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Trudeau Touts Trump's Support for KXL

Trudeau Touts Trump's Support for KXL

Nika Knight, staff writer

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touted U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's support for the Keystone XL pipeline to an audience of business leaders and oil company executives in Calgary, Alberta—the heart of Canada's oil industry—on Wednesday.

"If Keystone XL is ever proposed again the massive and sustained opposition to its approval will be like nothing we've seen."
—David Turnbull,
Oil Change International

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Young Trudeau needs to geau! Talk about a dud!


To all those folks who’ve been talking about Trudeau like he’s some sort of saviour… well, here he is with the mask off. This is the guy who said on US election night, when the results were in, Yes, we can work with a Trump White House. This is what liberals (as opposed to real progressives) will deliver you… (sometimes) good optics, but the same old pro-business-at-the-expense-of-everything-else policies.


Trudeau + T-dump = A BIG FAT ZERO! Both are driven by greed, grandeur, and adulation. Trudeau, like T-dump manipulates social media to polish his knob by taking “selfies” and sending them out to his fawning fans. Both are self-serving traitorous turncoats. I guess Trudeau has not visited the tar sands extraction activities in Alberta or his penchant for pipelines would be abolished.

Neither seems to give a damn about the beauty of nature and natural places in their countries while they languish in their luxury suites with women peeling grapes while they quaf $50,000 bottles of champagne (Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet – $50,000…Justin’s favorite).

The battles we have to wage continue to grow as monsters like Trudeau and T-dump flex their muscles (in front of gold-leaf framed mirrors).

Revolution is not an event. It is a process!


A devious play goes on here with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party.

First up he had to create the impression he was environmentally friendly and separate himself from Harper and the Conservatives.

He did this by nixing Northern gateway which had been approved by the Conservatives. At the end of the day this was meaningless as this project was never going to get off the ground. There too many unresolved land claims in the region on the part of the First Nations people and this was to be a pipeline through a region not having one before.

To placate big oil he approves twinning Kinder Morgan. This is a much easier sell as it will run along an already existing pipeline meaning many of the land claims issues already addressed.

This will triple the amount of dirty oil exported.

That said there still great opposition to this so he covers his bases by wanting Keystone Xl.

If this gets approved in the US it pretty well a done deal the Canadian side will get built as it runs through an oil friendly region of the Country alongside a pile of already existing lines.

The net result? Oil exports can increase by orders of magnitude .


Trudeau is the Canadian Obama. Rode in to office on a populist left wave of support that had everyone excited… After the mainstream media fling with the dashing FDR incarnate subsides, reality sets in and it becomes once again evident to the public that they got fooled. Their chosen politician is a flat out shill for domestic and global capitalism and does not represent the will of the majority of citizens.

Check out the media coverage on the Trudeau foundation donations. Pay to play, cash for access, same as the Clinton Foundation and everywhere else in the “developed” world. These big money NGOs / charities attached to politicians are the most obvious plutocratic anti-democratic scams being perpetrated on the planet next to the “money equals free speech” in America’s pay to play campaign finance system.


WTF happened? I really thought the dude as alright…Fuck…Another one down the drain…Is there NO LEADER in the whole FUCKING WORLD who doesn’t have big-oil’s dick down their throats? Jusus fucking Christ!!!


“Trudeau is the Canadian Obama.”

This appears to be the case doesn’t it?

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But boy does he ever put a pretty face on the nasty business of neoliberal imperialism.


Black snake oil salesman


This guy is no different than any other politician world-wide, he’s duplicitous and as fake as a three dollar bill (Canadian of course). Folks who are expressing disappointment in him are just like the ones who are so disappointed in Obama, Warren, et. al. in that they don’t realize that none of these pols are anything other than hand puppets for the elites, they say and do whatever their masters tell them to say and do which certainly includes lying to get elected in the first place. Anytime anyone expresses this disappointment in the outcome of elections I refer them to George Carlins excellent discussion on politics


