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'Triumph for Our Climate': Judge Blocks Fracking on 300,000 Acres of Public Land


'Triumph for Our Climate': Judge Blocks Fracking on 300,000 Acres of Public Land

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A federal judge Tuesday temporarily blocked drilling on over 300,000 acres in Wyoming, ruling the Interior Department illegally failed to consider the climate impact of leasing public land to oil and gas developers.

"With the science mounting that we need to aggressively rein in greenhouse gases, this ruling is monumental."
—Kyle Tisdel, Western Environmental Law Center



Great news, but do not forget the caveat; TEMPORARY!



Temporary—meaning until the case works its way up to a court run by one of those Federalist Society gangsters the right wingnuts have been stacking our judiciary with.

That being said, good news—however ephemeral it may turn out to be—is always welcome.



Let me guess? Not a Trump appointment.



It landed in the wrong hen house. Wait till it gets up to the one where the foxes are looking out for the hens. In that case - we the people - are the hens.



300,000 acres is slightly less than Area 51 in Nevada which, looking at a map, is a speck of land compared to the entire size of the US. But hope springs eternal…



Not nearly enough to make one bit of difference. We must do better than this, but not counting on it. The Cyclone that hit Zimbabwe was no doubt Climate Change related. Stronger winds and heavier rains due to the warming oceans are the cause. Expect stronger storms everywhere…,



A brief celebration followed by acknowledgement that the hierarchy of court systems, undemocratically formulated, will process this ruling according to unaccountable ‘legal’ constructs that invalidate the right of the people to be free from corporate rule and its devastations.
As this is forbidden as the necessary consideration, and strictly banned from legal consideration, both undermine claims to rule of law as a legitimate authority.



Are you spelling out the Terms for Corruption?

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Temporary good news. I’ll Take it

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Plus there is a bit of pushback against powerful AIPAC, and a reasonable independent video on Jews settling on Palestinian lands posted in the NY. All this to raise the spirits before another shooting or sometime equally negative.

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The truce between the Koreas is only temporary as is the existence of our own Sun. Let it be that the up coming judges are just as well reasoned.



Then we will have more energy to grow our crops below ground since the climat above ground will be iffy.