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Tribes Across North America Unite in 'Wall of Opposition' to Alberta Tar Sands


Tribes Across North America Unite in 'Wall of Opposition' to Alberta Tar Sands

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a historic show of unity, more than 50 First Nations across North America on Thursday signed a new treaty alliance against the expansion of tar sands mining and infrastructure in their territory.


Treaty Alliance with unprecedented Unity

Sounds like the roadmap we all should use

Outside the status quo power structures

There is the unprecedented untity of those who rebel against victimization


P S Thankyou for Standing
Time to join this Treaty


As far as I know the Jay treaty has never been rescinded and still a law of the land. I just wonder if it can be reinvigorated here and used by our respective First Nations peoples.

Under the provisions of the Jay treaty the US and The British Empire agreed that First nations peoples living on either side of the border would be able to freely cross that border without restriction.


Treaties with Native Americans and First Nations peoples over the years have proven to not even be worth the paper on which they were written. The oil/energy/mining companies have replaced the cavalry, the missionaries and other unscrupulous "traders" with their smallpox-laden blankets, skullduggery, and two-faced "negotiations" with the Native people. The difference now is that more people, the environment, and all life are victimized by their (corporate and governmental) treachery...all for the sake of making money with total disregard for the disastrous, long-term, irrevocable, irreparable consequences.

Jennings in his book "Invasion of America": The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest by Francis Jennings... addresses the brutality, murder, usurpation of lands, decimation of wildlife, etc. perpetrated during the "colonization" cum "conquest" of who the settlers, et alia considered "savages." And just how far have we come in 150 years?



Well instead of lynching people of color these days the cops now shoot them dead with guns.
But the oligarchy is still stealing everything that isn't nailed down from them.


Thank you First Nations--I am moved beyond words.


The Fucking pipelines of Kinder-Morgan, Northern Gateway, etc. that they want to travel through EDEN! BRITISH COLUMBIA , So Beautiful, EDEN!


Also through the Lake Superior watershed, northern and southern. Craziness.


THANK YOU! The indigenous people of North America are our last and best hope to save the planet.


Keeping Hope Alive, also, Shantianada your wisdom is most loved, Thank-You!


Thanks again for updates, worthy of awards for outstanding journalism. The tribes across Nth America have my highest respect.

I'm deeply concerned about many atrocities, catastrophes that have occurred, and further threats must end now. Plutocrats and duopoly (dem/reub parties) have for many decades caused great harm to the environment and life. This absurdity and corruption must stop. If the environment is destroyed, life is destroyed.

The most expedited and entirely effective solution is to vote for Jill Stein. If enough Americans vote for the Greens then off course they can win, of course they have the means to effectively lead the U.S. The core ideology of the Green Party is utmost respect for all of life and the environment.


Thank you, First Nations, for uniting against these very powerful, destructive, forces.

Please also support the indigenous peoples of Central America, in particular Honduras, in their valiant efforts to preserve their lands and way of life. They are struggling against very powerful forces, US-backed corrupt government and multinational corporations.

Could First Nations make public statements in support of their struggles? Right now First Nations has a lot of media attention and could make the public aware of this terrible destruction the tribes of Honduras are facing. Also First Nations can speak up in favor of the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act which is languishing in our Congress. This bill can greatly aid the Hondurans, and it is something positive US congress can do to help indigenous peoples of Honduras, and also to alleviate the flight of refugees from Central America to the US.


Thank you for your very kind reply.


I believe the U.S. Honors the J Treaty, however I believe that Canada does not.