“Tar” Sands is the terminology of the environmentalist. Oil Sands is the terminology of the scientist and the developer. The twains won’t meet, folks! It is a polarizing issue.
Oil produced in Alberta funds many social programs in other provinces, so let’s just not be having and eating cake here.
I am an economic conservative and a social liberal, so I favor pipelines, but I insist on independent regulators. An Industry cannot regulate itself.
Social liberal wise, I believe in the pro-choice movement as being anything but pro abortion as the polarized crowd characterize it.
I believe in multicultural society. Canada is NOT a melting pot, nor should we ever be.
I believe in every man’s chance to become successful by his own effort and that the state should not discourage that.
I believe that every country’s Agriculture industry has natural advantages and those advantages should be allowed to be exploited. If that means Canada can produce a better hog than the USA, we should freely sell those hogs in the USA. The USA should be able to ship as many fresh vegetables as feasible to .
Environmentalists and 'or the wealthy individuals who fund them also must understand that there is a very strong, determined belief that ‘leave it in the ground’ is a total non-starter with a majority of Canadians.
Native Canadians , remember, are a microcosm of the larger society. Some oppose pipelines for economic reasons (not enough money put on the table) some for philosophical reasons, and fear, and some feel OK about development.
Mr. Trudeau, for a prime minister who seemed at one point to be way too much like his Dad, has very nicely (up until now anyway) brought sanity to the ongoing ruckus in western Canada. Every now and then a politician has to be prepared to be unpopular with his left leaning base, because believe it or not he was elected to govern all of Canada. Being on the so-called same side [ in this case] as an incoming US administration does NOT mean he thinks that administration is socially progressive.
And further, we have been in discussions about pipelines for many years and were aware of the Keystone back before Obama even ran for president and were also aware of USA attitudes on both sides of the issue.

So don’t go peeing all over Trudeau, folks. That’s our job as Canadians. You have your own stresses and strains to deal with. Maybe you should stick to that.

KXL…is that like the KGB and is Putin doing it?

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RDT, it’s possible to pee in more than one place in life. I don’t like Trudeau near as much now as I did 10 minutes ago, before I read the article.

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Finally! I can point northward and say, “Damned Canadians.” The self-flagellation was getting painful down here in 'murika so I needed a respite until January 20 when the world as we know it ends. Peace. Resist.

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Well, either you don’t understand what’s happening w/r/t the destabilization of the climate and it’s implications for human civilization (yes, including Canada); or else you’re one callous human being. Or perhaps you haven’t considered the implications of building new fossil fuel infrastructure; or haven’t bothered to read the opinion of scientists and experts in the field about these impacts. I just hope you don’t have any children or grandchildren, because brother, you’re collaborating in screwing them over big time. It isn’t going to be pretty, if the trends continue as they are…which these pipelines will all but ensure.

As for “social liberal”: here’s what one astute fellow had to say:


The picture I am beginning to see is one of politicos being generously funded by campaign funding coming from the same sources as their PAC support. All the while real politicians, those who actually want to serve the nation, find themselves panhandling through the internet and supporting various petitions to prove their creds. This has been developing since the Reagan era, if not before even then, and has reached the point where it is impossible to hire a leader who gives a rats ass about the people who actually need good and fair government. We end up trying to fight for a livable planet with little or no governmental support. Not only do we end up fighting the psychotic corporate rapists but the non involved butt wads we find in our houses of government as well.
The drum I pound mercilessly on these sites is one of the corruption of most of our planet’s governing bodies by private “campaign” donations. We have been almost totally disenfranchised by this wide spread corruption as evidenced by the last elections, at least in the US, Now Canada seems to be in the same uncomfortable position. These people will destroy our civilization unless we can rid ourselves of these self serving excuses for useful leadership. Both Trudeau and DT seem bent on assuring the fuel combustion consortium that they will do all they can to provide the industry with the means to render earth incapable of supporting the agriculture needed to feed our population.
Our President Elect is fond of the using the word disaster. He should know. He is one.


Yup, That song has pretty much been my take on liberals since I first heard it in 1968.

From what you write you seem to think that somehow we have a choice in this. Your ignorance/naivete is both astounding and appalling. Nothing is further from the truth. Agreed the money that this industrial effort generates is good for Canada’s present economy but the cost is even greater than any short term benefit could ever be. These very dirty energy sources will dry up in the blink of an eye while the repercussions of their exploitations will me measured in hundreds of years if not eons. Just ask yourself what is going to be done for simply heating the homes of the Canadian people when tis finite resource is depleted? Wouldn’t it be better to be using this time in developing viable alternatives now then waiting until we are forced to by the cost of a dwindling relied upon resource? Here you are calling yourself a fiscal conservative while you support squandering future billions for the sake of expediency.
I only now will mention the cold hard fact that Climate Change is real and trumps everything I just wrote. It isn’t economies that I worry about, it is our entire civilization.

T n T - an explosive combination. Better defuse the bomb.

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