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Trolling Trump, Journalism Watchdog to Hold 'Global Press Oppressor Awards on Monday at 5:00'


Trolling Trump, Journalism Watchdog to Hold 'Global Press Oppressor Awards on Monday at 5:00'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Subjects will cover Thinnest Skinned & Outrageous Use of Laws, in various categories for world leaders."


Which will be watched by exactly no one. The administration has taken zero action to restrict the rights of the media. Meanwhile, the media is rightfully and widely despised by the people it claims to serve.


The sad thing is that the main stream press has, in the compromising of reporting shaped by revenue stream privatization, become largely flabby, unable to do the heavy lifting that democracy requires. Maybe getting kicked around and challenged, at least some decent comedians. And there are some truly vigorous and ethical independent journalists and organizations keeping the unexpected freshets off unsullied info that require flexing of the cranial muscles and third eyes.

Some tools only know how to kiss ass - the hegemons having been tugging them along for generations.

Go homo sapiens sapiens. Get fit - don’t fit in,




Read his profile.


Oh, the IRONY! The biggest fake in American history, posing AS IF he were president when he STILL, to my knowledge, has not fully divested from his business empire (as required clearly by our Constitution before taking office) is concerned about “Fake News”. From what I can see, this Trump is the PERSONIFICATION of fake news! Has ANYONE ever found ANYTHING he said to be honest and true?

Due to his immense size, LOTS of tar and LOTS of feathers would be required, but I think we need to go to that expense to express to him America’s outrage over what he has done to our Presidency and the humiliation he has brought to our citizenry. Then, any news organization FAILING to show photos of his tar-and-feathering we can prosecute for FAKE NEWS.


He’s right in the last sentence though, the media is hated by a wide variety of people. Not for the same reasons why Trump hates the media but they still are pretty useless to the American people.


No problem,
Huckabee-Sanders - 1st place
S. Spicer - 2nd place
Fox News - 3rd place

Couldn’t possibly go any other way could it?


Do you have an argument to share, or just a word?


Something wrong with my profile?


Good list! Runner-up, the warmonger and fawning parasite Nikki Haley.


Yes, only by lies and implications of fake news but then didn’t they loosen more regulations for buying up TV Stations/Radio/Newpapers? But agree that the media does not represent the citizens and communities and it has been made that way by Congress and President’s deregulating media and ownership.


Hello toybrandon, I’m glad that you appear to be stupid/ What other qualities do you have?


Hello toybrandon, If you don’t know why would you ask other people to help you our? I’m willing to give you a clue. It ain’t just your profile!!!


Here are some alternatives to the liberals and their fake corporate capitalist media that both of us despise. I’m sure that both you and Trump and will find their perspectives much better. Enjoy…

http://www.maannews.com/ - News about Palestine by Palestinians


Thank you CPJ.

Now, all we need is another book from Michael Wolff about his interactions and observations of Pence, and members of the Republican Congress.

That, I’m sure, will be as juicy as Fire And Fury.

Can’t wait.


“Father, Husband and patriot. Program manager, team facilitator and writer. I seek the truth and will defend the constitution, family w/ life. …Pontiac, Mi”

As one rust-belt brother (Pittsburgh, PA) to another (Pontiac, MI), I must ask… Are you for real???


Well even though Trump is probably not aware of it, when he calls the corporate MSM " FAKE NEWS" HE IS CORRECT!