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Trolling Trump 101

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/25/trolling-trump-101


Ridiculing of the grifter/liar in chief is always quite satisfying! This one is a friday morning smile, the totally clueless one blathering on with his self important bullshit, in front of a Real fake emblem, is just about priceless! again, thanks Abby, this is great!


Like to see that picture on the cover of Time magazine as the “Boob of the Year”.



Except it reminds me just how incompetent this group of floaters really is.
Imagine the things they have control over…aaagggghhh

Can hardly wait to flush this bowl.


Me too — except replace the word ‘President’ with ‘Presidunce’, and all the little stars with swastikas . . .


While the Trump people’s obliviousness to the practical joke is pretty funny, actually, it’s still notable (and depressing) that the #McResistance continues to be led by current and “former” Republicans (modern fascists, IMO, including Mueller, Brennan, Clapper and now, Mr. Zealott… er, Leazott) pushing a third world war over a bunch of warmongering, neo-McCarthyite propaganda – propaganda that began as a deplorable presidential candidate’s excuse for losing to a reality TV huckster.

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Reporting elsewhere says the parody seal was up for 80 seconds, not 80 minutes.

Yo Trog, long time…

Whether it’s a minute and a half or 80 minutes, kinda says a lot about
security access in this WH doesn’t it ???

You know kinda like those below grade power backups at Fukushima.
Whether Grade or Sea level, they were still underwater when you needed them most.
Eh What?

Got any news on radiation plumes for us? Or just the TEPCO scrubbed data.


Reports from WaPo say that the parody seal was on the projection screen for about 80 seconds. However, the seal was also on the lectern from which he spoke for the entire 80 minutes.


Oh what a fun creator the original designing man was. I would like to see a new seal, with an actual ocean seal shown clogged up with the plastic that we are infesting upon the sea world And instead of arrows and an olive branch , it would be fun to show two of the ocean fish which are threatened—one in each flipper, to show that America is indeed threatening the entire world of air, fresh water, and ocean food!

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Very funny. The fat one is a figure of fun! Lots of giggles for his stupidity.
*Just remember that this ridiculous pile of mental and physical excrement said at a security briefing, “If we’ve got all these big bombs, why aren’t we using them?” When he was first briefed on nuclear weapons, he thought they were “neat.”
*Now, we have trillion$ set aside for building “bigger, better, more powerful bombs.” Our current nuclear arsenal could destroy virtually all life on the planet a dozen times over. In a nuclear exchange, raise the ante to two or three dozen times. Got news for ya, once will do it.
*Frankly, I think we should forget about these politicians unless they do something consistently that will turn this around.
*I think we should be helping Greta and her friends, supporting them and marching with them, standing on boxes on street corners telling the truth, tying up traffic where necessary, get some actually truthful station to be broadcasting what is happening.
*The children and youth of the world are staring into a long tunnel, hoping that they can make it to the other end and build a new world, hopefully of love and peace and plenty.
*I imagine some of them are worrying that the tunnel might turn out to be a gun barrel. I look at the psychological level of us and our “allies” and worry about the same thing.
*One thing We the People could be doing that would be a great help. Many of the youth that are working so hard to save their planet and their future cannot yet vote. The Hagfish slime that are running much of the world are aware of this, so they dismiss them, and laugh at them. We, the mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and pals should listen to them, and vote in their stead.
*A major worry that we should all be dealing with, with the climate changing due to global warming. We may well get massive grid failures, world-wide. There are reactors all over the world, a huge load of them here in the Reich. If the power lines are down, and the roads and bridges washed out or earthquake damaged, in a week or two, as the emergency generators run out of fuel, we will be dealing with many Fukushimas as the plants overheat.
*Chernobyl was 33 years ago, and a huge part of Russia is uninhabitable and will be for hundreds of years. Fukushima Daiichi was 8 years ago and the Japanese government has made it a criminal act for mothers to even mention any radiation effects on their children.
We could be taking steps now to shut down those reactors and try to find a way to remove the fuel to a safe place (if any), but we can’t do that because we don’t have the money to do it. The trillion$ are going to make a new generation of H-Bombs, and put a huge profit into those invested in death. Not one nickel to save the planet, or the myriad other species that have lived here for so long. I guess the game is, the old fart that dies with the biggest pile in his vault is the winner. The children and youth that are facing no future, or one of horror, don’t even count. They can’t vote. We could turn that one around.


The link to the video was in the article. (In case you missed it, it’s here:)

At 20 seconds, you can see the parody seal come on at the left screen. At 45 seconds, you can see the seal on the podium and the one behind it are the regular seals.

(And skim through comments section if you want to see how this event went over for people living in an alternate reality universe.)


I provided measurement data links only about a week ago–in the comment section for an article for which it was actually on-topic.


They are living in Trumps Bizarro World where a lie is truth and dumb is smart.

also note the hammer and sickles substituting for stars on the shield. someone should build a guillotine to set out in front of the white house and have a madame defarge knitting circle around it. i’ll come

That is totally worth being fired for!! Of course though, considering how border patrol agents don’t get fired for their shit, this person shouldn’t have been fired either.

I needed the laugh. I read on The Guardian yesterday about how some gun shop owner in Murphy, NC put up a billboard with AOC, Tulsi Gabbard et al’s pictures indicating them as the four horsemen of the apocalypse from the bible. But nothing happens to him. That’s the true political correctness in the USA… I’m still waiting on america being great but all I see from conservatives is a down hill slide.