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Trouncing Biden and Beto, Bernie Sanders Emerges as Clear Frontrunner in 2020 Straw Poll


Trouncing Biden and Beto, Bernie Sanders Emerges as Clear Frontrunner in 2020 Straw Poll

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While an outsized chunk of the corporate media's early 2020 coverage has been centered on the speculation and big donor enthusiasm surrounding centrist Texas Rep.


From the article:

“…Sanders topped the ever-growing list of potential Democratic candidates with 36 percent support, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 15 percent…”

Biden?? Seriously??? So 15% want another 4 years of Pwesident Twump???

I guess the good news is that Rottenhams didn’t make the cut.


This wasn’t a public opinion poll, only a internet poll among DFA’s members. So, the more surprising thing is that Sanders didn’t poll higher.


Good news. It would have been even better if DFA had done their straw poll with RCV. Because it would be great to know how many of the people who didn’t pick Bernie would have picked him second choice - ie does he have broad support.


We were robbed in 2016, but we won’t get fooled again! We the people will triumph over fascism with Bernie Sanders at the helm. He will gain momentum as more citizens hear his messages. He is the one and only candidate of, for and by the people! Bernie Sanders 2020! Peace


I have no reason to think that Democrats will make a good decision for themselves as individuals (most are working people), for their party or the country. They make decisions often with little attention paid to actual policy (which helps to explain why Biden and Beto have anything near the support they seem to) and less attention paid to how people outside their party will perceive their candidates. The idea that someone to the right of Sanders is more “pragmatic” is absurd at this point, on policy and as far as how the general public will go. Sanders is almost certain to do much better among independents, Republicans and many that probably don’t plan on voting, but might if given a good reason. But Democrats are a corrupt, hierarchical party that have a pretty bad record at picking good candidates. So, a Biden, Beto or Harris nomination is very likely, especially since older people vote far more than younger people and they tend to vote for candidates more to the right. White people will vote in larger numbers than black people and Latinos, and they are less supportive of Sanders than people of color, and higher income people vote more than lower income people too. It will make a Trump re-election more likely, and it will do nothing to change things on policy either. It would be nice if we cared equally about other parties, so if the Democrats give us another dud (very likely) we would have another option with a chance to win. But the two parties have rigged the system in ways not radically different than one party states, so it is what it is at the national level.


Go Bernie.
He is the only candidate running that does not have to go to the Wiz for a Brain and a Heart. He is already overflowing with Courage standing up to the greedy corporations and his bribe taking colleagues.

What a delight to finally have a front runner candidate who stands up for WE THE PEOPLE and not for Goldman Sachs and their ilk.

Love ya ole timer, stay healthy the country needs your moral leadership.


Looks like the poll is meaningless. How about a 2020 poll of the super delegates.


And let’s hope that Chelsea Clinton stays out of politics. We don’t need the Corrupt Clintons help again in getting trump elected.


Beto lost because he was just another center/right piece of Clintonian shit leftover from the great democratic sell out. Biden is worse (he will always be known as the senator from Capitol One).
With that said, I would like to see any other liberal supplant Bernie as a front runner. Sure, I like Bernie as much as the next guy. However, he will be 77 in 2021. That’s 77. Think about that for a second. We currently have a bumbling old hateful grandpa as POTUS. Since Reagan we have experienced of rouges gallery of old hacks, and men with far more ambition than ability. 77 year olds can be fine one day, but half senile the next.
I beleive JFK said the time had come for a new generation of leadership, for there was a new world to be won. That’s what we need in 2020 and beyond.


All the more reason for every state to get going on rank choice voting.


There are few people in politics I trust more than Sanders. I might not agree with him on a number of things, but there isn’t anyone close as far as who will run in that damn party, and no political figure on the left has had a larger impact on policy and moving the Overton window to the left as him in decades. If Biden is running and looking like he might win, god fucking forbid, then the age thing shouldn’t be an issue with Sanders. In fact, I think that Biden probably wouldn’t think of running if it wasn’t for Sanders’ popularity. Biden wants the system to stay as is, thinks the establishment is the bees’ knees. Biden isn’t different ideologically from Clinton and Obama (any differences are pretty small) and is a horrible match for the times we are in and the changes needed. Sanders could lessen concerns by picking a younger VP, and given his age, his VP pick would be younger (LOL!). But, if there is someone in his area ideologically that has a decent chance of actually winning and is younger, fine. I don’t see it right now. I, personally, would vote for Bernie at 87 if he were still there mentally over someone like Biden or Beto.

