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Trickle Down Devastation: A Single Mom Responds to Trump’s Tax Plan


Trickle Down Devastation: A Single Mom Responds to Trump’s Tax Plan

Alison Stine

You’re not a single mother. You have a spouse or a partner. You don’t have kids, or if you do, you’re raising them in a two-parent, two-income household. I’m happy for you — and a little envious. I don’t have that life. I have a 5-year-old I’m raising alone in Appalachia.


Creative article.

I was the single parent of three. I can testify to how difficult it was--and without child support too. Did I feel "punished" at times? Yes. Sadly, society has a tendency to push what it doesn't like or cannot bear, into the background; to forget that there are those who are suffering, right next door. We get "blamed" for our condition...which of course, encourages us to remain unseen and unheard.

Perhaps it's a fantasy--to hope for an equitable system one day? But that is what we need. My three are grown now, with kids of their own. They all turned out beautifully...which I take a lot of credit for, as we were very close knit. We had cheap food, but we ate meals together--even had company some of the time, despite the meager portions.

I never got a tax break back then, but what I did get was a free education (PELL Grant, IL State Scholarship). But even that is denied now. Many in this nation are forgetting Mercy...foremost of those being our alleged President.


Well, the proposed standard deduction will double...so I think it will come out a bit ahead for you in the end.


The only ones coming out ahead in the end of this proposed plan, are the extremely wealthy and corporations.


The author has eloquently and succinctly illustrated how WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and what we do reverberates throughout the fabric of society. It takes a caring, compassionate, conscientious collective mindset to address and solve all problems and overcome all obstacles encountered by us along the way.

I, too am a single parent who, at one time, worked two jobs, went to college, and cared for my toddler boy who has turned out to be a fine young man. (My son was three when his father died in an auto accident.) Everyday was a struggle and painful so my heart goes out to our nation's most vulnerable.

May the monster occupying the WH and his reprobate handlers experience all the collective pain they have caused over the last 100 days and be expelled within the next 100 days.


Forgetting Mercy, in a Nation overstuffed with Churches.

Bertrand Russell nailed it years ago, "Moralists love Religion, as it allows them to be Cruel with a Clear Conscience."


Not really a doubling.....more like a 10% increase since the personal exemption is eliminated.

Not enough details on the Trump plan but the House Republican plan (the Ryan plan) eliminates the $4,050 personal exemption (but keeps it for dependents).

The writer currently starts paying taxes on the amount above the first $14,400 earned (deducts $6,300 for the standard deduction, deducts $4,050 as her personal exemption and deducts another $4,050 as an exemption for her dependent child).

Under the house plan she starts paying taxes on the first $16,050 earned (deducts $12,000 for the new standard deduction but only $4,050 as a dependent exemption for her child.....no $4,050 deduction for herself).

To make matters worse, if she earns $19,625 gross (the break point) she pays 12% on $3,575 ($19,625 minus $16,050) under the Ryan plan versus 10% on $5,225 ($19,625 minus $14,400) currently..........i.e. she only saves $93 in taxes under the Ryan plan and that's assuming she doesn't have other deductions like student loan interest that don't fall under "itemized deductions" (the alternative to the standard deduction) which would be eliminated under the Ryan plan.



Bertrand Russell sure did nailed it! You are absolutely 110% exactly correct with your comment, post, and quote Howling Coyote!