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'Truly Sociopathic Behavior': After Mother Beaten by Philly Cops, Fraternal Order of Police Use Photo of Terrified Toddler as Propaganda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/truly-sociopathic-behavior-after-mother-beaten-philly-cops-fraternal-order-police


English lacks the necessary adjectives to describe police behavior in this country. What amazes me is that this typifies the very behavior of these departments, yet the police themselves can’t see how this hurts them and their image.
I keep thinking back on the person who filmed Rodney King’s beating by LAPD, and how he changed forever, the narratives of arrests. Prior to that, we only had the police version of what happened and any witnesses providing contrary testimony were quickly discredited and dispatched. The phone camera has, at least to an albeit minor extent, liberated the truth of what goes on. Now if we could only get it to provide justice too…


Here in Portland, Oregon I was not alone questioning how the improbably named Danielle Outlaw came to be recruited from within the serial scandal plagued Oakland Police Department to lead the U.S. Justice Department’s Consent Decree’d Portland Police Department.

Don’t look now, but before completing her second year on the job in Portland, Oregon Chief Outlaw was hired away with a big raise to lead the Philadelphia Police Department. Since Chief Outlaw isn’t yet a news-worthy part of this latest shameful episode in our Best Practices Conscious Policing Scandal, here’s the Wiki plus some added references if really working for Community Conscious Policing sounds like something that should be a national project of ours, rather than any of our selected government’s projects which seem more in line with serving Private Interests rather than the Public Interest.

The much discussed remediation and transformation of both of these troubled law enforcement agencies and their militarization amid community calls for Community Policing hasn’t materialized, nor has it slowed down the rocket rise through the ranks of Danielle Outlaw whose silence within the Oakland PD during a period of serious abuses has marked her advancement, if not the scandalous force’s.

This is how a duo of award-winning local indie investigative journalists described to nationally syndicated daily community and college radio program DEMOCRACY NOW anchored by Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez and Nermeen Sheikh what was going on within the ranks of the Oakland PD.

An online search of the Bay Area News media reporting going back to Deputy Chief of Police Outlaw’s joining the force on patrol less than a decade earlier betrays not any role she has played in either communicating with the troubled jurisdiction as a representative of what the exasperated Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf rhetorically asked: Is this a Police Department or is it a Frat House? Mayor Schaaf’s frustration and her own communications do not reflect the criminal nature of the Internal Affairs corruption, human trafficking and various abuses perpetrated and covered up by a police force much larger than that of Portland, Oregon where she was recruited to help another long-running scandal plagued and abusive law enforcement agency not known for policing its own force comply with a U.S. Justice Department Consent Decree.

Where is there any published paper trail, news reporting record or audio\video recording or documentation of public talks given or Community Policing seminars addressed by Oakland Police Deputy Chief Outlaw to justify her recruitment by the City of Portland to be Chief of Portland’s longer if less troubled Police Force? In Portland the unique form of City Government places the responsibilities of Police Commissioner in the portfolio of the Mayor with the Chief of Police working closely with the Mayor and six city council Commissioners.

One of those elected city commissioners, Jo Ann Hardesty, had herself spent well over a decade doing activist work on Portland Police accountability issues pertaining to the ineffective and ham-strung Citizen Review Board process. Back in mid 2016, before her election to the Portland City Council and in her non-paid capacity as a weekly Public Affairs morning radio program producer\host for community radio station KBOO, Jo Ann Hardesty featured an hour interview with the author of BEST PRACTICES IN COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS POLICING , Brandon Lee .

Mr Lee’s research into the municipal Police Departments that had been demonstrating such best practices for law enforcement included the remarkable transformations within the police department in Corvallis, Oregon the college and agricultural research & development town where Oregon State University is located. That program remains audio archived on KBOO’s web-site and while recorded in 2016, author and police best practices researcher Brandon Lee’s findings remain as invisible now as they were when the City of Portland brought in a non-entity new Police Chief from the scandal plagued Oakland PD! Not to mention the coast to coast unfurling of rampant institutional corruption within law enforcement. What is going on?

Where is there any comparable public discussion or paper trail to accompany the silence of Danielle Outlaw as she rose within the ranks of the Oakland Police Department during the very years of its criminal undoing and the resignation of 3 Oakland Chiefs of Police all promoted from within the culture of cover-up and corruption? There were no such questions by Portland Oregon news media and community leaders who all seemed to respond well to the new Portland PD Chief’s skin color and her last name that is somehow a part of this crony corruption plagued town’s image of itself.

