and fingerprinting, an interview, and a gun safety course”

Will that mean that people with concealed carry licenses from TX will be able to carry in CA? Cuz right now we have patchwork of laws all over the place.

Booker is generic corporate democrat who at the moment only has one agenda, which is the same for every faux progressive running under brand D.
They are intent on siphon enough “progressive” votes off of Bernie and Tulsi to ensure that nothing is decided on the first ballot, thereby allowing the electoral college to once again rig the election in favor of wall streets chosen.
Not that the vote rigging machines suddenly stopped being 100% unreliable, but running everyone and their grandmother helps give the appearance of an undecided election.
This election will be last time you hear Booker speak out against the NRA’s interests, unless he is allowed to use it as campaign rhetoric during the next election circus.



Children in the USA are exponentially more likely to be killed by Motor vehicle accidents and than guns over other Countries. The number is not insignificant as when compared to the United Kingdon just as example a Child in the USA is 1000! times more likely to die to a gun.

Sticking guns in purses or in Glove Compartments or keeping them under a pillow is NOT a good idea.

Let’s see now, the “Brady” organization has been around under numerous name changes since 1974.

In that time, who has gained the clear upper hand on gun issues, them or the NRA? And which organization didn’t even get a mention in this article even as they’re embroiled in internal infighting over corruption and mismanaged finances?

I’ll take the d-party seriously when they grow a spine big enough to stand up to the gun lobby. I’m not holding my breath.

“Hands up.” Do as you will to me, my family, and my property is better? Well, to each his own.
When the cops way out gun the public we should be concerned as well as the opposite.

That a poor rebuttal. Can you detail to me how you are freer as a people from those same Police in the USA then are the peoples in the Countries listed in the article such as Austria, Sweden and the like. You have more guns then people in the USA and your cops gun down over 1000 persons a year.

Again how is a homicide rate 20 times higher then a place like Iceland a sign that you are better protected from the police and your neighbors? The second highest cause of death of CHILDREN in the USA is by gun. Are you saying it more important to protect your property and IF guns indeed there to protect your children then why are more Children dying in the USA on a per capita basis then in the United Kingdom?

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CORRECTOIN: the Brady org. was started AFTER REAGAN was SHOT by John Hinkley (in early 1980s) The founder was one of Reagan’s Cabinet members (named Brady–don’t remember his position) who ahd ALSO been shot & disabled for life.

In case nobody noticed, Cory Booker also swore his undying fealty to the Zionist World Order and the cult for which it stands. His “moving” speech to AIPAC sounded like he wants to be Governor of the Talmudic-Zionist Colony of Amerika.

His position was press secretary.

And the Brady Campaign was founded in 1974 as the National Council to Control Handguns (NCCH). It changed its name a few times over years, including after James Brady became a leading spokesperson.