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Trickle Down Election Economics: How Big Money Can Affect Small Races


Trickle Down Election Economics: How Big Money Can Affect Small Races

Sarah Jaffe

At a press event in Kingston, New York, a Hudson Valley community about 90 miles north of Manhattan, the local Democratic congressional candidate, Zephyr Teachout, earlier this month called for a debate. But not with her Republican opponent, John Faso.

Instead she issued the challenge to two high-rolling hedge fund bosses who back him.


“…Zephyr Teachout called for a debate …not with her…,.opponent, (instead with) two High Rolling Hedge Fund Bosses who back him.”



Having taken over most tangible resources, today’s robber-barons assuming the form of Hedge Funds (along with their billionaire buddies) now take direct aim at The Commons with Public Schools being one of their key targets. They are mining this public asset and since they own (or have friends in) the mainstream media, they can LIE about all the supposed advantages and benefits to Charter Schools.

This satire illuminates some of the very real (and unreported or under-reported) facets of Charter Schools:


Representative government is inherently corrupt

Direct democracy


There is no government. Just crooks feasting on the carcass of the republic.

Those still buying into the establishment have rocks in their heads. The election system is rotten to the core. Americans have a president obsessed with killing people around the world. The nation is mired in a propaganda system that is drowning honest information. The farcical dog and pony primary show is evidence that citizens are no longer members of the ruling elite’s plantation society.

We are perched on another economic disaster that will cast even more Americans into destitution. The police state grows and the reckless, trigger happy authoritarians continue to murder the innocents. America is now a lawless country.