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Trident Is the Crime

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/26/trident-crime


The underlying problem with the United States of America is that while other Countries on this Globe have Nuclear weapons , the United States of America has demonstrated it the only country that would resort to using them.

The Pentagon still has Generals that speak of “winnable nuclear wars” something I have not heard coming out of China or Russia.

Now this does not mean these weapons should not exist in any Countries arsenal of weapons. It means that no Country on this globe that has them would give them up as long as the USA has them.


Also, we have a commander-in-chief who withdrew our country from the INF treaty and the START negotiation is stalled because of US military action. Russia won’t negotiate while the US is involved in many conflicts because Russia does not want to reward bad behavior.

As irrational as it might seem, Truman decided to drop the atomic bombs to spare US lives and kill Japanese citizens exchanging short-term safety for long-term danger. While many people can see the insanity underlying the nuclear stand-off, the leaders of nuclear nations are cornered by these horrible weapons. They fear both having them and not having them. I have little faith that Truman’s conundrum won’t someday confront another leader of a nuclear nation who will logically reach the same irrational conclusion.

I admire the people who sacrifice their lives trying to save humanity from nuclear war.


A nation’s superiority, militarily speaking, is not determined by whether or not they have a nuclear arsenal, it’s determined by the intelligence of it’s commanders.

Any commander worth his salt knows that the use of nuclear weapons is the beginning of the end of humanity, as we know it.


Here is hope and change: Obama devoted a trillion dollars to “upgrade” the US nuclear weapons stockpile. Think of this when someone says, “Where will we get the money for universal health care?” It could be a republican or even a liberal democrat who poses this question.

Ironically, banning the bombs, saves all life on the planet. The protestors should be freed, because they are for saving the world—Sadly the U.S. Military does not agree.
I have no idea why these courts believe in their," more perfect union," if nukes would end it. It is more worrisome that the jury did not hear all the evidence. A troubling problem in current day America.


If Trident is the crime, then wouldn´t all who pay for it be accomplices? And how many others are just silent, and so willing-enough, slaves?

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Hi Ol’ Hoss,
**I fear those are the ones who suddenly find themselves retired, or commanding a remote outpost counting penguins in Antarctica.
**Oi think we’re fooked!