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Trudeau's Fading Relationship with Canadian Labour


Trudeau's Fading Relationship with Canadian Labour

Teuila Fuatai

Remember when new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, met with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in November? After a decade of hostility under Stephen Harper, the Ottawa meet offered a bit of hope for a beleaguered labour movement.

But, nearly a year later, things aren't that much better. Teuila Fuatai reviews the Liberals' time in office.

Workers' legislation


Although he's better then Harper, it would appear that Trudeau is letting his plutocratic capitalist freak flag fly.
The oligarchy is probably thrilled to have the old boy back in the fold.


Is there a Rules Book that the 1% reads to those elected into power in U.K, Canada, the U.S., and Australia... for starters?

This is ALL too familiar. (Hint: Obama followed essentially the same script):

"Trudeau wrote. "I believe it is wrong for Canada to follow the path of countries who exploit large numbers of guest workers, who have no realistic prospect of citizenship. It is bad for our economy in that it depresses wages for all Canadians, but it's even worse for our country."

"However, since his election as prime minister, his government has done more to increase opportunities for exploitation of temporary foreign workers than alleviate them."


I have two thoughts that came to me after reading this article:

  • When you are at his level in government, you cannot hide behind political rhetoric for long. One's "true colors" come to light pretty damn fast.

  • One person, man or woman, regardless of how committed that person may be cannot fight the state and the elite ruling class alone. Anything beyond minuscule changes requires the massive support and active participation of the working class with regular non-violent "direct action" events that keep the vital issues "front and center" day after day.


Can you imagine what would happen if a president--any president--stood at the "bully pulpit" and called bullshit on the oligarchy? For 7 straight days?
Talk about a second coming becoming a reality.


I am not completely sure of the history of the Harper administration and how horrible it was it seems that Trudeau is to Harper what Obama was to Bush. A democrat that is regarded better than the conservative predecessor but still is in the pockets of the oligarchy.


Visit Northern Alberta, now known as Mordor ( Tar-Sands ), move west to British Columbia, and notice pristine lakes, rivers, forests, and beautiful animals, First Nation Land. Now imagine a massive fight to keep out a dreadful tar-sand goop oil leaking pipeline, ramed right through it, to British Columbia's north coast that will destroy beautiful pristine British Columbia, and it's coastline. HARPER! By the way, Justin has no cajones, therefore no Pierre.


You got that right!


Well, after all, Trudeau's party is called the "Liberal Party", so what do you expect? With the NDP no longer standing for anything at all, Canada seriously needs a Labour Party.


Looking just at the Postal system, Canada's postal system has a record of more labor strife and work stoppages than the USA system does. But less than Guatemala's does. In Guatemala the postal system is so unreliable and untrustworthy that much of the public seeks alternative ways to send their mail, various sorts of couriers, delivery by friends and informal post companies.

Now, how does postal service compare with the rest of Central America, at least two countries of which are run by outright socialist governments. ...?