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Trolling Trump With Taco Trucks


Trolling Trump With Taco Trucks

Today sees at least one dystrumpian fantasy come to gleeful life: Mexicans are building a wall - of taco trucks - around Trump's Las Vegas hotel to protest his refusal to bargain with newly unionized, majority Latino culinary workers there. After a rally, the Wall of Tacos will move to the scene of the crime/debate tonight to affirm that immigrant workers will be watching and voting, and "Bad bosses make bad presidents."


Ingenious - More power >>>


How do you spell "odelay"?

In any case, this definitely has a "Poetic Justice"

And I bet those tacos are way better than the junk food in his hotel.

Best Tacos...Long line of locals standing at a curb side vendor in Mazatlan.
She had a single electric skillet cooking on a folding table.
They were burro tacos, so the vieja said.