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Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: The Road There and the Road Ahead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/treaty-prohibition-nuclear-weapons-road-there-and-road-ahead

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The Peace sign is formed by the juxtaposition of the semaphore flag signs of “N” and “D” for “Nuclear” “Disarmament”. A great hope.

The US will not give up its nuclear arsenal as it is a business enterprise in addition to a “security” measure. There are so many fingers in the pie of reprocessing whatever fissile components of uranium and plutonium that lobbying forces would stop disarmament dead in in its tracks. Keeping the arsenal up-to-date is big business. Didn’t Obama promise something like one trillion dollars over a decade for this purpose. As much as I would like to see them go, and I have been down into a launch complex module at Whiteman AFB (back in the 70s) and peered down into a silo at a Minuteman II missile, they are here to stay. In the 80s, I spent four years working with the Department of Energy. Let’s not even talk about thermonuclear weapons. Sorry to be a bummer on this one, but my time with the nuker-kookers says that they are here to stay. The best we can hope for is that MAD (mutually assured destruction) works as a deterrent. Peace.

I believe that the world can get rid of nuclear weapons but only if Americans were able to create a functioning democracy. Because only corporate America calls the shots, average Americans have literally no power at all to prevent the spread of WMDs. The United States, as a result of being a corpocracy, is the largest purveyor of death and destruction on the planet. A handful of special interest groups ranging from Big Oil to the MIC have conspired successfully for generations to undermine the will of the people for the sake of profits and power. To make matters worse, these same special interest groups have successfully co-opted the MSM as well, filling the heads of Americans with false narratives, scare tactics and fake boogeymen. The media, wholly dependant on the donor class to exist, have been complicit in the campaign of misinformation for so long, that a majority of Americans buy into the myth that the ‘security’ of the U.S. is threatened by the nonsense that nuclear weapons are “good for peace”. As long as Democrats and Republicans keep getting elected to office, the charade will go on uninteruptted.


No other nuclear power has signed the treaty, and none of them will. Why single out the US for condemnation?

Emails to Senators??? Might just take a bit more than that… US nukes are not public policy, they are a huge BFD for the US nuclear priesthood to bully the world…and an obscene cost center for our death profiteers. Not just going to go away voluntarily. TPNW is a threat to our Dr. Strangeloves, their status, power and money. They will fight to the last tooth and nail to hang onto it all, EVEN IF IT RESULTS IN THE END OF THE WORLD. Criminal insanity is a real bugger…can’t make nice with it.

If you don’t know why the US is at the heart of the problem…I don’t know what to tell you.

If you don’t realize that no country with nuclear weapons is going to surrender them… I don’t know what to tell you.

South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhastan all had nuclear weapons in the past and gave them up.

The nuclear weapons on Ukranian, Belarus and Kazak soil were under control of the Soviet army, not the new nations. South Africa gave them up after a revolution. I will amend the statement - no government that has developed nuclear weapons has ever given them up.

I don’t see the English, French, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis or (hush hush…) Israelis signing on to the treaty.

Either do I.

note: since the South African Apartheid government gave up their nuclear weapons as part of the negotiations with the ANC before Mandela won the election - it was technically the same government that developed the weapons that gave them up.

“For those who’ve been part of the anti-nuclear movement, this moment in history is filled with possibilities. When the world’s peoples see the need to mobilize and put a sense of urgency behind the need to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons, this is like a ‘now or never’ moment.”

I personally never attended an anti-nuclear power rally.
I go to rally and marches not to protest but to propose instead any better thing to do.

1980’s energy conservation efforts reduced demand enough to kill Warshington State “Wwpps” (pronounced whoops) proposal to build “4” nuclear power plants and decommission “Trojan”. Homes today are cleaner, more comfortable, healthier, more sturdily built to last and more energy efficient. Don’t get me started on your stupid self-driving car truck Amazon
futuramic dystopia nonsense.

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