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Trudeau Lobbies Biden to Maintain Climate-Destroying Trump Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/trudeau-lobbies-biden-maintain-climate-destroying-trump-policy


The liberal darling Trudeau is showing the true nature of his ilk.

Compared to Biden, Trudeau, with his hypocrisy, is somewhat less dangerous because Canada

does not have scale of toxic viciousness to which Biden and Trump are devoutly dedicated.

Clinton’s and Biden’s NAFTA firmly set this up. These servants of private multinationals are all

little more than interchangeable foremen on a global plantation.

They see the majority of people as property which can leveraged for their own vanity.

I have no doubt that when Biden & Company start their next war (pretty much an inevitability),

Trudeau will jump on the juggernaut of death. He’s SO pretty!



Like Obama, Trudeau’s brand has always been 180 degrees from his track record.


We have bigger problems here besides climate changes and environmental death.
We have a whole half of the electorate believing in the trump fairy.
I would like to see just one of them admit to just one true statement or condition.
These people cannot come to terms with fact and truth. If they did they would also have to make amends. Most of them would off themselves first.


Thanks for this report. Not the least bit surprising, but good to know the machinations, and see the level of commitment to omnicidal foolishness, on behalf of greed, the economics of colonization, and money.

Expect the Biden administration to waffle at best, or just agree to turn their own pledge into a lie.


“dedicating his efforts perfectly consciously”

I don’t think 45 ever did anything truly “consciously”. I don’t think his lizard brain was capable.

As always, Joe Dough will make a political calculation, rather than a principled one.

That, of course, is also what drives Unjustin’s actions.

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All of us together with the Environmental groups need to raise hell about this IMMEDIATELY! We can’t let it get off the ground. Write/call Biden, his staff, AOC & other progressive Reps. or Senators.
Once they get rolling it’s too late.
Thanks for publishing this article.


Canada has this reputation of being that friendly nation to the north. But when it comes to energy policy and heavy industry like mining the Canadian Gov’t and Canadian based corporations they are a global pariah.


A conservative government is nothing but AN ALLIANCE of all the fossil fuel moguls, foreign and domestic. They have also lined the pockets of the moderate/blue dog democrats. With Trump on the outs the oil barons want to circle the wagons swoop in the White House take Biden’s ear. There is no way to justify piping Canada’s tar sludge into the USA just make more billionaires from millionaires. Nothing in it for us working stiffs except more cancer and other noxious related diseases, stinky air and poisoned water. .But by golly the free market will make them fukers non tax paying billionairs. Getting rich fleecing America on the backs of the populace is so republican aint it. MAGAts are some stupid people.

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Canada is north of us and thus has a colder climate than we do. But I fail to see that they are enough colder than us to really need to turn up their heat.

The problem Trudeau has is the folks in Alberta - they hate him.

The province is run by Stephen Harper’s (Canada’s version of Trump - a small, petty vindictive man, but not as crude as Trump) acolyte - Jason Kenny and the processing of the TAR sands has created numerous jobs. For that reason, many in Alberta love Trump and hate Trudeau. People in Alberta are frightened for their livelihoods. Sadly it is a mistake to keep pouring money and effort into a dying industry, but you can’t just pull the rug out from under people.

The Green party of Canada has provided alternatives by offering funding and training for Albertans to transition to well-paying green energy jobs. Until then Trudeau is really stuck between a rock and a hard place on this.


Trudeau deserves to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, like at least 6 feet under, where he can serve as the next geologic period’s fossil fuel source.

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I hope replacing fossil fuel jobs with green energy jobs really works well for everyone involved.

Canada is a national pariah as well. First Nations way of life downriver from the oil/tar sands has been completely destroyed due to carcinogens in fish and wildlife, and undrinkable water.

Then we have the Trans Mountain pipeline, twinning an existing pipeline through the mountains of BC which is supposed to increase tanker traffic sevenfold which will no doubt finish off the Orca population which is already severely diminished in Vancouver harbour. Though they may be saved because there is little new market for the bitumen to be pumped through there. What the hell, it’s only tax payers’ $billions being spent to build it.

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??? What ?

Dear Justin- Please go back to Canada and take the Orange Turd with you. My apologies to the good people of Canada.

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What’s the trump fairy? Are you talking about trumpiss corruptass twitterensis…?

I am in the half of the population that finds Trump more of a national embarrassment than any sort of tinkerbell fairy to grant wishes.I

Dear Clark aka TPaine-had-it (LOVVVE that moniker or handle or whatever a non-trolling willing to identify news commenter nicknames themselves),

I’m a bit surprised here after reading your very incisive and savvy comment to Ramzy Baroud about an hour ago on his Common Dreams op-ed “Views” on the news reporting of political contests here in the U.S.
That comment of yours is better articulated than all but perhaps Linda McQuaig, Henry Giroux and Robert McChesney’s media criticism analysis here on CD. I also envy your concision, which I seem most challenged by (is my inner editor asleep with red pen in hand?) in my own weaker and less focused attempts to make the points you make and that I am in agreement with and have tried to advocate in public forums.

