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'Truly Unconscionable': In Desperation Mode, Trump Planning to Hold Rallies and Display Obits of Supposedly Dead Voters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/truly-unconscionable-desperation-mode-trump-planning-hold-rallies-and-display-obits


It seems a form of madness has infected our nation. Facts no longer matter, common sense has fled.

“For every difficult question there is an answer that is clear and simple and wrong.” George Bernard Shaw.

Convinced without a shred of evidence that fraud has taken place, when, in reality, the last four years of Trump has seen massive fraud.

“A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and wont change the subject” Winston Churchill

How easily maneuvered and manipulated so very many of us seem to be. This aint no way to run a nation.


Here’s the “four seasons” farce:


And the fraud “hotline”:



Unconscionable, yes. Surprising? No. Why am I picking up at this moment that millions may be wondering if COVID-19 might do a better job next time it meets Trump? About 250 thousands have already perished due to his criminal negligence and they were not so lucky and many who managed to survive it are suffering life long problems now. Millions will soon be evicted in no small thanks to his sewer sidekick Kushner, millions still unemployed, hunger crisis…And still no national health program so many more will die and suffer. That Trump does not have the interest of the nation at heart is obvious–even Nixon did not contest Kennedy’s election.

So, the GOP continues to refuse to concede, the “centrist” Democrats refuse to concede the poor showing in this election and finding their very own scapegoat we have to do a lot better and plan, at the very least, a General Strike.

From a recent Democracy now show:


Study your labor history, Subterranean Fire, A History of Working Class Radicalism in the United States by Sharon Smith, and read Neil J. Smith’s book, On The Ropes, to get inspired.


Welcome to late-stage capitalism.


From the Guardian article:

landscaping business situated between a crematorium and sex shop.

Sounds about right and fitting given sexual predator and criminally negligent (coronavirus), Trump


And whilst he is squabbling in this shameful, deplorable way the US has the most cases worldwide:

“The US has the highest number of infections, with 9,879,323, followed by India with 8,507,754 and Brazil, which has reported 5,653,561. Russia has registered the fourth highest number of cases (1,760,420) while France’s total stands at 1,709,773.” (From the Guardian)

And you see Mr. Biden is already working to form a new task force.

Just go golfing donny dump and have fun while it lasts. Sucker.


Read the prank calls on the “hotline”.


I just did!

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Even with the 25th Amendment - Trump stays in - incomprehensible.

It seems to me this grifter, this snake oil salesman - this science denier - is textbook for removal - immediately. It must be that the powers that be are afraid because so much of the super-divided electorate is also in science denial, from evolution to climate change.

With the Supreme Court now stacked, and with Barret a fundamentalist - you can smell the fear in the air.

So what - remove him now.


This is why I have been saying forever, Trump is a Fuhrer, the worst president ever.
W lied us into wars, Obama was neoliberal, Clinton did NAFTA, Nixon authorized burglaries and cover-ups, Raygun sold arms from the WH basement, and on and on, but Trump has one horrible quality none of the rest of them had: he wants to be a Fuhrer/King/president for life, and is following the Putin/Erdogan/Bolsonaro/Duterte/MBS/Kim Jong Un dictator playbook to achieve his goal.
He is trying to break democracy, to steal the government so he can destroy it and make money.
He has created a cult of zombies and is encouraging armed insurrection.
Speaking of making money, his rallies and bullshit lawsuits are all money-making scams, full of marketing hype for merchandise and donations.
Talking to Trumphumpers now, I see that if their Jim Jones goes away, most of them will deflate and go back to being normal, relatively harmless dumbasses.
But as long as their Fuhrer is on the scene, they’ll follow him blindly off a cliff, and attempt to bring us down with them.


For Dump’s part, this is just pulling more crap out of his orange, flabby fatted backside so he can stay in the limelight. Narcissistic reality show at best. At worst, it lights up the pigheaded pos who believe in this cult. Sick.

We have to stop bowing to these peabrains. The left are the only real audience that keep hearing from the msm and politicians that we need to simmer down, learn to play nice with the other side, blah, blah, blah. You know damn well no one is telling these sick f**ks the same message on Faux News, OAN, Maxnews, and whatever other rightwing propaganda channels there are out there!

As long as our media is set up this way, thanks to Reagan, we’ll all suffer.


Enact the 25th - if it provokes a constitutional crisis - maybe that is the way out. By allowing this blatant criminal to stay in power - it is nothing short of complicity.


Late stage capitalism exists in many places.
The Trump insurgency in America isn’t due to that, just like its not responsible for terrible political movements throughout history in many countries.
Trump’s power is due to the the same disease that has infected humans and other primates since power-mad alpha males started killing weaker males and raping females.
The same disease that led peasants to kill and be killed for Caesar, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, etc.
All it takes is a powerful cult leader and a braindead populace, regardless of what stage of capitalism.
Trump is the crazed rapist, killer of his own people, and power-mad human monkey, the Pied Piper of doom.
Focus on Trump and his cult, instead of arcane, inaccurate, deflective references to generic socioeconomic theory.


Unconscionable. What else would a person with no conscience do?
Get over the fake outrage and end the duopoly that put him there.


The dead voters might be people who just died recently but voted before passing on probably because of Covid19. This is probably why he can wave the obits around as some sort of evidence but it wouldn’t necessarily invalidate the vote.


There is nothing particularly special or sinister about about Trump. He would never have been able to amass his cult without there first being millions made desperate and alienated by the system leaving them behind. Late stage capitalism is indeed spreading everywhere, and there are many strongmen/con-men taking advantage of to gain power. Nothing arcane or inaccurate about that.


Exactly. There are lots more where he came from, as I fear we are about to confirm.


He is falling back on the only way to deal with an unpleasant reality that he knows - the promulgation of fraud to hide the truth, which he cannot face.