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Tripling Its Collection, NSA Sucked Up Over 530 Million US Phone Records in 2017


Tripling Its Collection, NSA Sucked Up Over 530 Million US Phone Records in 2017

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The National Security Agency (NSA) collected over 530 million phone records of Americans in 2017—that's three times the amount the spy agency sucked up in 2016.

The figures were released Friday in an annual report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).


As long as the Duopoly exists, We will have no privacy and the “No Such Agency” will invade America in new and improved ways.


Population control…it used to be religions that provided control, then laws took their turn…since neither one do the job any more it is the “net-web” that takes their place. How else are you going to keep them down on the farm?


BIG Brother is always watching and listening and saving. The comment you made to a friend in 2003 about the illegality of the war could be dredged up in 2018 or '19 to be used to put you on a list of “disaffected citizens to be watched,” et cetera. Photos of an event, taken on your cellphone, could be used.
*Remember, our Constitution (RIP) maintained that you were innocent until proven guilty beyond doubt.
*In Nazi and Fascist regimes, you are guilty as charged unless your innocence can be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and even that may not be accepted if the government wants you out of the way badly enough.
*Break out your copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, and figure out which direction this nation is devolving. If you have the patience to wade through the illegal, misnamed and unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT and its many additions, that will help you to recognize the direction.
The House and Senate take the following oath at the beginning of each session, and when first assuming their post.
"I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
The POTUS takes a simpler oath: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
*All of these people are to be the Representatives of We the People, who are identified as those who wrote and worked on the creation of the Constitution, and who would be governed by it.
*The framers of the Constitution thought that the “checks and balances” they put in it would prevent the government being taken over and turned into a dictatorship. It was probably beyond their imagination that the wealthy would be able to buy all three branches of the government, which would then just be agents of the wealthy, to increase their wealth at the expense of We the People for whom it was written.
*Way past time for a regime change back to an actual representative government, folks, but time is short.


quit worrying about Zuck, he works for them anyhow . .


Because him and his ilk are feeding the alphabet agencies with our information, that’s why.


It’s interesting that foreign interests makes up only 20% of NSA’s work. Proving without a doubt they have stepped far outside their charter, and we are nothing but a police state.


It is not foreign enemies that worry me, but it is the fascists and domestic enemies that have me concerned. That is whom the American people need protection from now.


That’s why I put domestic in bold.


And meanwhile; terrorism expands, the Earth and its Oceans warm, inequality increases, wars rage on. But hey, they’re keeping us “safe”, right? Right?

Whatever their plan is…it sure isn’t “security”, at least not for most of us.


As Claudia from Cabin Talk says, why are they so afraid of us?


I’m pretty sure the plan is they know they’ve destroyed the planet and they’re going to hold us back as they take the last of the resources to survive, themselves.


But to the fascists and xenohobes, progressives are the domestic ememies. Since the facscists have political power now, they have the power of the state and its police, espionage agencies, and military to use against us.


The Neocons with their drive for total control want to put all of us open airr cage and use us for live target practice, as they have done to the people of Gaza.


With global warming their goal, if achieved, will be very short lasting. What socipathic 5th columnists.


Yes. Just like in the past, Native Americans were the domestic enemies; then innocent Japanese/ American citizens were incarcerated in internment camps; then they demonized communists; then Muslims became the “bad guys”.


Although it has never been proven, some food for thought along with the links at the bottom o’ the article…

So, so many things to ponder regarding that seminal September day.


Thanks again for these words to live by Minitrue.

I lost “my” Big Brother" in 1990 to an accident in his backyard. That, nearly crushed me.

Big Brother may be watching everyone in this country, thanks to the support of the masses who mindlessly vote the Duopoly candidates in each and every election.

So be it.

The fear they sell may be real, but this guy’s not buying it.


Mini – Sadly, what we are taught in school and what Our Founders actually did are quite different things…

Our Founders – while proclaiming “All are Equal” actually created an Elite Patriarchy, endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources. (In other words, they PRIVATIZED our government.)

Beyond the violence of the invaders, Columbus considered it his highest goal to spread Christianity on this land …

Our Founders saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites/wealthy which guaranteed the Civil War.
This further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today.

Our Founders also continued the GENOCIDE against the Native American here and called upon religion/Christianity to assist in that genocide by the establishment of “Church Schools” where the children of the natives were sent – kidnapped – and forced to Western-style clothing, hair cuts and denied the use of their own languages or to see their parents. The children were beaten and abused in many ways, including sexually – and murdered.

Papal Edicts to “enslave or kill” were used here in violence against both the native people and Africans enslaved here. Natives were labeled “pagans – only fit to be fed to the dogs.” The violence used against both the native people and Africans were reminiscent of the violence carried out by the RCC in the Crusades and Inquisition and Burnings at the Stake which soaked the soil of Europe with blood for so long.

From the first days of this nation, violence has ruled and it continues to rule here.


Perhaps a new episode for “Hoarders”?