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Trillions Spent on Violence as World Continues Downwards Spiral Away From Peace


Trillions Spent on Violence as World Continues Downwards Spiral Away From Peace

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The global spiral downwards towards less peace continues, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) finds.

The findings are laid out in the think tank's latest Global Peace Index (GPI), now in its 10th edition, released Wednesday. It ranks 163 states and territories based on 23 indicators covering domestic and international conflict, societal safety and security, and a country's militarization.


Us humans have trouble seeing the bigger picture. We are on this tiny planet together but we insist on creating imaginary borders to separate each other instead of uniting, fighting each other instead of loving, focussing on minor differences instead of knowing we are all alike. There is only one way to live and strive on this planet and that is to be a peaceful, enlightened species. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, but one day, one can hope. Maybe an asteroid sent our way could be a way for the Universe to humble us, if not start over with another species. It's been done many times before.


I was just thinking about that today. Mr Nobel Peace Prize man. Spent a trillion dollars on Nuclear weapons upgrades. And I wonder how many hungry children, schools, and public works projects. ThisTrillion dollars would buy or help people in need. The military industrial complex have stolen the life blood out of this country. And we won't get it back if Hellary or Trump are elected.


The "aesthetics" of US society have been transformed by the Bernaysian manipulations into intravenous feeds of consumeristic addiction.

Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping is, in my opinion, a grossly underrated phenomenon. Can you imagine the potential transformation ?

The psychic disconnect constantly reinforced by enforcing compulsive marketing does not stop in personal consumption. There is no 'fire wall' between the delusion of buying love and extrapolation into broader areas of life.

For this reason I link to the documentary "What would Jesus Buy?" about the insight Rev. Billy is documenting and has been demonstrably igniting.


A worldwide petition that all could sign might let our countries know that what we sincerely wish for is peace.
Please visit the Golden Rule Project website and take a look at our petition. If something like this became worldwide it would give power to what we all are sincerely working for.


My Reverend too!


I wonder what species inhabits lands like Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and other countries inhabited by sentient beings who take care of each other, and live in peace with others.

I wonder what species? Aliens?


They're the same human as us, living day by day feeding the corporate machine which sees no soul. Maybe they're a bit nicer to each other, good on them. I'm not doubting there are good people, but our race as a whole is getting worse, as the article shows.


Overpopulation, resource depletion, pollution and species extinction in all species gives rise to natural population controls like famine, disease, drought, conflict and more.

If natural controls apply to humans, how can there be peace when the overpopulation problem is not addressed non-violently?

Is it to late to fix the problem without violence?


If Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get to be President, the US will add to the violence through an emphasis on a militaristic approach to handling foreign affairs, an over-bloated military budget, drone murder, crowd killing, sociopathic Special Operations massacres, and the continuation of the Guantanamo Bay detention/torture center.


Some of the analysis I have read, regarding the reporting you refer to, is since those countries have a much more gender equal society, then reporting of such incidents, particularly of violence in the home against women is much greater i.e., women in those societies are much more confident that their reports of violence will be met with assistance.

The fact remains, that in general those societies are much more peaceful than the US and that is a result of societies that have basic security of food, shelter, and medical care. Also, as of course you know Andrew, those countries aren't entirely ruled by corporate governance. The governance not controlled by corporations serves the common good.

It's not a species problem.


If overpopulation can only be addressed violently, those other factors, resource depletion, pollution, species extinction can all be dealt with without violence. $13.7 trillion spent on violence compared to $15 billion on peacekeeping in 2015. You have to believe if that $13.7 trillion was spent on figuring out our survival wihout violence that would lead us to succeed in such an endeavour. We are highly intelligent and have every mean to live peacefully.


Damn. I suggest that you take off all of your clothes and go run naked in the wilderness so you can actually criticize human beings feeding the corporate machine, because so are you. A common reality.

So much for your species damning pedestal.


Yup, Operation Anaconda is scary stuff and Hillary will continue for the Transnational Corporate Class...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8VP0vb9mP0


Actually, overpopulation is said to be the mother of those other factors.

Positive thinking is often offered today, but healthy skepticism also has a role. Robinson Jeffers of "Not Man Apart" said:

"Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide."

"He is no God of love, no justice of a little city like
Dante's Florence, no anthropoid God
Making commandments: this is the God who does not
care and will never cease."

"The great explosion is probably only a metaphor — I know
not — of faceless violence, the root of all things."



I have to look askance at an analysis that highlights the symptoms, while ignoring the primary causes

Namely, greed and lust for power, to list the literally bleeding obvious.


Shoot, I would run wild like a psychedelic chicken, only if I could :wink:
But I'm only human, criticizing other humans for being horrible to our planet and all its inhabitants. I guess that's our way of doing things.


I blame the big bang.


The point is Andrew, for the most part people living in those countries benefit from a very different organization of government that largely benefits the vast majority of people living in that system i.e., the Nordic Economic Model.

The same species managed to come up with, and maintain a much better way of life.


I don't think you are that dense. Don't take that as a compliment.