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'Tremendous Victory for the People': Federal Judge Rules Trump's Anti-Worker Order Unconstitutional

'Tremendous Victory for the People': Federal Judge Rules Trump's Anti-Worker Order Unconstitutional

Jon Queally, staff writer

A federal judge's ruling late Friday has given public sector unions a major victory—and offered a firm rebuke to President Donald Trump's anti-worker agenda—by declaring unconstitutional administration rules that sought to make it easier to fire government employees and undermine their right to bargain collectively.

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A fantastic Middle Finger to Trump by a Federal judge.

There is hope folks.


Until we overthrow this system of exploitation of lives and environment every worker needs a union. Solidarity!


When workers stand together everybody wins…except the corrupt obscenely overpaid bosses, and in this case a flaming orange criminal who thinks he is above the law…

In a case like this with a pathological prez like this, he may appeal to the supreme’s…making the defeat of trumps stealth nominee, Kavanaugh, an even more critical fight to defeat him…a fight that all the 99% should join, regardless of party… there is too much at stake in a very young person who will be a scotus justice for about 50 freakin years, and that is flat wrong!..the only ones who want him confirmed beside the criminal fake prez are the R’Cons, corrupt greedy corporations, fossil-fuel conglomerate, environmental rapists, “religious”.extremist nutters & “pro-lifers”, neo-nazi white supremacists, “conservatives” and other right-wingers of various malignant persuasions and pathology’s…

But bravo to all the worker activists and Judge Jackson!


The republicans are pushing through new judges at a record pace. If democrats don’t soon get control of Congress, things like this decision will be quaint and long-gone history.

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Where’s the link to the actual ruling? All the link in the article does is link to Reuters. I want my articles to link to the source and not simply to another secondary report. I couldn’t find the ruling, itself.

OTOH, in searching for that ruling, I ran into a recent and important decision on coal residual disposals and the EPA, that basically handed the coal companies their heads on a platter.

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Link please!

Is there a possible chance this can go to the supreme court? Because there, they just ruled against unions. So if this is appealed, it’s not going to stand once brett is put into place. And there is no way to stop him or other judges from being appointed. The senate is safe for the republicans for at least this election.

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Utility Solid Waste Activities v. Environmental Protection Agency
Date: August 21, 2018
Docket Number: 15-1219

Just to note, the judge was an Obama appointee. How will a similar case fair in front of a Trump appointee? An important consideration for November for those living in a state with a competitive Senate race. The difference between a hardline anti-labor Justice and one that’s not is likely going to be Senate control in 2019.

I make the same point above. It’s a consideration for those that live in states with competitive Senate elections, like Florida for example.