How old is Noam Chomsky? Seems that he could still wipe the floor with someone a third of his age in a debate. Yeah, Reagan was horrible before he started to go mentally, but what did Obama’s youth matter as far as policy and politics?


Elections are rigged just remember that. Electoral college is old . Both major parties know how to purge votes and rig elections.


this is Worth listening to


Polling this far out is dubious. Biden doesn’t have a prayer. The d-party establishment kneecaps candidates as liberal as Sanders. O’Rourke is the corporate shill they’d prefer.


Why are U surprised? That’s quite high for a field of 8-10 candidates. Or, can’t you get there could be only 1 winner with 51% of the votes. And, 7 with a combined total of 49%.
51% is HUUUUGGGEEE compared to… Oh, that’s right; Bernie doesn’t want to bomb Syria forever and invade Venezuela and Nicaragua ( for the 2nd or 5th time ) and steal their resources. Hint: that’s part of the New Green Deal thingy in The Sanders Agenda.


I’m waiting for some Progressive Democrat to introduce a bill to allow “Cellphone Voting for All”, like they do in the military. Secured by Blockchain, it would greatly increase voter turnout, prevent voter suppression and remove money from politics.

There is a lot of momentum still in the old corrupt system, but change is happening at exponential rates. Unless DNC Democrats allow rich Republicans to pre-empt them on “Cellphone Voting for All” (like they are doing with marijuana legalization), there is a chance.

The Green New Deal is getting lots of support from all sides. It would be advantageous to add “Cellphone Voting for All”, or (“Smartphone Voting for All”) to the list before Republicans pre-empt Dems with a loaded proposal that sounds similar, but favors fascists.

Solutions like Liquid Democracy are coming as fast as ecological problems. Only Neoliberal Democrats stand in the way of progress.


The problem with O’Rourke is that the rotten establishment has made their preferences known early and blatantly, and the establishment is hated more and trusted less than in 2016. They will likely rig, or try to rig the thing, and I don’t trust most Democratic voters nationally at this point at all. Besides that, the Democrats are at most about 30% of the country. Turnout in primaries, even if relatively high, is low in the US overall and lower than other developed countries. So, whoever wins the primary will have the support of, what, 10-15% of elidable voters, at most? It would be one thing if there were a bunch of good Democrats that are worth a damn, but we are likely to have a sea of assholes, with a Sanders and a few others worthy of support thrown in, and the assholes will get tons of money and support. If the elites were smart, and aware, they would keep their preferences close to the vest and rig stuff behind the scenes. But they aren’t collectively smart and are out of touch.

One thing I will say, there is going to be lots of talk about the left eating itself in the coming primaries. Lets get rid of that right now. Beto and Biden are not the damn “left”. It will be a battle between a few social democrats and a bunch of people that look at a corrupt, inequitable, undemocratic system with decreasing legitimacy with the public that want to keep the system the same. That isn’t a fight among the left. A Sanders candidacy versus a Green Party candidate might qualify as that.


So, Ruth Bader Ginsburg should just quit the SCOTUS and shoot herself?


We have to go way back in history to find a politician as popular as Bernie Sanders. FDR? Teddy Roosevelt?

In 2016 one survey found Donald Trump getting 80 minutes of news time, Hillary Clinton got 20 minutes and Bernie Sanders got 20 seconds. That’s Bernie’s weakness, measurably raw disdain from every possible network that calls itself fair and balanced. Also the Democratic centrist politicians don’t like him. Bernie still picked up vast numbers of voters in the primaries, and young, enthusiastic voters at that.

The only question for Bernie is age, and only Bernie can answer that question for himself.

After Bernie, Elizabeth Warren comes in as a distant second. Below Warren there might be some ok candidates that I simply don’t know about (which is a good reason not to run them for President) and then I start measuring politicians by how many clothespins I have on my nose.

Joe Biden probably isn’t such a bad dude. He just doesn’t stand for anything other than the pro-corporate status quo. Beto O’Rourke is an unknown, might not be much of a campaigner because he can’t win a single senate race, and I might not like him anyways if I knew much about him. Kamala Harris is also a who. She won a major race once.