Here is how Philadelphia’s new and even more highly paid Police Chief chose to communicate with Portland within the first of her 2 years of service before taking the up escalator to lead the Philadelphia Police force:

Does anybody remember the scandalous era of Philadelphia’s Chief Rizzo and the bombing of his own city’s residents by the Philadelphia Police , long before the term Militarization of Police had become part of common U.S. usage?

Jest checking in from the Orwellian Memory Hole now administered by the profit center known as the U.S. commercial and public broadcasting system’s out-sourcing of investigative reporting to non-profit reporters within the by-now normalized if not Uber-ized world of our Gig E-CONomy reporting on Food Stamp Nation, yet rarely about mass media indoctri-Nation…

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Serve and protect is now quaint idea, isn’t it?

That the police unions overwhelmingly support Drumpf (and how often do we hear about Oath Keepers anyway?) demonstrates just how absolutely fucked we are in this country currently.

Defunding these criminals is the least we could do. We do not have a law and order problem in this country, we have a police problem in this country.


Totally not connected to your post, but wanted to let you know my copy of Bleeding Edge has finally arrived!

Greetings from your neighbor north in the Cascadia zone.


"begging to be defunded."

Way past time.


Not so fast, A_W_W. There’s gonna be something in BLEEDING EDGE not so far removed from the even darker happenings today on streets of Philly and likely here in the Cascadia zone too!!! However, do savor Pynchon’s language. That opening scene he describes of protagonist Maxine herding the school kids in lower Manhattan after 9-11-01 hit, with the basketball coach lingo is something I go back to and read to friends out loud who woulda never considered reading a book these days…Much less satire on this wild weirder contemporary world…

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Law enforcement supporting a lawless president.? As citizens we may be in more trouble than we thought.
Anyone who goes to war for this country is a fool. Unless you later want to become a cop.


I have a hard time accepting that people in this country can still be shocked by anything police do. If they care about other people’s kids at all it’s only for their value as tools.


So who’s going to confront the fascist mobs as they roam the streets after the election (win or lose)? Certainly not the police. Certainly not a federalized National Guard, CONTROLLED by trump’s sycophants.


I think the pigs deserve new uniforms NOW! Start with jackboots, with accompanying lessons in goose-stepping! Then black uniforms with an armband with some fascist emblem on it! Finally, EVERY pig wears a Totenkopf (Death’s Head) cap! Maybe give them ceremonial stilettos with divisional names (such as ‘Das Reich’) engraven on the handles!!


And they rail at being called “pigs”.

Fair enough …

“Swine” it is, then.


Hi Lay-LowStudiosOre-Wa:
LOL—a police chief has a Iast name of OUTLAW–?? Amazing and so perfect for what it seems so many police have turned into—outlaws. Of course the word police does have the word lice in it----and like, lice the current crop of current police people do cause humans so much discomfort!


Only white Americans can remedy this untenable situation. We POC have done all we can. This is on you

i can’t help but notice that my posts admitting that only (privileged) white people can remedy x,y, or z get a lot less “feedback” than my fire & brimstone posts that white people’s system killed the world. i wonder why🤷


Yes Glo, our GREED IS GOOD Neo-Liberal E-CONomic culture with its doctrines and dogmas of the Milton Friedman and U. of Chicago School of Cold War federally subsidized and weaponized propaganda posing as academia or a Gospel of Prosperity spread to both of our Anti-Trust political parties we call our Duopoly.

That Cold War dba Perma War ‘product’ also spread to our institutions via BLOWBACK of that weaponized propaganda, all of which makes it harder for the overwhelming majority of decent and life-risking police who would like to speak up about corruption and abuses within the ranks via Internal Affairs and peer-reviewed academic forums to do so.

That and the fact that the reward systems will turn a perhaps well-intentioned but silent-in-the-ranks young African-American woman into such a fast rising star in law enforcement ‘reform.’ If you check out Chief Outlaw’s wiki and her now $283,000.00 per year salary offered by the Philadelphia Police after the Portland, Ore City Council Commissioners offered her just under a quarter million dollars per year to ‘reform’ the U.S. Justice Department’s complaints in the Consent Decree the Portland Police Bureau was under when she was recruited from the truly underworld level Oakland Police Department what were Oakland Police Deputy Chief Outlaw’s qualifications?

You will find Deputy Police Chief in Oakland then Chief of Police in Portland and now Commissioner of Police Outlaw in Philadelphia has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in Malibu. Any Political Economy or heaven-forbid actual Law Enforcement Policy courses accredited or any involvement on her own time advocating for reforms? Those I don’t see on her cv with any of her high paying Law Enforcement municipal web-sites or online.

Nothing like this from an all but invisible advocate of police force training that has yielded more Public Interest results from Community Conscious Policing, researcher\author Brandon Lee of the Train4Tranformations program that de-militarizes U.S. Police forces often militarized by either security agencies with ties to the U.S. Daddy Warbucks military-industrial complex or the Israeli government SIBAT-approved merchants of counter-insurgency and national security materiel with high tech training.

Our single national Public Interest broadcaster Democracy Now aired nationally the muck raking done by award-winning indie local East Bay journalists Ali Winston (now working on police beat for NY TIMES) and Darwin BondGraham (who remained in Oakland to help launch the local indie Oaklandside org online news service).

Meanwhile other U.S. national news broadcasters found nothing sensational there to linger on (after all police officers trading under aged street prostitutes for their amusement? Why would our puritan profit-centered news broadcasters not want to cover that?)

That allowed the Trump first choice as Attorney General or U.S. Top Cop Jeffrey Beauregarde Sessions to claim despite coast to coast Police policy tragedies that he found upon his own research no evidence of a national law enforcement crisis of confidence. AG Sessions only found a few isolated bad apples on a few police departments. Move along…no consent decrees to call for more documentation from classified Grand Jury trials of law enforcement officers under review here.

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Hi Lay-LowStudiosore-Wa.
WeII, she certainly had a good resume, although having lived in Oakland once for a few years, I was NOT at aII impressed with Oakland cops. However, at the age of 43 she rose quickly and hopefully her background will give her a better viewpoint than a lot of the mostly white police groups in L.A. ike the ones during Rodney King’s time.


I wish Chief Outlaw and all the in-law Law Enforcement force members well. As a member of the Public they’re sworn to serve, it’d be nifty and new to have the Public Interest privileged in policy-making. Inroads are long overdue for qualified African-Americans in all occupational areas including Law Enforcement. Moreover, she seems to have communications skills and she too grew up with bad experiences at hands of long racist and Old Boy Crony Oakland PD. So I’d be a fan of hers if not for the lack of her record in public advocacy for de-militarization of police.

The gist of my comment was meant to be the disconnect between a more than quarter-million dollar professional Commissioner of Police position going to someone in gritty urban Neo-Liberal E-CON sacrifice zones like Oakland, Portland and Philly whose credential is a Masters in Business Administration from an exclusive Pepperdine University in Malibu? Is that not emblematic of where Calvinist America has gone wrong?

Along with so many (though not any popular majority of voters, it took the Slave Era’s Electoral College to put Trump like W. Bush over their liberal blue rivals, who I wasn’t so down with either…) who did vote for a U.S. President who had no, none, zero, zilch Public Service experience? The CEO of Trump Org has spent his blessed inherited life trying to grow his private bundle by dodging what few Public Interest obligations and responsibilities he and his benefactor Dad had.

After the Trump Family bid-net spent decades billing the NANNY STATE with no IRS auditing (that is more likely of the poor than the rich as another of today’s CD articles quantified) or limits set. Meanwhile that NANNY STATE they’ve railed against as newly converted Republican Conservatives (they got rich as part of the Blue NY City and State corrupt political machine) when Fred Trump built his wealth building tax-payer subsidized low-income housing (for white people in the suburbs only as federal courts and Woody Guthrie’s family found out) during the brief period after WW II before the Cold War propaganda of weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomics blew back in corrupted forms to tar everything with the word “liberal” in it. Liberal education or liberal as in merciful and compassionate which all of the world’s monotheistic scriptures praises? Decadent and depraved as the Moral Majority and Religious Right memed. With the same vicious Commie Baiting (Red Baiting) brush.

Health and balance stardust
We be in an Age of Plague and we’ll need to think ourselves and organize ourselves
into some better space and time…Soy-tenly not MAGA!!!

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It is much too late for the US. Insouciance has allowed Fascism to rear its ugly head and it is now in charge. Sorry but honestly you deserve it!


After the Philly police’s’ craven arrest of Mumia Abu Jamal about 1982,
and the subsequent malicious treatment by the Fraternal Order of Cops,
nothing would surprise me about the forces of repression in Philadelphia.

Abu Jamal is still falsely imprisoned, and along with Leonard Peltier
is among the top political prisoners in the United Snakes.


Yes. Never trust the police in any nation - here in the UK as in the USA. Film them whenever possible and it’s safe to do so. This is yet another white police riot, assaulting a small child and his mother and, it seems, stealing her car. When will the Left truly understand what the inherent nature of policing is? It’s never for us. It’s only about enforcing laws made by the rich for the rich. I learned that valuable lesson from the miners’ strike in Britain in 1984-85.