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Troubling Signal Seen as Trump Pardons Cheney Sidekick Scooter Libby


Troubling Signal Seen as Trump Pardons Cheney Sidekick Scooter Libby

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump pardoned Lewis "Scooter" Libby on Friday.

Libby was chief of staff to former Vice President Dick Cheney and was convicted in 2007 of lying under oath and obstruction of justice during the investigation into the leaking of the identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, whose husband , an ambassador, challenged the Bush-Cheney narrative for invading Iraq. Bush later commuted Libby's sentence.


Wholesale pardons by this So-called President will absolutely produce wholesale indictments of those obstructing justice.

Message to Manafort, Cohen and a slew of others who could incriminate Trump: Do it now, save your own ass. Your reputations are already sealed in corruption.


How will the pardons produce indictments of those obstructing justice? Do you mean the indictments will be filed because the pardonees will be called to testify?


I wish they could indict all these assholes with no chance of parole or pardon. This nation is being run as a criminal enterprise and uses thug-like tactics to get its way abroad. Well hell they do it here too. They’re called the cops. These appointed personnel/thugs are all slimeballs. We are now on a downward spiral to the inevitable collapse of Empire. Or we will have another war. The last declared war the US was in was WW II, yeah, all the others were “conflicts” or some shit similar. Or perhaps, we will have both and it will be a doozy. I just found out today that the GOP’s god, Regan, was a rapist and they named an airport after that idiot. Damn some days are rather depressing and occurring with more frequency as we plunge ahead toward oblivion.


They should just lock all of them up and toss the keys into the deepest part of the Indian Ocean, the same one that swallowed a Malaysian airliner a few years ago.


The pardons won’t produce the indictments, the crimes that all of those pardoned committed that Mueller has evidence of, will produce the indictments.


Too much a waste of time and energy.

Give them a choice: Bullet or Rope.

Traitors deserve no more.

I’m old school.


Nixon is suddenly reminiscent of, by comparison, a fourth-rate skid-row punk, trying to rob a candy store…oh, for them good ol’ days…


Nixon wasn’t the Crook, these Subhumans are.


Oh absolutely not!..He was strictly amateur hour


Trump and Libby are both traitors; two ends of the same turd.


I got that but the Libby pardon is an indication that Trump will pardon them too. The wild card is that once pardoned they can’t take the 5th if called to testify but can be charged with perjury which I don’t believe Trump can pardon.


And this mafioso Trump wants the desperate poor SNAP recipients to have urine tests and work requirements?


Twitler pardoned that ratfcker Libby. Jaysus!
I gotta say, W made at least one good move in NOT pardoning Libby’s sorry ass.

This shitshow of a govt is beyond hope…


Presidential Pardons of any Executive Branch official should not be Constitutional.


Straight-ace peace candidate of 2016 just exercising his agenda of friendship. Everything’s just a conspiracy against this guy.


Neo-feudalism greasing the skids left by the banksters


Trump can only pardon Federal Felony charges.

Mueller is also using State courts ti issue charges which nobody can pardon.


As PonyBoy writes, the trump pardons for criminal scum like Libby are only for those crimes they are already convicted of, nothing else - the enormity of pardoning creeps like Libby really sticks in my craw! - those crimes aren’t just for a miscarriage of justice or some petty offense, but serious crimes against our nation and the rule of law (even such as it is)!..infuriating BS from the orange shitehead!! - but then trump has no moral compass, only a very vindictive nature and such a lack of judgment it boggles the mind! He is more like a low-life schemer, not really even smart enough to be termed “Machiavellian”, just a corrupt, vindictive, mental, and truly evil POS!

If trump in his very sick mind thinks he is “winning” something or getting-back at Comey, the Democrats, Mueller or anyone/anything even remotely beneficial to our nation or himself, he is very much a complete nutter and idiot…Its may be likely if trump is indicted his pardons will be null ad void…possibly de facto obstructions of justice…the bigger they (think they) are, the harder they fall!


Sorry to point out the obvious, but of course, it is the Republican Party that has brought this unprecedented mayhem to the U.S.
A tragedy that there isn’t a world court with the authority to abolish it once and forever.