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Tripwires for the Trumpsters


Tripwires for the Trumpsters

Ralph Nader

The Trumpsters are coming to town—led by a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king and major tax escapee—and they are hell bent on unmaking Washington, D.C.

With all three branches of government dominated by Republican members of Congress and Republican appointees—due to a mixture of abysmal deficiencies in the Democratic Party and the interloping luck of the atavistic Electoral College—the wrecking crew of Trump’s nominees to high cabinet and other positions brings with it a host of politically perilous baggage.


"With all three branches of government dominated by Republican members of Congress and Republican appointees—due to a mixture of abysmal deficiencies in the Democratic Party and the interloping luck of the atavistic Electoral College—the wrecking crew of Trump’s nominees to high cabinet and other positions brings with it a host of politically perilous baggage."

For those seeking a thorough explanation of how this will play out, I suggest reading Thomas Frank's The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule (2008). It is very illuminating and disturbingly accurate.


As always Ralph Nader tells it like it is - this time the truth is disastrous and a clear and present danger to our free republic.

The Dem Clinton/Obama DNC elite camp bears most of the responsibility for the rise and coming rule of the trump regime and a new Dem party leadership of the "Sanders Wing" (not those responsible, they must relinquish power and influence!), for lack of a better term, must step-up to fight and stop the worst of the orange psychopath! That will take strong leadership/people and Pelosi for one is NOT up to the task, IMO. She is a representative of why we find ourselves neck-deep in trumps shite! Neck-deep in why so many did not vote for the "lesser evil" - Pelosi must go!
A new aggressive and courageous leadership that will fight R'Con with any and all means must replace the rubbish timid DINO MO of seeking "compromise" (read capitulation) from their knees!


Once again Nader makes a bid for "enlightened billionaires" to save us. Don't hold your breath.


Gloomy, but likely an accurate picture painted by Nader. Very much to his credit, too, he does not make the usual call to shore up the Democratic party as a way to fight Trump. He recognizes that the Democratic party played a hand in creating Trump. His call, instead, to push leaders from both parties to stand up to Trump and calling on "enlightened" billionaires to also make a stand is still going to be a challenge, and, yes, probably a long shot, but still better odds than trying to reform the Democratic party. After all, Trump does have his share enemies in his own Republican party.


It is hard to know how the public will react. We have seen the public blame the Republicans for government shutdowns in the past. Any time government services are stopped people suddenly realize what the government does and want their services restored. One thing I would be concerned about is Trump starting wars to distract people from his domestic agenda. Getting as much foreign conflict going as he can would make the media focus on lands far away which would help Trump dismantle the federal government. Certainly conflict with China seems a high priority for him. I would guess conflict with Iran will also come into play. It seems almost certain that he will be able to ignite fighting between Israel and the Palestinians and maybe also between Israel and Iran if can end the nuclear deal. Of course there is also Syria and ISIS. The next four years could be awful for people on the left. The George W. Bush presidency was hard to take. This could be even much worse.


But Mr. Nader, you forget. While Democrats couldn't get away with those dangers you warn about, almost all of them are Okay If You're a Republican!


I like Nader, but in my opinion, if Ralph thinks "enlightened billionaires" are going to save us from a Trump Administration, then he is sadly mistaken!


I entered college in 1970, became an immediate fan of Ralph and his cohorts at Public Citizen (still a member) and even voted for him in the notorious 2000 race. But this "enlightened billionaire" stuff makes me wonder about his continuing ability to think critically. After all, if you possess the degree of enlightenment necessary do you ever become a billionaire in the first place? Still love ya, Ralph.


While the "enlightened billionaires" may have some credibility with policy makers. It is up to everyone to search the facts, the conflicts of interest, and to promote the solutions that come from the many possible disasters Nader wrote about. Enlightened consumers, myth busters. and defenders of reviewed science need to be heard.


I think there are enlightened billionaires such as Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Based on the recent election I would say there are a lot more people than billionaires who are not enlightened. If fact, the result could be interpreted as a referendum against The Enlightenment, at least according to the way the electoral college works.


Your job just never ends, you served us well over the last 60 years and appreciate all you do.

I guess we will have to get sue happy!


Agree completely and Chuckie banksters Schumer most go also.


No leader. All leaders.

Online Direct Democracy


I believe he even wrote a book with that theme in the last few years


"One major terror attack on the U.S. and Trump becomes a warring, civil-liberties destroying monster of over-reaction,"

This is what I am scared of. ISIL knows this and will use it to further their aims. This also makes me a little scared to post here. I can see an internet crack down and imprisonment of dissidents. I hope our constitution can survive Trump.


The balance between the social state and the punishing state, where the social state has been decimated creates the question, how is finance capital, the 1 percent now govern? Fear and a punishing that has moved from the prison to almost every institution in society, from airports to schools to social services. Fear has now becomes an enormous organizing principle of society.

Now that we have as president a captain of finance capital how the financial 1% govern will be soon known.


Nader has previously dreamt of "enlightened billionaires" stepping up to save the world so it is not surprise he is looking for the same bizarre "deus ex machina" to save us from Trumpism. They are the problem, Ralph, not the solution, and even the least malignant of them have a lot more in common with Trump than with working people. The people's demand for democracy, and then more democracy, is the only answer to tyranny.


Rather ironic that we see a picture here of someone holding a sign reading: "Yes to human needs." We're 20 years into one hell of a war on the poor, brought to fruition by the Clinton Democrats, during which liberal media have called on us to Stand in Solidarity with the middle class (most recently revised to "working class").

Not everyone is able to work, and we don't have jobs for all. The US shipped out/shut down a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). Well, what do you think happens to those who are left out?


It is actually fear that has given so much power to the war on our poor. We see a time of scarcity. There aren't jobs for all. We need to believe that those who are thrown into deep poverty are something other than "regular Americans." Otherwise, we have to face the reality that the "masses" are now teetering on a tightrope with no safety net below, potentially one job loss, one economic downturn, from losing everything.

We must tell ourselves that American poverty is something that happens to "those other people," not us.