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Trudeau Government Faces Crucial Decisions in Coming Months


Trudeau Government Faces Crucial Decisions in Coming Months

Brent Patterson

The Trudeau government faces a number of key decisions in the latter half of 2016.


I am not hopeful. This is still a Corporatist party that subscribes to the notion that the most important responsibility of Governmnet is job creation , in an economic system that grants that role to the 1 percent. They will cater to the demands of the 1 percent.


If these "trade agreements" (which actually transfer power to corporations the way Wall Street's collapse of 2008 transferred enormous wealth to the 1%) are as hushed up over the U.S north border as they are below it, it would explain these ridiculous polled numbers:

"By November 2017, the government will have to decide whether or not it will ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). An Angus Reid Institute poll conducted in late January found that 32 of respondents supported the TPP, 20 per cent opposed it, and 49 per cent did not have an opinion."

Another thing that hit me while reading through all this data is that just as U.S. Congress persons spend too much of their time campaigning for office, it seems that a helluva lot of time goes to preparing for each and every NEXT climate conference. And so much of the energy, planning, and resources should be used to SOLVE the problem rather than analyze it...

The solutions are already KNOWN!

Corrupt power stands in the way of implementing that knowledge!

Sadly, even with the fires burning out of control in Canada, too many people there continue to support Oil Sands and other TOXIC energy systems!


The Liberals have a LONG history of "campaign from the left, govern from the right". I'm not expecting anything better from Mr. Sunny Ways. So far, they have punted on the marijuana question and produced an insultingly inadequate response to the Supreme Court on the assisted dying issue.


Isn't Obama pushing Trudeau to ratify TPP and TTIP prior to November 2017 ?

If 49% of Canadians have no opinion on TPP they need to stop spending so much time on hockey and more time on politics.