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Trudeau's Boldness Test: The TPP


Trudeau's Boldness Test: The TPP

Murray Dobbin

Justin Trudeau has proven to be much more bold in his first couple of weeks than almost anyone imagined. Unlike Jean Chretien and his 1993 election Red Book, Trudeau actually seems to be intent on keeping many of his promises. Most importantly he has done what no other premier or prime minister in my memory has ever done.


Apart from the secrecy, the financial blow-back from NAFTA (on all but the 1%), and the speed with which Obama is attempting to push this lethal agreement down our throats; the following is by far the worst item included, particularly now when the rigors of climate change are asserting greater and greater impacts:

"As for the TPP's ISDS provision, Sachs states: "...it creates an extra-legal venue for arbitration that has proven in many investment treaties in recent years to be highly deleterious for basic government regulatory processes and especially around issues of health, safety, environment, and other issues."

Plausibly, Obama vetoed the Tar Sands knowing about this, the superpower pact that would override that shallow veto. Now it's Trudeau's turn:

"And Trudeau has to know that if he is really planning to take an international leadership role in confronting climate change, provisions in the TPP (like ISDS) will make such leadership extremely difficult: any initiative involving new regulations or restrictions on future tar sands development could trigger multi-billion dollar investor challenges."