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True or False, Rumors of Taliban Leader's Death Hamper Afghan Peace Talks


True or False, Rumors of Taliban Leader's Death Hamper Afghan Peace Talks

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just days ahead of a new round of peace talks between the Afghan government in Kabul and the Taliban, regional and international speculation has surfaced—though not for the first time—that the elusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is no longer alive.


Soooo…is this Taliban Leader #562 or #563…I get so confused…


Is this just another Osama bin Laden-type thingy… “died” a decade or more after he actually died? Throw more money at the MIC. That’s the game we are playing now.


Interesting article, but at the moment I’m more interested in why the article on Obama/Snowden “can’t be displayed”…


" The Taliban will make peace when they are given the power".

That was proven when the Taliban leaders were surreptitiously flown to Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas and told: " We can either carpet your country with gold or with bombs…the choice is yours". And the Taliban leaders chose the bombing option.


When Amerika says it wants peace what it really means is: PEACE ON OUR TERMS!

The Military, Industrial, Congressional Complex never wants real peace, only if their hegemony, hubris and trillion $ budget is not compromised; that is what they call peace. Real peace is an anathema to them. They cry PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! But like Orwell said: " Peace is war".


A long term coalition government with the Taliban is a pipe dream. They will want absolute power just as they had it before. Ask the Social Democrats how long their coalition government lasted with the National Socialists… (answer, 5 weeks).


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer gut! Is it too late to send a sympathy card to Mrs. Omar?


Totally baseless…the truth is that Afghanistan doesnt want to go in the peace process…NDS is spreading rumors so that the fighters in Afghan Taliban start joining daesh so that they sweap those who are left behind in Afghan Taliban…the stupid NDS is working against their own country due to dominance of Indian RAW