Yet, here on the low-hanging piñata of Canadian institutional “Neo-Liberal E-CON” PM Justin Trudeau you bed your briefer comment with this assertion in your lede:

I do agree with your second assertion tracking DNC’s inter-generational race between Arkansas wunderkind Governor Bill Clinton and the lengthy Biden membership in the World’s Most Exclusive Country Club, the U.S. Senate as Senator for Life from the Legal Fiction Corporate Anonymity Pass-Through P.O. Box-sized state of Delaware to become the House of Bush’s new Republican Neo-Liberal E-CONomic orthodoxy enforcers.

As critics of the House of Clinton 2 terms noted, at least the critics more concerned with socio-economic collapse set to follow the New Global Financial Bubble than with the consensual Oval Office diddling that led to the Clinton Impeachment by hypocrites of the Neo-Conservative Lifestyles of the Rich and Pious Right Wing and Righteous set led by soon to be scandalized at Baylor U. over white-washing campus rape new House of Bush University President Ken Starr (who was the Special Prosecutor of the Clinton Impeachment) and the closeted boy-chasing Illinois church conservative Henry Hyde (who led the grass roots call that fizzled with the public who all envied Clinton’s chutzpah with that very young but of age of consent Monica Lewinsky) the role of the Clintons in reversing the political legacy and Working Class damage and desperation of the record-breaking Reagan-Bush Budget Deficits was for the House of Clinton to play the role of fiscally responsible Old School Republicans.

Opportunistically re-casting the old school liberal Dems who built up some Post WW II Keynsesian social safety nets like government subsidized LOW INCOME HOUSING (much as the suburban Housing Authority of NY maintained apartment buildings that the FRED TRUMP family bid-net built when Fred Trump contracted with the State of NY to use NANNY STATE money to house whites only returning GI’s and those seeking to flee inner cities in “WHITE FLIGHT.” The Trump Organization settled claims that they violated the FAIR HOUSING ACT:

Since the Neo-Conservative GOP under Reagan-Bush-Greenspan threw a Conservative Frat party for government contractors and saving the collapsed de-regulated Savings & Loan Industry with the first of the bankster bail-outs that saved Neil Bush’s Silverado S&L in Colarado first, all the while screwing U.S. Labor and basking in the new swollen numbers of the Religious Right and Moral Majority.

Confident in their Neo-Liberal E-CONomic confidence game that the Evangelical Churches’ hierarchical blind faithful, who were drunk on the Gospel of Prosperity, would be willing to vote against their own class interests and childrens’ futures on issue after Identity Politics issue. These non-thinking masses could be entranced and their hypnosis triggered with key phrases like “NANNY STATE” and “GODLESS COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM” with the old Calvinist world-view of the Preterite\Elect pre-destination belief so ideologically serviceable to all the first generation of Robber Barons turned philanthropists and Daddy Warbucks investors.

The House of Clinton brought it from the socially liberal side of our Duopoly. That blurring of fiscal\social responsibility brought by the New DNC Dems led by Biden and the House of Clinton along with their bankster sponsors was of course constructed on the backs of the poor by instituting AUSTERITY POLICIES that hit the GOP and DNC demonized WELFARE MOTHERS the hardest and ballooned the prison population even as prisons were being privatized as profit centers by the Dems assuming the old positions of the GOP in stressing sacrifice beginning from the lower classes and ending at the rapidly shrinking and Wage Stag-NATION working muddle classes.

Indeed critics of the House of Clinton’s emphasis on de-regulation of Global Finance and the unfettering of global capital as demanded by his backers from Citi Group (see especially CEO Sandy Weill who coined the phrase "Supermarkets of Financial Services" for the new Citi Group trans national bid-net model and not-yet a Citi Group Chief Counsel, Clinton’s first Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, the soon-to-swing-through revolving doors from U.S. Mint to Citi Corp Exec who got to keep the $160 million in personal executive compensation package he received after the Bush-Cheney TARP bankster bail-out ).

All this by way of illustrating why I am in awe at your deft and concise way of saying: "Compared to Biden, Trudeau, with his hypocrisy, is somewhat less dangerous because Canada does not have scale of toxic viciousness to which Biden and Trump are devoutly dedicated.

"Clinton’s and Biden’s NAFTA firmly set this up. These servants of private multinationals are all little more than interchangeable foremen on a global plantation." Ba-da badda BING!

However, in this case, Clark, your concision omits the key lobbying group that the popularly elected Canadian leader from a Neo-Liberal E-Con’d socially liberal Canadian dynastic family that first flowered in the 1960’s primarily serves:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Smelter Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee