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'Truly Terrible': As Many as 463 Parents Have Already Been Deported, Putting Family Reunification In Jeopardy


'Truly Terrible': As Many as 463 Parents Have Already Been Deported, Putting Family Reunification In Jeopardy

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the Trump administration's court-ordered deadline approaches for reuniting all the families it has forcibly separated at the U.S.-Mexico border, Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers advised a U.S. District Court that as many as 463 parents may have already been deported, jeopardizing reunification with their children.


i think this is awful. just what are our plans for the children who can not be reunited? put into the already overcrowded foster care system or selling them on the streets? i wouldn’t put anything past this trump adminstration. he shows he has no compassion or empathy.


Power should be used to serve those in need. Period.


And some of those deported parents are probably already dead…


This is a major crime by the trump regime of hideous proportions…these “separations” were pre-meditated and the failure to reunite also pre-meditated by trump & co…corporate “detention” profits are part of the equation as is racism and contempt for all poor people!

Forcibly separating and then deporting is a crime that could have, and should have, been prevented…problem was no one in the trump regime has ANY moral compass! This was their plan to send fear into refugees and immigrants…and THAT IS racism!

The trump regime is in contempt of the court- order to reunite as they never had any real intention to “reunite” families and kept deporting parents! The trump regime deported the parents, now they must somehow repair their atrocity! They manufactured the BS case for many parents being “unfit” to be reunited with their children…ask the children who is unfit! Look at the depravity of trump’s children to see who is unfit!

…the odious ginger Mussolini is unfit to be called a member of the human race much less hold the office of fake Prez!


“If this number turns out to be as large as the report suggests, this is going to be a big issue for us,” Stephen Kang, an ACLU attorney representing parents in the case, told the Washington Post. “We have a lot of questions. We have concerns about misinformation given to these parents about their rights to fight deportation without their children.”

“So what is the punishment going to be when Trump fails to meet the deadline?” asked Stephen King, the Maine novelist (or maybe he didn’t but should have or still can-- I dunno.) “I suggest setting up a guillotine on the lowland of Mirror de Loghead.”


This administration is the new evil, doing their best to surpass the Nazi regime.
My suggestion to Judge Sabraw is to jail the witch over DHS for contempt of court until every last child is reunited with their parents. Can’t find all of the parents? Then keep her ass in jail until she rots.


In the UK they marched with a poster of a baby in a cage which is how Trump is represented globally. His administration did this marching like German Nazi’s to his orders. Trumpers still post that these people are criminal and do not deserve their children. But they also say they can control the vote because only “citizens” can vote which means a “citizen” is their decision too. These children are now part of the profit prison system while Trump told the military to build concentration camps on military grounds. Those “camps” could be used for anyone Trump dislikes. The US at great danger from Trumpers in the Grand Old Plantation.


Following in the footsteps of Hitler and Stalin. What good company Trump and his henchmen keep!


As Many as 463 Parents Have Already Been Deported

Then Trump and Sessions should bring them back, paying out of their own “fortunes” for their unapproved practice. America never agreed to such a policy. They should also pay for the return of the parents and children.


Since this was an executive order by this pseudo president and approved by his racist A.G, and not approved by congress as it should have been to make it legal, the responsibility lies with the “president” and AG to make this situation right without taxpayers bailing them out.

Most normal Americans would never approve of kidnapping children from their parents no matter where they emigrated from. Many of these parents are probably lost in some of the large Central and South American cities and impossible to contact or find to unify with their kidnapped children even if the government wanted to do so.

To me this qualifies as yet another a criminal act by our so called government.


You can’t underestimate these sociopaths.

If they don’t produce the 1400 immigrant kids they lost last year, I’m going to assume they did the most profitable thing they could with them - child organ trade. Articles on the disappeared kids suggest their in a high risk group to be trafficked. They don’t mention the most lucrative trafficking though. Now why would they deport these parents without their kids? Whatever their reason, traffic or other, I’m guessing its a business. I know the prisons themselves are businesses - many of the immigrant detention facilities are run by the GEO group.

Lost immigrant kids:


Trump and his henchmen should be taken out and turned over to World Governments for prosecution – this is a crime against humanity.


And the worst part is that when they started this zero tolerance program of snatching kids from their parents, they deliberately had no intention whatsoever of restoring the kids to their parents. People responsible for that need to be given a very long time to reflect on their misdeeds while being involuntary guests of the US government. There is absolutely no difference between what the ICE and HHS did and kidnapping a kid for ransom.


“…deported without their kids.”

Kidnapping, short and simple.


What other reason could there be for this whole fiasco? There’s a deep sickness among the elites.
No one knows who these children are or what’s happening to them. Are they being sold to highest bidder?


Here is another expose on the premeditated trump regime child kidnapping and deportation off their parents, and refusal to comply with the court order - they - someone! - is in contempt of court and I hope the judge imposes come kind of stiff penalty or prison sentence until the ruling - already once delayed - is totally complied-with and EVERY child is reunited with their parent(s) - every family reunited!

Make no mistake, this is a totally premeditated crime from giddyup to now with parents deported and their children who-know’s where! Whether thru incompetence or confusion or crap/zero accurate, viable, record-keeping, the trump regime is guilty of a major crime by society’s standards, if not the laws! trump is NOT above the law as he thinks and the sooner he is shown he is not, the better for all life on Earth!