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Trudeau Approval of Tar Sands Pipeline, Say Critics, Would Make 'Absolute Mockery' of Climate Emergency Declaration Approved Less Than 24 Hours Ago

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/trudeau-approval-tar-sands-pipeline-say-critics-would-make-absolute-mockery-climate

Question: If continued use of fossil fuels is necessary, could that necessity be use in various hybrid drivetrains? Trucks, buses, trains, cars and utility vehicles? LA Times published an article “The 500mpg Solution” some years back on the hybrid question. Hydrogen stores at lower pressures and meters more ideally in hybrid engines than in Fuel cell EVs which require high pressure storage and use. Rule of thumb on equitable distribution: 1 Daimler 550kwh EV Freight truck, 6 Tesla 85kwh sport sedans, or 110 Ford/Prius plug-in hybrid 500mpg combustible hydrogen.
GM & Ford are make a GIANT MISTAKE cancelling their hybrid production.

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The bailout of connected corporations by elected officials bypasses the voters and often the premises of “the marketplace”

Trudeau gave away the future to bail out Kinder Morgan and wasted $4.5 Billion - he likely will have a cushy job waithing when his political career turns to rubbish. Reminds my of the Andy Cuomo $7.6 Billion bailout of three aged dangerous upstate NY nuke plants to profit Exelon Corp. NY rate-payers ripped-off to keep three deadly threats going using the BS " preserving jobs" argument to mask corporate profits! .

Politicians on the take to serve corporate greed! MoFo’s!

Politicians in thrall to business as usual like Trudeau and Cuomo serve the fossil-fuel industry (and others) at the expense of all else - the exponentially increasing heating of Earth is THE crisis of our time and our so-called “leaders” must be held legally accountable for their perfidy and complicity! Instead of leadership and wisdom we get arrant stupidity, war, and 1% servitude. The price they should pay for their actions should be extreme…IMO.


In a statement ahead of Trudeau’s decision, the Green Party of British Columbia said approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would be “reckless.”

“As elected leaders, we must act immediately and with courage to make the urgent transition away from fossil fuels and toward a clean, sustainable economy,”


I have written Catherine McKenna repeatedly expressing my opinion on things environmental.

Like the NDP in Alberta, who championed the TMX (Trans Mountain) pipeline, the federal liberals are trying to please the oilpatch in Alberta.

For their efforts, the conservative Albertan will vote Conservative.

But I really think that former NDP leader and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, really don’t get it - the magnitude of the threat - both are lawyers.

I don’t think anybody really gets it, save a handful of scientists.

But here’s a thought!

The TMX would triple capacity, and I don’t see any reason it couldn’t reverse the flow. Instead of from The Tar Sands to an apparently non-existent Asian market, it could eventually deliver David Keith’s ‘Carbon Engineering’ synthetic hydrocarbon to both Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Carbon Engineering takes CO2 directly from the air and turns it into hydrocarbon fuels.

It is a stop gap measure, and has the backing of some big oil companies, who must, after all is said and done, see the writing on the wall.

With a carbon tax of sufficient magnitude, this synthetic hydrocarbon is cost competitive right now.

There may be reasons why this reverse flow won’t work that I am unaware of - but the point is to explore alternative thinking - you know - outside the box.

If these air capture devices of Harvard’s David Keith can be brought online at scale, there is no reason in the world they cannot be used to eventually bring CO2 down to 350 ppm as science refines exactly how to terraform this little planet we all live on.

They know its the END, they have only put less than $1.2 billion towards , an estimated 260 billion dollar clean up.


Canada’s economy is based on extraction.

But that gravy train was and is a short-term prospect. Of course, capitalism is based on quarterly returns and foisting the costs of externalities on someone else. So, full speed ahead toward collapse. Woo hoo.

Bitumen has to be mined from the ground, not pumped. This is the dirtiest most energy intensive oil on the planet to produce.

According to a Calgary Herald article, by September 2017, the tailings ponds held c.“1.2 trillion litres of contaminated water” and covered about 220 square kilometres (85 sq mi).[9]

Our Canadian government is owned by big oil, wants it’s cake and to eat it too.

shame on our Green party leader Elizabeth May. She wants Canada to stop importing foreign oil , and use only Canadian oil The dirtiest oil on the planet.

Well, TMX is approved.

Nice picture of Burrard Inlet, the British Columbia terminus for the pipeline (pic in the link).

You would think we could find a better use for this drop dead gorgeous place ?

B.C. premier disappointed by approval of Trans Mountain expansion

Right, Tar Sands is the worst, most corrosive to refine and ship via pipeline, but a new pipeline that led first to the Dakotas then Omaha Oklahoma Houston, we upgrade existing facilities and reduce demand for off-shore drilling. And for your information, plug-in hybrid PHEV tech should continue major R&D for buses, trucks, railroad and ship engines. Hybrid EVs apply especially to heavier vehicle class. Passenger car PHEVs also match to rooftop solar and mini-grid better than all-battery BEV like the Tesla. And if you need a good laugh – driverless tech is a fraud. Neither Bezos nor Uber need it just to fire drivers if it were possible, but it isn’t, and they know it. Being caught in a damn lie can ruin careers. Bezos is a bigger liar than the Schlump.